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Destiny made us together (Ragsan)-18 by suma

Sanskar slowly wakes up and find no one beside him
And walked to hall rubbing his eyes there he saw ragini near dining table making something.
He slowly walked towards her and asked
” What are you doing Ragini?? ”
She hesitated to say and walked to room
He followed  her to room and asked

” What happend Ragini ?? “

” Nothing sanskar I’m just tired ” she said

” Tired, come take rest… Sleep I will get some juice or
Something to eat ” he holded her shoulder and made her sit on bed.

” Can we go to our house back ” she asked

” Anything problem ?? “

” No…nothing can’t we go ?? ” She again asked

He then took her to their house which they were staying


She ran to the room and closed the door before he enter

” What happend to her ??” He thought and brushed his thoughts and called his pa to know about project

On call
” Ok…you need only signatures??? ”
” Then I will come to office in 1hr and complete this process ok ”
Call disconnected

He went to room and knocked the door.
” Ragini open the door “

” Two minutes sanskar ” she shouted back

After 10minutes she opened door.

” Sorry sanskar , you go for bath I will prepare something for you “

” No Ragini …you are tired na…just take rest… I have called my friend he will send cook here he will be here anytime ” he walked along with her to bed and made her to take rest

By then cook( Srinu) came.

” Bhaiyya, iam Srinu The great cook  ” he said with smile

” The great ??? ye Kaha se ayiii ” 🤔🤔🤔 sanky

” Meine rakha tha….” 😁😁😁😁

” 😲😲😲😲 Par kyu ” sanskar asked

” I will get job na bhaiyya…if someone listens great “

” 😱😱😱😱😱”

” Srinu , what do you cook ?” Ragini asked

” I will cook what you say mam sab ” Srinu said

” You calling sanskar as bhaiyya and me as mam sab…you can call me Bhabhi Srinu ” Ragini said

” Srinu , get her some juice… She is tired ” sanskar said , he is about to continue ” and  get …. He turned to see him but he vanished

Soon he got a glass filled juice and one bottle

” Bhabhi juice ” he handed over glass
By then sanskar came and saw maaza bottle and said to Srinu
” I said to prepare juice not to get this maaza “

” Why to prepare bhaiyya when we already have na 😁😁😁😁 ” he replied

” 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 ” He rolled his eyes while ragini chuckled

” Go and get fresh juice prepared by you ” he ordered and “get me coffee “

” Coffee ?? “

” Ha coffee ”  he about to turn to go to Washroom but stopped by srinu

” Hot coffee or cold coffee bhaiyya “

” Hot one ” he turned to go

” with sugar or without sugar “

” 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 W.I.T.H. S.U.G.A.R ”  He stressed every letter being frustrated
He saw Srinu going and turned to go washroom

” Strong one or light one  bhaiyya “

” Aree chal mujhe koi coffee nai Chahiye 😩😩😩😩 ” sanskar said being frustrated

” Ok bhaiyya😁😁😁😁 ” he left

” 😤😤😤😤😤😤”  huffed and went to washroom

After he came from Washroom he saw ragini sleeping.
He went near her and caressing her hair and kissed her forehead.

He called his pa and asked to bring the files to home to sign them and he can’t come to office now.

Sometime after he went to see what Srinu is doing in kitchen

” What are you doing Srinu?? ” Sanskar asked

” Iam trying to do something bhaiyya…I can’t name it now…after I prepare na…we will name it after tasting ” he said

Sanskar saw them as he is over roasting everything and making pans in dark color.
” Turn off the stove Srinu ” he ordered

” Why bhaiyya aapko Pasand nai ayi” he asked with wide smile 😁😁

” First stop showing your 32 teeth and turn off it ”
Srinu did as he said  closing his mouth and turned off

Sanskar opened YouTube and giving instructions to Srinu and Srinu is doing as he said
After 2hrs of their operation something to eat is ready.
” Ufff…if I had belief on you na…then we have do fasting full days ” sanskar said

Srinu gave asusual wide smile
” First….first stop show those teeth 😣😣😣😣😣 ” he said pointing to him
” I will wake ragini to breakfast, arrange it on dining table , is it possible for you or else wo bhi khud Karna ho tho boldo ??”

“Its Ok bhaiyya ,I can 😁😁……Do ” he smiled wide but soon composed after getting sanskar glare.

He gave an impossible look and went to room.

” Ragini….Ragini utto ” he slowly wake-up ragini.

” Sanskar let me take rest…little stomach ache… “

” Ragini kuch kaalo… Sab teek Hoga” he said

” Srinu….Srinu….” He shouted
Wait I will get your food here itself… If I asked him to get him..also…he will definitely make me to bring…I will go myself…
By saying this he moved to dining room and brought food to her and placed beside the table and asked her to get up.
She slowly get down from the bed and noticed some blood stains on bed.
She tried to take off the bedsheet but sanskar saw it. She felt embarrassed.

” Oh You are on day ” he asked for that she nodded.

” You could have told me before na Ragini…Go and change your dress…I will clean this ” sanskar said

” No…sanskar …it will do it “

” Ragini…I said na…go and change…I will do it ” he said and she nodded and moved to washroom.

Ragini came from Washroom and saw the bedsheet …sanskar had changed it… And he was waiting for her with food plate.
He asked her to sit and he made her feed by his hands.She is not even uttering a word as she felt uncomfortable. He understood that. After completing the breakfast he made sleep on bed.
” Ragini…you don’t need to be uncomfortable I can understand that, you should have told me morning na….he slowly slides the saree on her tummy and started rubbing there to soothe the pain. I know it will be paining ”
” Thanks sanskar ”
” Kya thank you Ragini…its my responsibility to take care of you and I Love You … remember that ”
She felt herself lucky that he is so understandable and caring.
She slowly dozed off forgetting the pain.

After sometime his pa came and he signed the papers and asked his pa to not to disturb him for this week if any emergency they should contact him otherwise it’s not necessary.

” Srinu ….I will send this YouTube link to your WhatsApp do this for dinner ” sanskar said

” Ok bhaiyya 😁😁”

He slowly embraced ragini and started caressing her.


Done with this part
I don’t know how much you like this part.
I wanted to show that periods are not be ashamed to tell it’s natural.
So if I did any wrong in expressing drop your message in comment section.
I know it’s boring what to do iam not getting ideas.
Next update after 50+votes 
Thank you

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