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Half Marriage 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani decides to marry Sid

Half Marriage 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun coming back home. Mannu asks where did you go? Arjun asks Mannu to tell all neighbors that govt can’t demolish their homes as it is their house. Shakti is talking to a girl and tells that he is sitting in the godown and tells that his phupha ji do fraud. Arjun hears him. Shakti pretends to talk to shop keeper and asks Raj if he wants cold drink etc. Arjun says I don’t hope this from you and says customer returned when you were busy on call. Shakti says that customer takes everything for free and that’s why he don’t give him time. Arjun asks him to handle the shop and double the sales. Shakti gets tensed.

A man comes to Arjun’s house and says you people have taken much loan from me, either return my money or give this house to me. He says if I drag you

to court then you will lose your home and respect. Arjun comes there and asks him to stand up. He says you have to do many work and asks him to get house papers as he will take house back. Man asks who is this mad fellow. Sulochana says he is my son. Man says he shall know that you have to pay me 45 lakhs principal and interest. Arjun asks him to get papers and says you will get your money. Kusum hears everything and smiles. She comes to Chandani and tells her everything.

Chandani asks her to go and give her info. Sampath asks what is going on? Chandani says you will know soon and calls Sid. Sulochana says we are free from loan now. Manohar asks why you are doing so much for us and says we can’t repay you in our entire life. Janki says why you are saying this, he is doing this thinking us as his family. Surinder thanks him for doing so much for Sulochana already. Manohar says you have done a big favor on us and we don’t know how to repay your favors. Arjun asks why you are talking big words and says if Arjun had helped you, would you refuse. Janki says Arjun would have made business suffer. Arjun asks Manohar to let him be his son for some days and tells your medical report came and everything is fine. Janki thinks they shall regard him as Arjun for benefit. She tells Anuj that they shall get lakhs of money.

Arjun comes there and asks what they are talking about? Janki says we will return your money. Arjun says I don’t want my money back. Surinder asks Arjun to get the name transferred on Manohar’s name. Arjun don’t agree with him and says this house is yours. Sid comes to meet Chandani and asks her to say what happened? Chandani says I am upset since yesterday. Sid apologizes for his father’s behavior. Chandani says she is upset with herself for devoting her 2 years for politics and says I called you to inform that our engagement is not happening. Sid says that means it is all over. Chandani says no and says we will not do engagement, but shall marry directly. She says lets get married Sid. Sid gets happy and says why not.sure. Chandani looks on.

Chandani tells Arjun that she is getting married to Sid and asks him to come with his family. Mannu asks Arjun why did he break his heart to save locality. Chandani and Sid dance in the function. Arjun gets upset and is about to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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