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Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Chapter- 36

….My Brothers Are Everything To Me….


Chapter 36:




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(A/N: Some of you felt bad for Shivaay’s wife so Let me make clear about this issue. When Shivaay was consoling Rudra that he had created a separate room, Shivaay mentions Tia as his future wife because he doesn’t love her. This marriage is just a business deal to him. So he doesn’t want to interfere it with his brothers relationship. But if it’s Annika, well it’s a different matter.)




Chapter 36:


Shivaay could feel the ever consuming rage boiling behind his eyes, making his head throb..


Shivaay clenched his fingers tight enough that his nails were forming half moons shapes in his palms.


His azure eyes which had been always alluring held such anger that they looked like they will burn the person they’re glaring…






Damn it Daksh…


Instead of his warning to never disturb Annika again.


But here he is, in front of all the guests..


Daksh is kneeling on the floor with one knee, in front of Annika with a ring on his hand….


Proposing her in front of all the guests arrived for his haldi.


Daksh looked up at Annika with hopeful eyes..


God… Daksh could see how beautiful she is in the pale yellow lehanga.


Daksh could see Shivaay and Annika’s attraction towards each other even if others doesn’t notice it.


Daksh knew Annika is hurt that Shivaay is getting married and Shivaay himself had asked her hand for marriage to Daksh..


This is the chance he has been waiting for..


He knew Annika doesn’t like him but while she’s hurt and vulnerable, she will accept his proposal just to get back at Shivaay because he had seen how stubborn they both are..


And Daksh is going to take advantage of this situation…






Oh… How he wanted her…


From the moment Daksh met her, she’s all that’s in his mind, rendering him sleepless and mad..


Now he can go to any extent to have her..


Shivaay came forward from where he stood and Daksh could see the rage and jealousy in Shivaay’s eyes and a little fear whether Annika will say yes..


When Shivaay lectured him to stop making a scene and embarrassing Annika in this way, Dadi had stopped him that it’s Annika’s choice to answer him..


Daksh suppressed the smirk and looked up at Annika once more, waited for Annika to say yes because he knew she will say yes.


Wait till she say yes Shivaay…


Daksh will then create the worst misunderstanding ever between them and Annika will have no choice but to look up at Daksh, her future husband..




Daksh pulled his head from his smug thoughts and concentrated on reality..








Where had his calculations failed..?


Annika looked down at Daksh, kneeling in front of her still with a ring on his hand.


Honestly, what is Daksh doing in front of all the guests, embarrassing her like this.


Haven’t she told him no already..?


Annika hadn’t even talked with Daksh properly then why he is proposing to her..?


Annika knew she would’ve said yes, just to get back at Shivaay if she hadn’t realized her love.


Annika looked from Daksh to Shivaay, whose azure eyes had such dark emotions that she felt a shiver up her spine.


Even so…


How could she say yes when the love of her life is standing near her?


How could she say yes when all she could concentrate is to not get drowned in those eyes..?


How could she say yes when all her mind is always filled with Shivaay..?


How could she say yes when her heart throbbed for Shivaay..?


Annika doubted she will even look at another man as long as she lived because Shivaay is in her every cell, every breath, every heart beat of her.


“Are you worried about anything? Please do not over think anything and give me a chance?”


Daksh asked her earnestly and all she felt was uncomfortableness…


“I am sorry Daksh. I cannot accept your proposal.”


Those azure eyes glaring at Daksh shifted their attention to her and Annika had to fought hard with herself to not stare at Shivaay yet she could feel his eyes on her, making her cheeks red.


See… Even when a man is kneeling in front of her, begging for her to marriage, all she could focus is Shivaay..


Shivaay and nothing else..


“Its fine.. I know you don’t have any boyfriend in your life so at least let us get to know each other and then you can give me your answer.”


“Stop it Daksh.. Be a man and accept her no..”


Shivaay scolded Daksh and just hearing Shivaay’s voice, so close to her made her heart skip a beat..


“Let Annika answer me Shivaay. Why are you interfering? Its her choice that matters. I know she will not say no to this”


Shivaay’s eyes looked at her again and she cannot help but feel that there’s somewhere he’s hurt with all this..


No.. This is not the time to drown in her love for Shivaay..


She has to give a sure answer to Daksh else he will never get it.


“No… I don’t want us to get to know each other because I don’t have any romantic feelings towards you nor will I in future. So please get up”


Annika wanted to reject properly…


She had these kind of proposal a couple of times from others and she learnt that if she didn’t reject firmly they keep coming at her..


Everyone consoled Daksh and dadi looked at her smilingly and announced that they should at least now start the haldi ceremony, distracting everyone’s attention from her.


With this as an escape, she moved from there towards somewhere, anywhere other than being under those azure eye’s attention.


Shivaay endured through the ceremony when everyone applied haldi on him.


He has already been disturbed with Rudy’s emotional breakdown now he could feel that something’s slipping away from him..


Shivaay who usually would’ve refused the amount of haldi they applied on him but he allowed it since he was distracted with his thoughts.


When the ceremony ended, dadi and his mother directed the guests towards the food area..


“Are you alright Shivaay?”


Om asked him, knowing how disturbed Shivaay was with Daksh’s proposal.


Even Rudra could see how Shivaay bhaiyaa’s smile had disappeared. They could very well see how affected Shivaay is with Annika..


If only his bhaiyaa realized his feelings then they could’ve had Annika di as their bhabi..


She’s way, way better than that Tia..


“Yeah Om.. I’m fine.. You guys go and join the guests.. I will join you after I clean up and change my clothes.”


With that Shivaay took his leave from the haldi ceremony, granted it has come to an end and let his face show emotions when he knew no one’s around..




Shivaay was sure that there was looming fear in him when just a moment he thought Annika will say yes..


The fearless Shivaay who even braced serious situations with a smirk was afraid of one word from a girl…


Shivaay moved towards his room and locked the door, leaned against it a little,




Shivaay looked up, startled to find her in his room and looked at the gifts near the table, she must have been arranging the gifts in his room his associates who cannot attend his marriage had brought today.


If she had said yes…


Shivaay took fast steps towards her and Annika felt her breath catch when he pulled her waist with one hand and his other hand pushed her free hair from her neck. He leaned down and bit her neck..


Annika’s hands clutched her lehanga tightly when those teeth sucked her neck, the tip of his tongue caressed the bite sensually as if to apologize for the sharpness of his teeth, making her shudder..


Her toes curled when his hand on her waist tightened, enough to make them bruise…




She wanted to die here…


Right now….


Annika’s head has become fuzzy the moment he pulled her towards him like he owned her..


Why he’s doing this to her?


He’s getting married in few days..


No… She can’t let him…


Even though she wanted to stay like this forever, she cannot let him to..


Annika pushed him away and she felt the wetness in her neck where his tongue was licking her, making her legs tremble..


Shivaay bit her neck, leaving his teeth mark so Daksh knows that not to mess with Annika anymore..


If she had said yes, Shivaay didn’t know what he would have done to her. He might have gone insane.


When she pushed him away, Shivaay took a step backward and looked at her reddened cheeks and neck in fascination..


She looked like she’s owned..


She’s owned by Shivaay Singh Oberoi…


Annika wanted to tell that it should be illegal to have those eyes..


If it was torture to endure him sucking her neck, it was even more of a torture when Shivaay took a step back and looked at her from head to toe, making her trembling legs to finally give out..


Shivaay caught her falling when her legs finally gave out with overwhelming emotions in her..






Those hands were again on her bare waist…


He’s definitely going to give her a heart attack someday with the way her heart is beating.






“You got all my haldi on your waist and neck.. Clean up before you go”


With that she pulled away from him but he refused to let her go and guided her towards the rest room.


Annika watched him washing his hands away irritatingly and she smiled without even knowing..


If she felt she loved him more yesterday..


It’s nothing compared to how her heart swelled with love for him today even more than yesterday..


Shivaay looked at her smiling face through the mirror on the wall and she looked away from him hastily.


But soon she was forced to look at him when with wet hands, he washed the haldi on her waist..


“I… Wh-What are you doing?”


Annika squeaked out those words when he caressed her waist in the guise of washing the haldi..


Was this his plan all along..?


“I am helping you clean as I was the one who did this”


“I can do it myself Sir”


Annika moved away a little..


Why he’s doing this..?


Hasn’t she already fallen head over heels for him? How much he’s going to make her love him?


But still he washed her waist with wet hands and careful not to ruin her lehanga..


Oh God…! Oh God..!


Annika wasn’t sure how long she can take this but to her relief there was not much haldi on her waist and he stepped away but soon his hands were on her neck..


Please someone save her from her own heart..


It felt like her own heart is going to give out any minute..


But it was nothing compared to when she looked at his eyes..


There was something in those eyes made her feel like he’s the predator and she’s a prey.


Annika subconsciously took a step away from him while he took one towards her..


While taking steps back, her back hit the bathroom wall and she gulped when he put both of his hands against the wall, trapping her in between them..


She could feel his breath against his face and when he leaned towards her even closer…..


Annika was sure those azure eyes are not looking at her eyes but instead on her lips.


Annika felt stupid when her tongue wetted her dry lips in nervousness and those azure eyes followed her tongue’s every movement with rapt attention.


He leaned down towards her even more and there was just few centimeters from his lips and her lips..


Just when Annika couldn’t take it anymore, the door of Shivaay’s room was knocked…


“Come quickly bhaiyaa… Everyone’s asking for you”


Annika gasped and pushed him away, coming to her senses..


Her chest was heaving up and down as if she doesn’t have enough oxygen in the air to breath..


What has she been doing..?




What was he doing to her..?


If Rudra hadn’t came what would’ve happened..? Even so how could she allow it..? She cannot…


Her love for him is making her weak and blind..


When she was sure, Rudra must’ve gone, Annika with one last look at those hungry azure eyes, exited the restroom and also exited Shivaay’s room.


She ran away from Shivaay but she cannot run away from her mind which kept displaying how hungrily he looked at her like he wanted to eat her..




Rudra looked at the rest of the guests leaving after all the ceremony had already ended but he had eyes for one girl amongst the guests..


A very beautiful girl who had the right color, right height and slim waist..


He has been following her around throughout the ceremony.. It looked like she’s one of the friends of a guest being dragged here..


She ignored him…


He talked with her…


She ignored him…


He tried to get her number…


She ignored him..


It felt different somehow…


He felt different somehow..


He never felt like this when he flirted with girls..


One of her friends called her out and that’s how he came to know her name..




Nice name…


Rudra was shaken up when the waiter spilled some water at him by mistake and he grabbed the nearest girl’s duppatta to wipe his hands secretly.


He turned his lightly to see who it was and he was surprised to find that it was Prinku..


Oh God.. Prinku is going to kill him.. At least she hadn’t noticed him till now.


She had already been reluctant enough to wear her favourite lehanga in fear of getting haldi on it but dadi had insisted her to wear it and when Prinku moved away from him, not noticing that her dupatta was in his hands, making her safety pin to bend and the dupatta came off his hand..


Rudra was shocked and so was everyone. He moved quickly to her, extending her dupatta..


“I am sorry Prinku. It came off”


Just then Rudra realized why everyone was speechless and motionless..


There it was..


On her neck…


A mangalsutra…



(A/N: So.. How was the chapter. Please do let me know your thoughts.


It’s hard listening to everyone’s requests because some of you want Shivika, some of you want ShivOm bonding, some of you wants OmRu while some of you wants AniOmRu.. I’m trying my best so sorry if any of you gets disappointed.


See you with next update.)

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