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Ikyawann 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update leela acts as if she is changed.

Ikyawann 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Leela says holikadahan will be end of my game and points gun at jhano,susheel in trouble with the smell of the oil,satya enters and says what smell is this,he calls Sarvesh and asks him to check if there is any rat in the room,susheel asks what’s wrong what are you looking for,Sarvesh says I guess there’s a rat,susheel running scared,satya holds and says stay it’s a dead rat,and sees Susheel has pinned her nose.

Leela says that camel thinks I’m changed but I’m the real villain I can do anything and trick anyone and jhano raise your hands,jhano has water ballon on her head,leela shoots it and wets jhano and says that camel warned and scared me and now I shall ruin her life with fire,no one can challenge leela ajmera,this holika dahan in the name of Susheel.

Satya says Susheel it’s

from your hair leave the room,Susheel says what’s my fault dadi applied this oil,and said I shall wash after dahan,satya says go shampoo it’s so smelly,Susheel says dadi applies with so much love and also I will wash after holi so that color doesn’t damage my hair and what’s the issue,satya says I just can’t take the smell,susheel says it’s matter of a day,satya says not really this dirt and smell is all over my life,susheel says you take me as smell and dirt.

Satya says don’t force me to talk and don’t apply Kiran phui colours specially red and don’t ask why. Gulabo inspecting holi arrangements,Sejal walks out,gulabo says my Vishu and satyas first holi and its should be grand,Sejal says Ma nothing is as grand as you how beautifully you managed,gulabo says I love you darling and this will show ba how responsible I am.

Susheel walks to her di listen,sejal says I told you no more di and what smell is this,susheel says sorry I’m not used to so,and dadi asked me not to wash hair but the smell is troubling satya please help me with your shampoo,Sejal says dadi gave ma all the responsibilities,Susheel says good dadi is keeping her promise come help me now,leela hears that and says look how well I tricked her,she doesn’t know who leela ajmera is.

Leela shouts listen jhano Susheel is new wedded and she will do all rituals,gulabo hears that and feels bad.satya enters room and finds its lightened with aromatic candles and loves it and says oh man,the servants here know me very well,thank you Sarvesh kaka and turns around to find Susheel drying her hair,susheel says Sejal di helped me with shampoo I’m glad you loved the smell,and do you really love this artificial shake than the one I prepared,satya says yes,Kali walks in and asks you washed your hair and how romantic is the room and if this is the oils effect keep applying it and now come let’s go check arrangements out.

Kali says I don’t know if satya shall come because he doesn’t like colours,Susheel says it’s such important festival and will be fun with everyone,atleast a tikka,Kali says he doesn’t like it,so let it be,susheel says you don’t tell me but I will apply him colour tikka.

Leela hands jhano a ball and says now soon that’s camels mapa will come and take her away.

All at holi ka dahan,sejal says Ma you arranges so well,gulabo says Thank you sejal,leela says very well done gulabo now let’s begin the dahan.
The pooja begins,leela thinks this holi will be susheels first and last,gulabo says the new bride performs pooja,Sejal says and since susheel is the latest one she shall,gulabo says very correct,all start praising gulabo for her arrangements,leela says Susheel is intelligent and I few like susheel should begin with all the festivals,and gulabo I’m so impressed.

Susheel says dadi I haven’t done it before,leela says even you wedded first time right,and it’s gulabos decision,gulabo says Susheel for me please,sejal says cmon go,gulabo says you won’t agree,susheel says you guide me,gulabo says okay come here,first spray this over holika and then tie this thread over the holika and your mother in law will narrate the holika story,and then satya will give fire to Agni and you will leave the thread.

Leela says Vishu go call satya,Sejal says it’s so big,leela says it’s my family festive all will be big and bright,gulabo asks jhano to spray the kerosene over holika,jhano does so,jhano slowly throws kerosene over the thread to and signs leela.

Pre cap : susheels hand is tied with thread and satya about to light the holika
Sejal says what if the thread catches fire it’s risky.
Leela says this will be end of Susheel.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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