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Recap: sanskar came back, swara confessed her love and she got shot.

Sanskar’s pov:
” swaraaaa” i shouted as swara was not reacting. The driver came with car and picking swara in my arms, i made her sit with me at back seat. We left for the hospital. I didn’t expected anything like this. Swara should be fine. Soon we reached hospital and swara was taken to OT. I’m literally shivering standing outside. I informed kunj little later and kunj also came with twinkle.
” she will be fine” kunj consoled me. I slightly nodded while my heart is ready to burst because of fear. Swara is my everything and i can’t even think of living without her.
” Mr Maheshwari you need to sign this” doctor said bringing me back to reality.
” what’s this??” I slowly asked. I don’t have strength to read now.
” this says if something happened to your wife during operation, hospital is not responsible” doctor explained me. I got raged how can they say like this.
” nothing should happen to swara, she should be fine” i shouted at the doctor not even caring I’m standing in the silent zone of the hospital.
” sanskar these are just formalities don’t worry” kunj calmed me. I silently sign them and sat on the chair.
” but who can shot swara, she never had enmity” twinkle thoughtfully said. Yeah i totally forgot about it. Who can do this?? Swara was tensed when i called her. What happened in my absence???? Once my swara will be fine, i won’t leave the person who tried to hurt my wife.

After an hour, doctor called me and informed that operation was successful and swara will gain conscious within few hours. I was so overwhelmed that i hugged him.
Swara is fine and that’s enough for me.
” you go and be with swara we will leave. Call us if you need anything” kunj said as its going to be night soon. They are with me since morning.
” thank you” i mumble. They smiled and left. I moved towards swara’s cabin and slowly open the door without making any noise. Approaching her, i took seat near her on the chair. Her face is tensed and restless. I took her hand in mine and kiss her palm.
I smile sheepishly as i remember she confessed her love. At that time i was so worried for her that i didn’t paid attention.
” love you” i said kissing her forehead.
After sometimes, swara move her head. I got up and calm her down
” swara” i said caressing her hairs. Listening to my voice she open her eyes and look at me.
” water” she mumble. I picked the glass and made her drink water.
” you are okay?” I asked.
” hmm” she gave me faint smile.
” is it paining??” I asked touching her bandage around her belly.
” little” she pouted like a baby. I just engulf her in my embrace and kiss her hairline and the thing that surprised me was that her hairline was red means she put vermilion which she never did before. Means she has accepted me and our relation. She is half leaning on my chest and I’m stoking her hairs.
” what’s bothering you swara??” I asked as i can’t see her like this.
” sanskar you only love me na??” She raised her head and asked. Is this a question to be asked???
” ofcouse” i said. She smile brightly.
” why you asked this??” I questioned.
” you know i got calls from private number in your absence” my back stiffened as she said this.
” who was calling??” I asked calmly. I don’t want to scare swara though my temper is raising.
” some shanaya” she make faces while saying. Ohhh shanaya!! She was in my college but why she was calling swara. It’s so confusing.
” swara tell me everything clearly ” i said.
” she used to call many times a day and ask me to leave you. She want you sanskar, how can she say like this and i got angry and denied to listen to her rubbish so she warned me that she will kill me if i won’t leave your house” swara told me with wet eyes. I kiss her head trying to calm her.
” so she must have shot me as i didn’t left your house” swara futher added.
” it’s okay i will see her” i said comforting her.
” but who is she??” Swara asked with frown. I can see her getting jealous.
” she was in my class and then she proposed me but that time i want to establish my business so i denied but she always ask me to accept her. Now she must got to know about the news of our marriage so..” i said. Swara nodded and lie on my chest.
” you don’t stress yourself I’m here” i said.
” swara you seriously love me?” I asked remembering her confession. I want to listen those words again from her mouth.
” no, who told you??” What!!!! She refused to accept.
” swara you confessed that you love me” i winced like a baby whose chocolate is snatched.
” no sanskar you must have seen dream” she said.
” don’t play games swara, you said that you love me” my tone got high.
” sshhh don’t Shout” she keep her hand on my lips.
” first say that you love me” i demanded childishly.
” okay i accept that….” She didn’t completed and a teasing smile is playing on her glossy lips.
” that” i lean towards her and whisper huskily.
” i love you ” swara smile shyly and hide her face in my chest. She is my kiddo.
” i love you too” i said hugging her.(edit by marsuu on swasan🙈🙈)
” come on sleep, you need to take rest ” i said and made her comfortably lie on the bed.
” you also sleep with me” she said. I know she won’t let me go so i lie next to her and hug her taking care not to hurt her bandage.
” swara we will go to USA” i said little later. I don’t want to leave her alone as oftenly i have to go for my business.
” then i will miss twinkle and kunj” she said sadly.
” we will do vedio call to them” i said cheering her. She nodded and closed her eyes. I stare her relaxed face, i felt happy as she feel safe in my arms. That shanaya tried to harm swara and i won’t leave her.
Swara’s slow breathe is hitting my neck, her fragrance is making me feel dizzy. Feeling her close to me is peaceful. I peck her lips and closed my eyes.
To be continued….

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