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Jiji Maa 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni competes with Uttara

Jiji Maa 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Falguni and Teja completing the work. Shom asks Uttara is she waiting for Tarun. She says you can’t do this work, just Tarun can do this. Tarun comes. She says workers are doing their work, you know what to do. She says no need to say anything, I read your face. He tells his plan. Shom says it will be much wrong. Tarun asks Uttara not to worry, artists will be defeated by them, everything will happen as she wants. Teja and Falguni get shocked seeing the fire in storeroom. They try to blow off the fire. Falguni gets shocked. Teja cries and says everything got ruined, now nothing can happen, all the sarees got burnt, we have prepared 50 sarees, how will we make 100 sarees now, Uttara has burnt the sarees. She gets shocked. She says now its not the time to think this, we have to fulfill

the challenge. The man says we can’t make 100 sarees, its impossible now. Teja says Uttara won’t give us more time, no one will hear us. She says someone will hear us.

Falguni goes to Suyash and says I have to talk something imp about artists. She tells about the fire incident. Suyash says Uttara asked us not to give extra time to them. She says they want extra time because of the incident. He says I know they are hardworking, I want to help them, but now I have to agree to board. She goes. Uttara smiles. She says I have cleared all the possibilities of my defeat. Falguni says so you ignited the fire in storeroom. Uttara throws her scooty’s keys and asks how will you go now, what will you do, better stay in some corner at home. Falguni shows the duplicate keys and says its thinking, not any miracle, I have a solution for all your plans. She leaves.

Falguni tells Teja that Uttara’s machines won’t run without power, I have removed the powers, machines won’t run, our work can go on, we will make 50 sarees till morning and have equal competition. He smiles. They all do their work all night. Uttara gets a call. Shom says machines aren’t working, power went. She asks him to call electrician. He says all electricians went in some marriage. She says then call generator. He asks how shall I find him. She asks Jayant to wake up. He says I m scared, check his nerve, see his breath. She says stop nonsense, do anything, machines should run else… Jayant says else storm will come. He asks Shom to go home and sleep. He asks Uttara to take care of her health, machines already made 50 sarees, she has already won, sleep now. Its morning, Gayatri asks Jayant why is he annoyed. He blames her for the murder. He asks her not to come to him with fake stories. He goes. Shom asks will competition be of 50 sarees. Uttara says yes, board of directors will decide, they obey me, Falguni’s defeat will be fun.

Niyati says I have made food today. Vidhaan jokes on the dish. Suyash comes to have food. Vidhaan says Falguni isn’t here, you are missing her right. They smile. Niyati says Falguni went to supervise the artists. Uttara says machines don’t need supervision. At the office, Teja asks Falguni to go back if she wants, she is Rawat’s bahu, but its their fight. She says I m here as an artist, I can’t be with Rawats, its fight between Dharm and Adharm, we are with Dharm today. She sees the tortoise Suyash gave her for good luck. Uttara says we have to decide whose sarees are better, machine made or hand made, both teams will give presentation, board has to decide, Tarun will give his presentation first. Tarun presents the wide variety of sarees. Falguni and everyone looks on. Tarun says its impossible to match its uniformity, machines can make 50 sarees in 8 hours without any workers. Falguni says but these machines aren’t coming for free.

Suyash asks Falguni not to talk, as he is part of management. Uttara says I will give my vote right to Suyash.

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