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Belan Wali Bahu 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost wakes up Roopa with his poetry

Belan Wali Bahu 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Dada says to family that Roopa will wake by hearing my poetry. Ramnath says Roopa’s mom said to make her listen good poetry.. good. Dada says I used to write good poetry in my college days, girls very crazy for them. Ramnath says girls used to like my poetry too in college. Dada says you didnt even go to college, you used to sell chips outside college, all laugh. Lata says we can arrange poetry session in house, we can make Roopa listen to all our poetry and whoever makes Roopa wake up will get reward. Naren says what will be reward? Lata says it can be sarees. Suzzi says if I win then I will take new dress for me. Naren says I want new bike. Ramnath says I want a trophy. Dada says its decided that whoever makes Roopa wake up will get trophy. All plan to get the trophy.


says to Jitendra that I dont understand what to write as poetry, did you write anything? She nudges Jitendra who falls down and wakes up. Shalini says you were sleeping? I dont know what to write as poetry. Jitendra says you meet ghosts, didnt you meet any poet’s ghost. She says no. She asks if he thought of any poetry? Jitendra says I knew some idea but Dada slapped me my poetry died in mind. Shalini says I got a topic for your poetry.. it should be slap. Jitendra says yes I will write poetry on slap.

Suzzi is holding pot on her head. Dada is making her pose to write some poetry. Suzzi says are you writing poetry or making portrait, you are making me stand here for half an hour, let me write my poetry. Suzzi writes her poetry quickly. Dada asks her to make him listen. She loudly starts singing twinkle twinkle little star. Dada says it wont work. She starts singing jack and the hill. Dada says come out of kindergarten. He says his poetry.. kabhi kabhi mere dil mein, Suzzi says I have an idea. Suzzi sings nashe se chargh gayi. Dada says its a movie song, you are stealing poetry, bad Suzzi. Suzzi says you stole movie song too, bad. She leaves.

Ramnath and Lata are writing their poetry. Ramnath says move away from my eyes, my mouth blow out smoke seeing you, my heart burns seeing you. Lata says shut up and write your poetry. Ramnath takes out wine bottle from pot. Lata sees it and asks what is it? where did you get it? give it to me. Ramnath says let me drink today, poetry will come out when I drink this. Lata shouts at him. Ramnath says let me drink today and win trophy. Lata says I am writing poetry to make my daughter in law wake up, not get some trophy. Ramnath says you want her to wake up so you dont have to work in house. Lata says stop it, give this wine bottle to me, she tries to snatch it from him, they fall on bed. Lata hears train coming and leaves with Ramnath’s bottle.
All family members hold things down as train passesby and things shake up in house. Ramnath is still writing poetry. Shalini says I have completed my poetry. Water falls on her paper. She cries. Naren writes his poetry but wind blows and paper falls away. He cries. Jitendra says to Dada that we can tie Roopa on train track, when train comes then Roopa will wake up. Dada slaps him and says if she doesnt wake up then train will send her up. Suzzi says to Lata that I dont know hindi so can you help me to write poetry? Lata thinks and says did you think of topic? Suzzi says I want to write poetry for Dada, he cares for me a lot. Lata says just add burhao(oldie) in poetry lines. Suzzi says what it means? Lata says it means young and energetic. Suzzi says yes Dada will like it. She leaves. Lata smirks.

Scene 2
Laddo’s ghost sees Roopa sleeping and says wake up, I am getting bored, I cant even talk to anyone, even dog is not seen anywhere.. he says I will sleep too. He lies on bed beside her and sleep. Roopa sleeps for 6 hours more. Laddo’s ghost wakes up and doesnt see Roopa on bed, he says where did she go? he goes to find her.

Laddo’s ghost looks around in house and says where is Roopa?
All family members are in lounge ready for poetry session. Ramnath asks Dada whats topic of his poetry, Dada says you will steal it. Jitendra says I will make Roopa wake up and get this trophy. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says where is Roopa? she was drunk and sleeping. Suzzi brings sleeping Roopa in wheelchair there. Lata says I make food so good so I have my best poetry too, all laugh.

Scene 3
Family starts poetry session. Naren starts poetry and starts rapping.. he raps wake up Roopa.. wake up Roopa.. Lata asks him to get down. Shalini is next. she coughs in mic and says just clearly my throat. Shalini sings get up Roopa, get up quickly. she sings badly, all cringe. Laddo’s ghost says this is poetry? Shalini starts enacting her poetry. Laddo’s ghost says this is not dancing competition. Lata asks Shalini to sit down, Roopa didnt wake up. Roopa is still sleeping in wheelchair. Jitendra is next. Jitendra starts saying poetry on suspended inspector, he says I get slapped when I talk.. it hurts.. it hurts.. my father and his father doesnt understand. All ask him to get down. Dada says I am next to wake up Roopa. Ramnath says yes to bore Roopa. Dada says my poetry is young and energetic, I wrote it in college for a girl, that girl looked like Suzzi. He sings “I wrote a love letter.. scared to give it to her.. took help from a friend.. friend slapped me and asked me to give myself.. I waited for her….” he keeps singing, all sleep hearing his boring poetry. Dada shouts to wake up. Dada says even Suzzi slept? Suzzi says no I was dreaming of my doggy. Dada says Suzzi is next. Suzzi says poetry funnily, she says I wrote this for Dada, I hope he likes it. She sings ‘I saw many oldies(budhao) in world but no one is oldie like him in whole India’. All laugh. Dada says what is this. Suzzi sings ‘he is becoming more oldie everyday, its because of my medicine. I pray you become more oldie.. more oldie.. most oldie in world’. All laugh. Dada shouts to stop it. Lata says calm down, its just poetry. Laddo’s ghost looks on. Dada says I wont live in house where I am called oldie, I am leaving. Jitendra whispers that last time you left, you had to beg on roads and went to jail. Dada says um.. I will stop if you are saying so. Ramnath says if he wants to leave then let him leave. Jitendra says Lata have started all this, Lata says what did I do? Suzzi says she did all this. Lata says Suzzi called Dada as oldie. Dada slaps him, Ramnath slaps Jitendra in return. Suzzi says Lata taught me wrong, she said budhao(oldie) is good word. Laddo’s ghost sees them shouting and screaming and says stop it. Laddo’s ghost sees dog coming there and says “you are here to tell poetry too? they are boring her.. Roopa wake up.. wake up Roopa.” (it all rhymes like poetry) Roopa hears it and stirs a little. Dog leaves. Roopa wakes up and looks around, she sees family shouting and fighting, she sees Laddo’s ghost looking out. She goes to family and tries to talk to them but they are busy fighting and dont even see her. Lata sees her awake and shouts for everyone to stop it. Laddo’s ghost says Roopa woke up. Lata says how did you wake up? Roopa I heard some poetry and I woke up. All start fighting that she woke up with their poetry, they fight over trophy. Laddo’s ghost asks whose poetry made you wake up? she says yours, he says what? I was talking to a dog and you thought it was poetry? she says yes it was cheap but poetry. Laddo’s ghost says you are calling it cheap? he gets miffed and leaves. Roopa says cutie it was poetry and laughs.

Jitendra says to family that my friend have opened amusement park. Lata says lets go there tomorrow.
Family comes to amusement park, they all enjoy rides. Roopa enjoys rides with Laddo’s ghost. Dada sits in a ride and leaves his wheelchair behind. He gets down from ride and says my back is hurt, bring my chair. Naren says its gone. Dada says till I dont get my wheelchair, I wont let anyone get on any ride. Family looks bummed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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