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Kasam 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi, Tanuja and AK in danger

Kasam 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shiv asking Raju to ask Inspector to make call to ACP. Reporter says now we will know what is their demand. Shiv asks Inspector to send one more journalist and says time has come for demand. Shiv tells his goons that media will come inside and scare people telling about them. Rishi asks Inspector to let them go inplace of media and says they will help them and save the people. Inspector asks are you mad? Rishi asks him to understand. Ak says goons wants media to scare people. Rishi asks for a chance. Other Inspector says we shall give him a chance. AK and Rishi are in the van. AK asks why did you infront of mall. Rishi asks why he is caring for him. AK says what I would have told Tanuja if anything has happened to you. They start argument. Rishi asks him not to worry and says he will

save Tanuja. AK says he can also save her. Other Inspector gives them guns.

Inspector tells he can send only one. Rishi says I will go. Ak says I will go. Inspector says you wants to fail their plan and asks who is Tanuja. Rishi says she is my life and wife. He asks Inspector to send AK as journalist while he will go with lift. He says we will inform you and tell about the situation. Inspector says ok. Rishi goes, but comes back to AK and hugs him, asks him not to die and see Tanuja and his marriage. AK thinks he is not that bad.

Natasha asks John where did they go? John says city mall. Natasha tells that Tania is hungry and asks him to make noodles. She tells Tania that they shall go there by auto.

Bedi family come there. Inspector asks them to co-operate. ACP asks Inspector why did he send civilians instead journalist. Manpreet hears AK’s name and thinks Rishi also went inside. Rishi takes lift and jumps. Goon thinks only mad man will come here. Rishi says I came Tanuja. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays…

Tanuja tells goons that her husband Rishi Singh Bedi came. Goons keeps many people hostage. Salesgirl sees Rishi and is about to say, when goon keeps gun on her. Rishi frees the captive people and enquires about Tanuja. Salesgirl tells him about Tanuja getting AK’s call, and goon tying her in other room. Rishi thinks whoever have kept Tanuja captive is an enemy of AK and if he comes infront of them that they can kill him.

AK comes inside as journalist and asks goon what is their demand. He sees Shiv and is shocked. Shiv asks AK if Tanuja is his wife or not and says she is very clever, have your pic in her mobile. They beat AK. Rishi sees them beating AK and hides the gun. Shiv says I will kill Tanuja and you, both. Rishi comes there and says it is unfair to attack a single man. He aims gun at Shiv and asks AK if he had hired Shiv’s wife as caretaker. AK says Shiv was CEO of his company, did fraud so he kicked him out. Rishi and AK start fighting. Shiv takes the gun. Goon whistles and calls other goons. They shoot at them. Shiv punches Rishi.

Shiv beats Rishi. AK asks Shiv to fight with him and leave Rishi. Tanuja shouts calling Rishi and cries. Goon beats Rishi badly. AK asks Shiv to leave Rishi. Rishi faints and falls down. Shiv asks goon to call Inspector and says how dare he to send him. I will cut Rishi’s hand and send to ACP, so that they will know what is the result to under estimate me. AK says no. Shiv takes out knife to cut his hand when Tanuja shouts Rishi.

Tanuja threatens to kill goon holding glass piece. Goon slaps Tanuja and she gets unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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