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Kundali Bhagya 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: The cricket match continues

Kundali Bhagya 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on
Rishab and Shrishti come to resolve the fight between Preeta and Karan. Prithvi’s team cheer as Sherlin strikes a sixer. Shrishti, Rakhi and Sarla discuss that they wish to break Sherlin’s mouth. Rakhi at once begins to clarify herself and moves on. Shrishti says she will teach Sherlin a lesson surely. Sarla prays for Sherlin to be out. Shrishti catch the next strike. The team celebrates Sherlin’s wicket. Kareena comes for batting. Karan takes Kratika’s wicket it was Prithvi who comes for batting. Karan takes the bowling. They were able to get Kareena’s wicket as well. Preeta comes to bat with Prithvi. Karan wish Preeta wins, although she can be out in a single ball. Karan throws the ball slowly, Preeta strikes a four. Karan was happy as she cheers. Shrishti questions Rishab why he is cheering

for Preeta. Sameer tells Karan to be serious, they will have to chase the runs. Karan asks for one more run, he would enjoy when Prithvi is out. Karan challenges Prithvi as he would be out after one run. Karan catches Prithvi’s strike. They celebrate the wicket. Preeta challenges Karan to chase this total. Shrishti hugs Preeta calming her down. Preeta goes to drink water. Karan also comes in. He teases Preeta that soon she would be his assistant, and demands some body massage. Preeta offers massage of face through slaps and boasts about being sharp. Karan laughs that his girlfriends are sharp, but Preeta is different and should never be like them. He tells her to be ready to lose. Preeta asks why he drams about things not possible. Prithvi comes asking what’s happening. Karan holds her hand to ask her come for match.
Mahesh comes to Rishab and asks what’s going on in life. Rishab asks why he has stuck a smile over his face. Mahesh questions if he can’t even smile watching his beloved son. Rishab asks him the reason for his happiness right now. Mahesh was emotional as he doesn’t value the smile of his father. Rishab tells Mahesh to leave this emotional drama for Rakhi and demand what he wants. Mahesh asks him to lose the match. Rishab wasn’t ready. Mahesh says their score isn’t bad, the problem is Karan in his team. He says only Rishab’s wicket is left, and if they would love him watch being a waiter or a cook for them. There was a sweet argument after which Rishab leaves.
Karan urges the team to score atleast 100. He appoints Sarla and Sameer to open the batting. There, Prithvi also bucks his team to take all the wickets. Mahesh says he needs to take Sameer’s wicket. Prithvi says that hatred and revenge is the most powerful feeling in the world. He must go and revenge Sameer taking his wicket. Mahesh feels something strange about Prithvi’s tone.
On the ground, Sameer was unable to play against Mahesh. Prithvi tells Kareena that he is aware that high class lady like her doesn’t play such cheap games; but she must take all the wickets of them now. Kareena feels Mahesh is right, this guy is strange.

PRECAP: Prithvi cheers as Karan’s bat breaks during the match.

Update Credit to: Sona

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