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Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Tumse Raglak Part 8

Sorry for grammatical mistakes. The part is unedited.

Ragini’s POV

“…and you know Pihu, he was literally yelling for help. I swear you would have laughed out loud” I laughed telling Pihu yesterday’s​ event. I was walking in the corridor on the third floor because not much people came here and I could talk to Pihu without any disturbance. After Swara di, only Pihu was the one with whom I can share my sadness and happiness. Swara di left early today in order to avoid me. She didn’t tell me this but I know her. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Pihu screaming from the other side.

“Are you serious Rags? You really beat him up with those boxing gloves of yours?”

“Yeah I did. But you won’t believe I not only showed him my boxing skills but he will be all swollen on his bed right now.”

“You are unbelievable Rags. I mean who the hell takes such risks on your first day of college”.

“That’s me baby. I have thought him a good lesson and he…” I stood there shocked stopping my chattering as I saw Sanskaar there. I hope he didn’t hear anything. He was after all​ Laksh’s brother and GS of the college. Which means I will be in the great trouble if he got to know that I caused pain to his brother. He may even complain to principal for acting like an animal on his brother.

“I’ll call you later Pihu. Bye” I pressed the red button without waiting for her reply. Although Sanskaar was sweet to talk, he is still Laksh’s brother and also GS of the college. My heart instantly began thumping as soon as he moved towards me. I am sure he will take revenge on me for hurting his brother like I had taken revenge for hurting my sister.

“Hey” he greeted so sweetly, maybe he didn’t hear our conversation.
Ragini just say hello and move out.

“Hi and bye too. I have to move, I have a class now.” I walked pass him when his next words stunned me and I immediately turned towards him.

“By the way, you give nice punches yaar”. He had this mischievous type of smile on his face. So he heard our conversation and still acted sweet.

“Umm.. What punch are you talking about?” I wanted to be sure that he was referring to the punches that i had given to Laksh.

“You know it perfectly Ragini what I am talking about. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you, if you feel that so”.

“Why the hell are you not?” I asked still shocked about his neutral expressions. He gave me a sweet smile ensuring he wasn’t angry but why the hell was he not? I mean I did hurt his brother, didn’t he feel bad. Was he happy that I punched his brother. Maybe one of them are adopted, that’s the reason Sanskaar is too sweet and Laksh uff I can’t even compare him with Sanskaar.

“Should I be?” He chuckled shrugging. “I don’t think so there was anything wrong in it. Laksh always does mistakes and I have to handle it at home. I am glad at least you are not like other girls, who loses their sanity. He has been always popular amongst the girls no doubt but you will be the first girl, who has beaten him up and I am not angry for that so chill.

“Ohh.. I thought one of you are adopted. You both are so different.”

“Everyone says that, but no we are not adopted”. He laughed again after saying that. Did I mention that he looks super cute when he laughs.

“Anyways, can we go out for a coffee or anything you like. You have anyway missed your lecture. Don’t take it as a date, just as a friend. And I want to also compensate with the lecture you have missed.”

Aww.. how cute is he. Perfect for my Swara di.

Laksh’s POV

“And it’s a six”

  • Thumbs up taste the thunder”

“Sonu ki teetu ki sweety collects…”

I threw the tv remote on the vase nearby. I was damn angry and frustrated right now. Both my shoulders were swollen, one of my jaw had still little traces of purplish color. I couldn’t move out if my bed due to pain in my backbone. How can she beat me up like this. I mean I just kissed her, not a big deal. She acted as if I s*xually assaulted her. I can’t even imagine what she would do if I had done that, though I would never do such things.

I didn’t even think of kissing her on the first place. She was the one who came to me blabbering about her sister. I agree I couldn’t control my senses when I saw her beautiful plump lips moving while she was talking. Secondly I just wanted her to stop her nonsense. I just claimed her lips to stop her nonsense and taste those delicious looking strawberries. They actually tasted like strawberries, which made me lose my senses and I couldn’t take my mouth off from her.

She could have slapped me on the spot instead of showing up in my house garden and puching me like I was her punching bag. I know it was my mistake kissing her without her permission, which I usually don’t do. I don’t like to kiss any girl without her liking.

I can’t forgive her now. She will have to regret for her act. My mistake was only kissing for which beating me up so badly was wrong.

So Miss Ragini, be careful your life won’t be easy in St. Xavier’s.

Ragini’s POV

“….and I also love music, but sadly I can’t sing and play any instruments. What about you? I am sure you are a born singer am I right?”

” Oh no no.. I am not a born singer, but yes I do sing and also play Veena. My friends say I have a very good voice.”

“Wow.. so you do have other talents than boxing yea”. He laughed saying this. I laughed with him as well. We were sitting on one of the empty places in college canteen. Though Sanskaar had offered to go somewhere out but I was really not much comfortable with it. Sanskaar was being nice and sweet, but I can’t avoid Swara Di’s words that she had told me not to trust any boy in Mumbai. So here we are in the college canteen, chatting about our lives. We told each other about our family. He even offered me to come to his house as I knew his house now.

“I am sorry for that Sanskaar. But your brother was to be mistaken here.”

” Yes I agree with you. But Laksh is not that bad. He is very nice once your his good friend. He won’t ever say no to any of his friends when in need. And Ragini, trust me you can slap him if he is wrong I won’t say anything but he didn’t deserve such beating.” He stopped for a while and continued when he saw my blank expression.”Anyways, I don’t take his side here. I just want to warn you Ragini, because this is Mumbai. Here people won’t think twice hurting you in bad way. So be careful, don’t involve yourself in such fights. I’ll leave now, I have a meeting with other members of the council. We are going to organize a fresher’s​ party for you people.”

He smiled leaving me to think about my act. Yes, Laksh was may be mistaken but I shouldn’t had to be this harsh on him. I should’ve just slapped him till his cheeks turned red. But now what should I do?

What is done is done Ragini, don’t hesitate to say sorry as you won’t grow smaller if you say so. But that is after a week when he will recover and join back as what Sanskaar had told me, before that I have to ask sorry from one more person. Where are you Swara di. I am really sorry for my mistake.


Thank you for bearing me, I would try to update as soon as possible.

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