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Ishqbaaz or nafratbaaz.. shivika – one new story which is special


Shivaay , in his car  reaches the temple. Anika dances there with the kids and looks cheerful. O jaana…………..plays………….. Shivaye does not see her and goes.He rings the temple bell and tells pandit that there should be nothing less in puja. He prays. The guard stops Anikka saying VIP is inside. She calls Shivaye and asks him why is he showing attitude. She asks pandit how can anyone break line and go. Pandit tells her about big names and world bows down to such rich people. He asks her to go and do rehearsals with kids. She says you pray to Ganpati, can you tell me his surname, no one knows his surname, why is family name so important. Shivaye hears her. She calls him again and asks him does he not care, answer, why did he break the line. Shivaye opens eyes and goes to her. He hits her face with money bundle and says the thing I can pay a price for, I break it. he asks her to distribute sweets and leaves. She looks on stunned.

Anika comes to Shivaye….. She breaks the car front mirror with a bat. He gets shocked. She hits his face with the money bundle, and says the thing I can pay for, I also break it. She walks away smiling. Shivaye throws the money and gets angry seeing her. O Jaana…………..plays………..Shivaye gets Pinky’s call. She asks him where is he, reach here before maha aarti. She says you are eldest son of this house. He angrily throws and breaks his mobile.Shivaay reaches the oberoi group of companies. He reaches his cabin and scolds the assistant for not doing the work in time. At the same time Anika reaches there for a job interview to be done by Shivaay. Anika is waiting outside for shivaay’s call.she doesn’t know it is Shivaay.she gets the interview call and knocked the door. Shivaay said come in…….. 

Precap: Shivaay gives the job to Anika.Anika irritates Shivaay but he doesn’t Fire her . Why? Why did Shivaay gave the job to Anika? Is there something behind it?

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