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Breaking the silence part 22

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Breaking the Silence – part 22

“Krishna, open that blue packet I have got something for you.’ Gesturing the packet Suhani told her.

Whole day which started in laziness went in the unpacking and settling of luggage and now only they have got the time to see all the gifts and sort of things together.

Tearing the cello tape seal of the packet she looked inside the packet and the bright shades of that brick print dress smiled at her.

“It is so beautiful Ma…but do you think it would fit me? Spreading the long dress on the bed she expressed the suspicion.

“Absolutely beta, it would fit you and I took after checking the smaller size on Yuvani….eyeing her body with the experienced eyes she replied.

“Go and try …I know it would fit you.” Feeling hundred percent sure of the fitting she told her to wear it.

“Okay Ma.” And taking the dress she went to her room.

“Maniiiii… she called the timid girl, who was pouring the tea in the cups hurriedly for she had to leave for a wedding today.

“Coming Ma….came her voice and meanwhile Suhani took out the packets she had to give her.

“Looks like Mrs Birla is busy…from when you become this arranged dear,” came a sleepy but amused voice entering the room.

“32 years with you!!! There would be some results, right?” she replied with the same amused tone.

“Really…these many years passed.” His voice turned thoughtful and in no time they laughed on their own realizations.

“This cricket match has tired you, you seem sleepy,” seeing his tired eyes she said. “Wait for a moment I will put everything aside.” Pressing all the packets to a side and she herself shifting on the room rug near the bed.

“But first I have to eat these potato balls ….seeing yuvani entering the room with tea and plate of those round deep fried potato balls.

“She has mixed the lime juice too in the bolls as you like papa.” She joked putting the tray on the small table.

“Where is Mani, Yuvani… I had to give her this packet.” suhani enquired taking the seat on the bed again.

“She is coming Mom, she said she had to clean the kitchen platform before she leaves.” Yuvani answered her turning one of the packets with her greasy fingers.

‘Yuvaniiii….the stern mother was back.

‘Okay okay , I am not touching with oily fingers.” and grabbing one more potato delicacy she took the seat beside her dad.”

“Ma, do you think it’s looking good?” Unaware of the other presence in the room Krishna asked her mother in law pulling the dress to fit properly.

And all the three pairs of eyes including the one pair behind her went to her direction.

“Yeah – absolutely – come here Krishna.” All three persons replied and she looked up finally caring the other presence and smiled embarrassingly.

“I told you it would fit properly.” Said Suhani noticing how perfectly it was fitting her with a little loose sort of fitting to match the professional look of a doctor.

“Come Krishna, have tea with us and meanwhile we have so many things to tell you.” Chirped her sister in law winking that suggested there was something involving fun and when her sister in law winked on something it was definitely something hilarious.




Still in the same kurta she laughed on the things Yuvani had told her and was telling her as they were setting Suhani’s room.

Yuvraaj’s sleeping session had postponed due to the call he got from the insurance company to fill the yearly premiums they had forgotten so he and Suhani had left for that.

Now as they were putting the clothes and all the stuff they had brought from Jabalpur aside she got to know more of Yuvani. And she enjoyed her company, earlier she only got teased by her but today she felt a new kind of relationship was building here.

“I cant tell you how embarrassing the moment was, I don’t know why they dragged we two there….is it place to go with your parents? Only couples and friends should go there together.” Recalling those pieces of art in the form of sculptured idols Yuvani said.

And Krishna couldn’t stop her laugh again. “Didn’t they tell you before they were going to visit this artistic place?” Stifling her laugh she asked her.

“no we were going somewhere else and suddenly the tour guide suggested we should visit the place…it holds the cultural history of India….that shameless guy.” Cursing the tourist guide Yuvani answered her And Krishna was unable to hold her laugh anymore.

“Laugh Krishna laugh… I am going to tell brother, Krishna is so interested to visit this sculptured park in M.P.” she irritatingly said but it turned out a tease cause the laugh on Krishna’s face died in a moment.

“Aha…don’t worry Krishna I will make sure you two visit this place, you will get to know more about intimacy and s…..

“Stop Yuvani… closing her ears she pleaded her and Yuvani enjoyed the sight.

“but seriously Krishna it was so embarrassing to walk down the path with those sculptures in those poses with mom dad and uncle aunt ahead of us…..actually we, I mean me and Nivi took a corner and behaved we were busy in social sites and they too didn’t mind it.” She said after a while.

“Maybe they understood their mistake.” Krishna answered waited for a while and they both burst in the laughs ….yet again.



As she pushed the wheeler in the highest cupboard stretching on her ankles she felt something familiar but she brushed it.

“I think mom will arrange her and dad’s regular clothes on her own so let’s go now.” Yuvani said pushing the other wheeler filled with the said to the corner.

“Yeah,I too will go and light the lamp in temple(home).” Coming down from the bed Krishna said when she again sensed that feeling.

And thinking to check and feeling a bit excited she hurried to her room.

In her haste she didn’t notice him leaning on the bed. “hey, you look in hurry everything alright.” He asked as she didn’t notice him and went to the cupboard for something.

“Oh, you home…give me a moment,” she said grabbing the things she needed and entering inside the washroom.

“Is it the first time she looks this excited?” he asked herself pulling the shocks down and opening his shirt buttons.

Inside as she confirmed that feeling of something oozing out on its own she felt herself the happiest girl on the planet….she had got the menses and she wasn’t pregnant. It was such a big moment for her that she felt herself crying silently and grabbing the slight green basin she thanked her gods for it.

When the tap water kept running and no sound came he called her and he felt suspicious when she didn’t answer… halting in the process of wearing his t shirt he knocked the door.

in a while she opened the door and with the tear filled eyes she hugged him tight for he was the only one she could share this happiness, for he was the only one she could tell this and for he was the only one responsible for all she went through other than her.

“What happened?” he asked surprised of her behavior.

And coming to the land from the La La Land of her happiness she thought to break the hug.

“it’s okay ,take your time.” Saying he hugged her back closing his arms around her.

And with no hesitation she replied, “I am not pregnant.”


So today I am with this sort of big author note ,don’t worry I won’t bore you 😊.

First of all I hope you all enjoyed Holi well, I too did. And I apologize for the delay but I have typed this chapter with so much difficulty, a lot of things are going in life and though I had never decided this ff will turn this long I think I need to confirm a few things.

You guys have been the boost I was seeking for my writing and for my mind to get heard and thank you so much for the constant support.

Now you too would be feeling updates have turned irregular and I apologize for that. On Wattpad it’s no big issue cause as a reader you are in touch with the story all the time but here it’s difficult to remember what went in the last part and I hope it doesn’t become a big issue if updates are delayed from now on too.

Now people have often said I touch bold things then guys I write the things I want to write and think myself placing at the place of my characters…these Telly shows are not my cup of tea for the things they show and spread wrong knowledge and I am skeptical to write something I feel not right so maybe my ffs are whole new stories than the show or characters I tag them in. (by the way bold doesn’t mean the steamy intimate scenes only, I hope you all are aware about that😉 )

END of this author note and again I hope you like this part, I will be waiting for your response.

P.S. – countdown for the 25th chapter has begun did you realize that 😊 though I can’t promise when will it come. Sorry😔.

With love Morusya.

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