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Chapter 2


Obros reach rathore mansion and are shocked as it is like two Oberoi mansions have been joined


Om- shivaay you always questioned about bhabhi’s NKK but now I think that you don’t stand anywhere  near her

Shivaay grins like a fool

Omru- he’s gone mad


Vikram and adi see him

Vikram- what are you doing here come inside


They get inside


Shivaay- uncle woh…

Vikram- don’t worry niku told me everything but

Shivaay- but what uncle

Vikram- her grandpa doesn’t like people who don’t have royal blood


Obros shocked

Omru were laughing like anything

Vikram- what happened did I say a joke

Omru- no uncle we remembered something that’s it

Vikram- chalo get inside inform your family that you are staying here for some days for some rituals

Obros- OK uncle


Later at anika and aditya went to ishana and asked to come back home as ishaan to help adi in removing swetha from Vikram’s life (swetha is like swethlana but vikram considers her as his sister [he loved his wife a lot so couldn’t forget her ] but swetha wanted only property )


Next day

Ishana arrived as ishaan wearing a wig top and t-shirt and dungree to hide her feminine form


Vikram sees her


Vikram- who are you

Ishana- woh I’m ishaan aditya sir has called me for work

Vikram- OK go now

Ishana- thank you sir


Anika then hugs her tight and thanks her followed by adi

Obros who were passing by saw and thought that something is fishy but left it


At night

The siblings met and had a gala time and planned to expose swetha


Next day

Ishaan helped Om in almost everything so he declared him as his bff ishana was  happy as it lessened her guilt of trying to con him


After a week

Swetha was exposed but she told Vikram that ishaan is ishana

Vikram goes and removed her fake beard and wig

Om- you again used my friendship ishana why are you doing this

Ishana- I had no other choice omkaraji papa pls listen to me


But what she got was a tight slap from Vikram making her fall down and blood oozing from her lips


Adika went and helped her stand up she was too shocked to be able to stand up


Vikram- what are you I told you fourteen years ago also that this house has no place for a person like you leave else I will throw you out


Ishana- like you threw me out and disposed me off in an orphanage  like a piece of filth


Vikram- you are like that


Adika shout – papa


Ishana- so let me tell you one thing I’m not responsible for di’s condition your younger brother your chotte is  he kidnapped us to kill us both he got to know that I was in orphanage but di came to take me back before you relocated to USA but your chotte snatched her memories


Vikram- ishana not a word more about chotte you don’t know how good he is ,he is my brother and he can never harm me or my family like you took away a mother from your siblings


Ishana- enough I won’t stay here anymore papa enjoy with your chotte who ruined our lives


She goes in servants and brings out a musical box ( the same musical box which gaffur gifted zoya in qubool hai with same music)


Ishana- di bhaiya whenever you miss me just use this and you will think that I’m near you but if there is any problem I’m just a call away


Vikram- you are the biggest problem here get out

She goes to a cliff and sits under a tree and cries very badly


Bgm :


Mujhe yunhi karke khwaabon se judaa

Jaane kahan chup ke baitha hai khuda

Jaanu na main kab hua khud se gumshuda

Kaise jiyun rooh bhi mujhse hai judaa


(She remembers Vikram’s words and cries harder someone held her shoulder it was maahi he considered her as his. Sister and hugged both cried at misery that their life gave them)


Kyun meri raahein, mujhse pooche ghar kahan hai

Kyun mujhse aake, dastak pooche dar kahan hai

Raahein aisi jinki manzil hi nahin

Dhoondho mujhe ab main rehta hoon wahin

Dil hai kahin aur dhadkan hai kahin

Saansein hai magar kyun zinda main nahin


Rait bani haathon se yun beh gayi

Takdeer meri bikhri har jagah

Kaise likhun phir se nayi daastan

Gham ki siyahi dikhti hai kahan

Aahein jo chuni hain meri thi raza

Rehta hoon kyun phir khud se hi khafa

Aisi bhi hui thi mujhse kya khata

Tune jo mujhe di jeenay ki saza


(Ishana- I want to die bhaiya

Maahi – yeah sure why not let’s waste Aunty’s sacrifice and let’s jump from here come on


Ishana stops doesn’t say anything but cries harder)


Banday tere maathe pe hain jo kheenchay

Bas chand lakeeron jitna hai jahaan

Aansu mere mujhko mita te hain rahe

Rab ko hukm na mit ta hai yahan

Raahein aisi jinki manzil hi nahin

Dhoondho mujhe ab main rehta hoon wahin

Dil hai kahin aur dhadkan hai kahin

Saansien hai magar kyun zinda main nahin


Kyun main jaagoon, aur woh sapne bo raha hai

Kyun mera rab yun, aankhien khole so raha hai

Kyun main jaagoon


They goto ishana’s home and sleep


Next day

Maahi leaves for office and ishana for her dance class along with Mona for her college


At evening

Maahi told mona that there was a meeting so he would be let

Door bell rang

Ishana opened it thinking that it was maahi but it was Adika and obros along with Vikram who had a straight face

She invited them inside

Maahi entered the home shivaay saw went to punch him but ishana came in between and saved maahi


Ishana- where were you maahi bhaiya

Maahi- I was in a meeting

Ishana- did you eat anything

Maahi – yes yes

Ishana- what did you eat

Maahi- woh I ate pizza ha pizza I ate pizza

Ishana- really

Maahi- yes


Then suddenly his stomach growled all laughed


Ishana- yeah right you ate so much that your stomach is growling like anything

Maahi- arey meri maa galti ho gayi abse time pe khaalunga mate

(Joins his hands)

Ishana- tathastu

Maahi- bittu tu kabhi nahi badlegi

And everyone except vikram laugh.


Ishana- you guys continue I will bring dinner


Her phone rings


Ishana- Mona you serve the dinner pls RV (ranveer ) bhai is calling me


Rv – ishu listen carefully goto your room and sit on a chair as what I’m going to say can shock you to no extent


Ishana’s face color changes Om sees this and follows her in her room


Rv – ishu it was rohan who killed uncle (pappa) under pretext of car accident and he is coming to kill you and Mona if you don’t marry him pls pls don’t marry him I will try to reach as early as possible


Ishana fell down and cries


Om came and hugged her


She told him everything


Maahi was standing there


Maahi- I’m going to tell this to Mona


Ishana ran after him


Maahi- Mona bittu wants to tell you something


Ishana- no nothing but Mona and you all have to leave this house right now its not safe here


Mona- why  what happened


Maahi- bittu you tell her or I


Ishana tells her everything


Mona – no you won’t marry him


Ishana- I won’t but get outta here everyone get out through the back door Mona go

And pushes her


Door is knocked


Ishana- go go go go


Mona- not without you


Ishana- yes you are going to


Pushes her out and locks the door while Rohan enters


And he slaps her


Maahi and mona are shocked


Precap: Mona stabbed ishana shot will they survive or not


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