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Hello everyone!!! my exams are finally over and I am finally back with the 10th chapter of DESI GIRL!! Thank you for your comments on A LETTER TO HIM…. FROM HER. It really meant a lot to me. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! So as a thank you gesture and for being the most irregular author on TU I have written a loong chapter. hope you like it!

happy reading!




THREE DAYS! It had been three goddamn days since the call and the first time I had seen the person I call husband smile. A smile so genuine that it had lit up my entire day. a smile that at no cost would I let vanish. I will protect it with my life if necessary. I will protect HIM with my life if necessary. I still remember the warning. Still ringing like devil’s bell in my years. Fresh, clear and scaring. I have never been scared for my life anytime.NEVER. But this time my life was not at stake. His was and I am determined to protect it at any cost.

” Three days is all you have SB. If you can.Save him.”  that was all that the caller had said and after that the line had gone dead and after that surprisingly the phone number did not exist! I mean seriously???? And according to the warning TODAY was the last day and hence the reason I’m freaking out like shit. The last two days were surprisingly quiet normal. Which in itself is an abnormal thing in this household.  Because you see this is Maheshwari household you are talking about. Not a day goes by here without some seriously irritating comedy from the stand up comedian. I hope who you know who I have given this prestigious designation to???

My train of thoughts were broken by none other than my husband who entered the room with a bang! Just kidding! Its just that after the day whenever I see him my heart just goes Dhina dhin dha .. dhina dhin dha.. you get that? (of course you get that ! you guys are just so intelligent when it comes to our chemistry). Anyways before I could proceed to ask him if he needed coffee or anything else a maid knocked on the door.

” come in” my husband said.

The maid who had the characteristic ghoonghat drawn over her face, that I had not yet been accustomed to seeing everyday entered  with a tray containing a silver bowl. There was this weird rule in Maheshwari mansion that every maid or female workers are supposed to wear veils on their face. Weird. Really weird. But anyways I have seen weirder things in life.

” Sir, your mother has sent this kheer for you and has requested that you immediately eat it.”  surprisingly in comparison to other maids this one was slimmer and taller.

“Alright” Sanskar huffed. He knew that his mother hadn’t really requested it. It was more like ordered it. I smiled o myself. So that was what my dear mother-in-law had been doing all the evening in the kitchen. Sweet. After all who knew what her chora loved to eat more than her??

Sanskar: swara

me: yes

sanskar: could you please get me a glass of water?

Me(smiling nervously at this sudden, not to mention REALLY POLITE REQUEST): Sure

I went down to the kitchen grinning like the idiot I am at times. The kitchen was clean like everyday and everything was in its proper place. A huge silver bowl probably containing kheer was put aside for the other members of the family but that was not what really caught my attention but it was the small bottle thrown carelessly on the floor that did. Disbelieving my own eyes I bent down to pick it. And now there was no doubt left in my mind as to what it was.

Taking a U- turn i ran upstairs to our room as fast as my legs could carry me. Panting and sick with worry that was clearly evident on my face I threw open the door to see that Sanskar had thankfully not touched the bowl of kheer. Witthout saying a word more to him or to his questioning glances I picked up the bowl of kheer and was going to walk away with it when Sanskar held my arm.

Sanskar: where do you think you are going with that bowl? and where is my water?

Me: downstairs. To throw it.

Sanskar(with a clear rage in his voice): AND WHY MAY I ASK??

Me( calmly or as calm I could keep my voice): because you canot eat it.


And this time Mr. Maheshwari did not bother to keep the intensity of his voice in check as a result of which his mother and grand mother came running into our room.

Grand mother: what happened Sanskar? why are you shouting on my sweet bahu like this?

Sanskar: why don’t you ask your SWEET bahu what SHE did?

I clearly did not miss the sarcasm in his voice and my temper also flared up.

Me: and why do you not say what crime I committed?

Sanskar: really?? fine. Dadi your this SWEET bahu tried to throw away the kheer mom made for me.

Sujata: Swara what kind of a behaviour is this?

Me: the right kind of behaviour. Perhaps you added poison to this dish to make it taste better. RIGHT???

I said with fury laced in my voice.



I bite back with the same intensity.

That may have caught him a little off guard because he became stupefied after that while taking this opportunity I said again

Me: you have clearly never believed me or the least even considered me your wife. But I consider you as my husband and that is something I cannot change. I am sorry if cannot win your trust even after this.

With that I ate the poisonous kheer that was for my husband. For a moment nothing happened. And then it came.The burning sensation in my throat and I lost my balance. But before the darkness completely savored me I felt two strong arms wrap around me………



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