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Janam janam ka sath hai hamara tumhara (part 13)

Ragini’s sleep got disturbed by the sound of falling of the book. She picked the book up and hugged it near her chest then Ragini looked outside the window it got morning now. The radiant sun was shining brightly there. The sunlight was penetrating through the glass window and was coming inside Ragini’s room.

Ragini yawned while stretching her arms..then she close her eyes feeling the warmth of the sun. She smiled thinking about her dream but she wasn’t able to see the faces of that person and that princess.

She opened her eyelids and looked towards the book and opened it again she was just turning the page randomly at that time her eyes fall on a page  which had a pic with some letters but the neither the pic nor the letters were clear due to stains of blood on it.

Ragini’s eyes got widened seeing the blood droplets which got dried up now.

“B-Blood..!!” uttered Ragini being afraid and shocked.

She left the book being afraid but then picked it and tore that page as it was making her afraid she kept that page in a polythene packet in her drawer she can’t stop herself from reading the book as she felt like that book attracts her.

She wiped the sweat drop from her forehead Just then her phone rang.

Ragini: H-hello Dad
Ragini’s Dad: Ragini what happened?Are you fine??

Ragini: Yes Dad I’m.. I’m fine

Dad: Ok so I called you to inform you that me and your mom both are coming Rajasthan tomorrow.

Ragini(being happy): Really Dad??
Dad : Yes princess.. I will talk to u later dear another call is coming. Love you

Ragini: Love u too Dad

Ragini kept that book back on the table and came out. She sat on the swing of her garden.

She was thinking  about that blood stained page and that book and was getting very anxious.

She thought to call Laksh and thus she dialled his number.

Ragini: Hello Laksh can u come here at my palace?? I want to talk to u.

Laksh: I also want to tell u something important…ok I am coming.

After a while Laksh reached there. Ragini went inside in her room at that time.
Laksh came in and went upstairs to her room, there she saw Ragini was sitting on her bed.

Laksh: Ragini..
Ragini looked towards him.
He came and sat beside Ragini.

Laksh: What happened??
Ragini: First u tell what important thing u want to tell.

Laksh: Sure?? But don’t get upset after listening it.
Ragini nodded her head in yes.

Laksh: Actually..I am going back to Kolkata tomorrow.

Ragini: What?? But my parents are coming here tomorrow… are Laksh how u can go..?? Then when u will come back??

Laksh: Ragini..I don’t know when I will come back..I just came here for an exhibition and the program got over now so I have to go back.

Ragini: How u can say like this Laksh?? How I will live without u..

Laksh placed his hand on her hand.

Laksh: Ragini but I don’t have any reason to give mom too for living here..

Ragini: Say her that u love me..
Laksh: I can’t say that..

Ragini(jerking his hand): Ok go!!! Not tomorrow go today only!!! Can’t u this much only..Huh..the story which was reading yesterday was sooo cute…aww.. you know what the Prince came to save the princess from a lion when she went for shooting…aww…can u do such things.??

Laksh looked her in amaze.

Laksh(in mind): See her acceptations she tortured me by that dog of sorry
jammy..jammy and now accepting I will save her from lion..huh..

Laksh: Ok then you also go on shooting I will come to save you.

Ragini raised her eyebrow.
Ragini: Is it important that when I will be in danger then only you will do something special?? U don’t know how many people were mad for me but I choose u…

Laksh: Why you chose me then??
Ragini: Because I love you..
Ragini looked in his eyes and then winked and coz of this action Laksh kept his hand on his chest.

Laksh: Aankh lada ke tune maara
Ghayal ho gaya dil bechara
Suna hai tere chaahne waale
Aage 10 hain piche 12

Mujhko apna chaand bana le
Chamka de qismat ka taara

( You killed me by looking into my eyes,
the poor heart got wounded.
I’ve heard that you have lovers
by tens and dozens following you.
make me your moon,
make the star of my fate shine)

Ragini turned and Laksh started walking behind him holding her dupatta.

Lak:Arey ek baar se dil nahi bharta
Mud ke dekh mujhe dobara

(I am not satisfied once
Just turn and see me again)

Ragini turned towards him and he started roaming around her.

Laksh: Chalti hai kya 9 se 12
(Let’s go for the show of 9 to 12)

Ragini started looking him keeping her hands on her waist.

Lak: Arey khadi khadi kya soch rahi hai
Chal ho jaayein 9-2-11
(Hey what are you thinking standing like this
Let’s get disappeared)

He show him two tickets which he took out from his wallet.

Lak: Raat ki show ki do ticketein hain
Khol ke purse dikhlaun
Arey chipak ke baithoon sath tere main
Taxi mein le jaaun.

(I have two tickets for the night show,
I can open my wallet and show you.
I’ll sit clung to you,
take you there in a taxi.)

Ragini pushed him and he stumbled. She turned and somehow suppressed her laughter.

Laksh(balancing himself):Arey samajh na mujhko aisa waisa
Mere batuve mein hai paisa
Tujhe khilaunga jee bhar ke
Garam samosa, idli ya dosa

(don’t think of me as a cheap person,
I have money in my wallet.
I’ll get you hot samosas
and idli-dosa to your heart’s content.)

He took some steps towards Ragini and was about to back hug her but she hit him in stomach lightly by the elbow.

Ragini(turning towards him): Chal hatt tu mera hai Pepsi Cola
Main teri hoon Coca Cola
(Okay you are my Pepsi Cola
I am your Coca Cola)

Ragini: Tan tana tan tan tan tara
Arey chalta hai kya 9 se 12

(Tan tana tan tan tan tan tara
Will you come from the 9 to 12 show??)

Laksh got shock by her answer and she started laughing sitting on the bed.

Laksh: You r coming??
Ragini: Umm…Ok I will come but whatever you said in this song you have do everything…We will go in taxi, you will make me eat Samosa,idli or dosa ok??

Laksh(laughing): Ok done.

Ragini kissed his cheek
Laksh: I love you
Ragini: But I love someone else now.

Laksh: Whom?????????

Ragini(dreamingly): That prince…awww..

Laksh rolled his eyes.
Laksh: Aww..I also love that princess then.huh…god knows which story u r reading.

Ragini(angrily):  Don’t dare to love someone!!

Laksh: Okk okk..I have to go now Mom asked to come soon..will meet at 9 PM.

Ragini: Ok..

Precap: Back to the book 😅 Laksh’s meeting with Ragu’s parents and boom!!!

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