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Laado 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu stops Ranvir from committing suicide

Laado 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meera and Anushka are walking on road. Villagers look at Meera surprisingly. Meera says she is feeling strange. Anu tells them that she is just Meera and have nothing to do with Chaudhary family. She says if anyone troubles Meera then blanket gang will not leave them. Everyone gives their support. Anu handovers house keys to Meera. Yuvraj tells Komal that everything is well arranged by Meera, and I couldn’t stop her, she left. Meera thanks Anu for the support and says you made me meet self. She says I want to clear Yuvraj and your misunderstanding. Anu says I don’t want to talk to you. Meera asks her to tell what you saw in him that you got married to him. Yuvraj tells Komal that Anushka is behind everything. Komal says whatever Anu did was right, else Meera would have died. She

says you have killed her Dadi and made her alone. Anu comes to Yuvraj and covers blanket on him.

Yuvraj says do you want to talk about Rantej and Meera. Anu says about us, and asks him to tell 3 things he likes about her, care for others, worry for others and love for him even now. Anu says even you loves me and that’s why have been wearing this ring. She asks him to tell what he dislikes. He says you talks much, interferes in other’s matters and will not forgive me for killing your Dadi and says he don’t repent.

Anu says you have done what you think right to take revenge, I understand. Yuvraj asks why you are doing this? Anu says because you and your brothers are Jhanvi’s criminal. Yuvraj says he is sure Rantej haven’t done anything, and tells that he is repenting for not saving her. She says she will not believe him and tells about his letter to Rantej. Yuvraj says I didn’t write any letter to Rantej and asks her to show. Anu says I don’t care what you think of me. Yuvraj says even I don’t care.

Ranvir tries to hang himself and recalls Anu’s words. Anu comes and stops him from hanging himself. Yuvraj asks Rantej where is Ranvir. Rantej says he will come, now he is mad after a girl. Malhari gets worried for him. Anu says you can’t die so easily. Ranvir takes rope off from his neck and shoots himself, but there are no bullets in gun. Anu shows bullets in her hand. Ranvir says I will win this time, you can’t win everytime. He tries to eat poison. Anu shows tablets in her hand and says it is not a big thing to take tablets out of bottle. Ranvir asks her to let him die peacefully. Anu says you don’t know how a girl feels after getting raped and says now you can’t do anything to any girl. Laado plays..

Anu brings samosa and kachori for Meera. Meera gives her Gujiya. Anu tastes it and says it is good. Meera says you have set my kitchen. Anu says I have come here just now. Meera says who have done this. Anu says I understood. Meera says Dr. Vishal. Anu says if he needs to help you. Meera looks on.

Rantej takes Meeras’s name in sleep and asks her to give tea. Tej comes and wakes him up, gives Ranvir’s letter. Yuvraj comes and asks whose letter is this? He asks them to give.

Rantej and Tej come to Anushka’s room to kill her. Yuvraj stops him and asks how dare he to try to kill his wife. Rantej tells him that Anushka has killed them by making them impotent. Malhari, Rajjo and Yuvraj are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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