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Always Swasan FF part 19

Present… RamTa room
Suj: we both lost our maa.. Most hurted one was swara. We thought she would face that situation again.. But sanskar is with her, he handled her carefully… She survived from that pain… And our babies they four became so silent… But they composed eachother for swara… Even if we all are with her, but sanskar handled her like Glass doll.. Slowly slowly swara became old swara…
Ram: he will be always with her.. I am proud of for that.. And about our Anshi she will be alright because she is our Swasan’s child… I know she will get someone like her mother got her papa… 😀
Then they drift to sleep…. Meanwhile in Swaranshi’s room, she is sitting on her bed, leaning on wall..

Anshi’s pov…
After badi dida and badidadi’s death, everyone is so much sorrow. Maa is so broken because she was very close to them. Bhai and bhabhi, me and Toshi comforted each other. In this way bhai and bhabhi found each other as soulmate.. So I thought me and Toshi would have become a good couple.. She still remember that how her bhai proposes her bhabhi…
3 years ago..
One day Sanskrit came to her room, she is sleeping on bed.. He wakes her..
Sanky: Anshu wake up bacha, ( but she didn’t move a bit) doll wake up dear (wakes her holding shoulders)
Anshi: what bhai?
Sanky: I just want to say I love you… (interrupted)

Anshi: k bhai love you too bhai… (drift into sleep again)
Sanky: oh doll listen to me carefully, I just want to say I love you to ur bhabhi, I want to propose Urmila and u have to help me. (Anshi get up from bed immediately).
Anshi:(pout) oh bhai u didn’t say love u to me.
Sanky: who will say that to a chudail.. (he laughed)

Anshi: (throw her teddy on his face) u called me chudail na.. Go from here.. I won’t help u. Go from here.. (turns and sit with pout)
Sanky:(smiles at his little sister and place a large bowl of chocolate ice cream) u r my sweet doll na I love you more than anyone…
Anshi: (snatches the bowl) u know how to pacify (give a kiss on his cheek) so first we have to decide the venue… 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Sanky: u don’t have to worry about it, I have decided it and time too..
Anshi: when? where? Park? Ur favorite river bank (excited)
Sanky: swasan mansion, this house at Saturday party..

Anshi: seriously u want to propose bhabhi infront of our family.. Infront of Papa😮😮😮
Sanky: they gave us everything. They will be with us in every situation. So I want to start my new life infront of them only especially with their blessings…
Anshi: oh my cute bhai.. U decide everything, then what’s the need of me?
Sanky: firstly I am not cute.. Secondly (handover her a packet) give her this dress and ready her in this dress. Ya she has to come there a little late and u have to be with me before she came…
Anshi: OK but what’s the plan?.. (he told her something mute) wow superb bhai.
After 3 days Saturday night… Malhotra’s…
Laks: Anshi beta u r here?
Anshi: nothing Nani u go all go to home me and bha… Sweetie will come after sometimes… I have some work with her?

Tush: what works ? n what’s in ur hands?
Anshi: it’s girls work.. U go…

Tushar about to argue but uttara take him with them. Then Anshi went to urmila’s room.
Anshi: bha.. Di.. Sweetie..
Urmi: 😀😀😀 what r u talking Anshi? And u r calling me sweetie 😮😮😮(Anshi nodes positively) what r u doing here?
Anshi: vo na I bought a dress for you.. I want to see u in that dress..
Urmi: OK give me (she gave it to her. It’s a cute red frock) wow, I loved it… OK tomorrow I..
Anshi: no not tomorrow, I want to see it now .

Urmi: now? But party ?
Anshi: plz plz plz ..
Urmila go and changed.
Anshi: u r looking like a doll sweetie…
Urmila: and I loved it too(kissed on her cheeks) okay I will go and changed then we will go to party… (she is about to go)
Anshi:(screamed) Nooo…. (urmila looks at her in horror) don’t u like others appreciating me? U will come in this dress only (urmila is about to argue) plz plz plz plz. (she is the maa of Swara for doing drama)
Urmi: OK OK… Come we will go..

they went to Maheshwari mansion, but when they are at the entrance of the house
Anshi:(thinks) oh God bhai said that bhabhi has to enter the house after me.. What will I do? Think Anshi… Idea… 💡… (starts her drama) bhabhi….
Urmi: why r u screaming…
Anshi: my ring I lost it here.. I want it, it’s my bhai’s gift… (she started to cry)
Urmi: OK don’t cry.. Come we will search..

Anshi: but I want to go washroom….😭😭😭😭
Urmi: huh.. OK u go I will bring…
Anshi went from there. After she went Urmi gets the ring, went to mansion, only to see the house is full of dark and family is talking in confusion. Just a spot light on, Urmi and others gasped seeing that. Because Anshi is sitting there with playing an instrument… Just then another spot light on, Sanskrit is standing infront of a canvas and holding a brush.. He slowly started to sing with Anshi’s Tune and draw a picture… Urmila is looking at him with wide eyes. He is dancing also…

Tuhi Meri Hai Saari Zameen
You are my base [literally, “you are all my ground”]
Chaahe Kahin Se Chalun, Tujh Pe Hi Aake Rukun
No matter where I walk, I come back to you
Tere Siva Main Jaaoon Kahaan
Where can I go without you?

Koi Bhi Raah Chunun, Tujh Pe Hi Aake Rukun
No matter what road I choose, I come back to you
Tum Mile Toh Lamhein Tham Gayein, Tum Mile Toh Saare Gham Gayein
When I met you, time stopped, When I met you, all my sadness was gone
Tum Mile Toh Musquraana Aa Gaya
When I met you, I learned how to smile
Tum Mile Toh Jaadu Chha Gaya, Tum Mile Toh Jeena Aa Gaya
When I met you, there was magic, when I met you I learned how to live
Tum Mile Toh Maine Paaya Hai Khuda
When I met you, I found God

Tujh Mein Kinaara Dikhe, Dil Ko Sahaara Dikhe
In you I see a coast [i.e. relief from the vast ocean], I see support for my heart
Aa Meri Dhadkan Thaam Le
Come to me and steady my heartbeat
Teri Taraf Hi Mude, Yeh Saans Tujhse Jude
I turn toward you, my breath attaches itself to you
Har Pal Yeh Tera Naam Le
Your name is on my breath every moment
Tum Mile Toh Ab Kya Hai Kami, Tum Mile Toh Duniya Mil Gayi
When I met you, I wanted nothing more, when I met you, I got the world
Tum Mile Toh Mil Gaya Aasara
When I met you, I got a place to rest

Tum Mile Toh Jaadu Chha Gaya, Tum Mile Toh Jeena Aa Gaya
When I met you, there was magic, when I met you I learned how to live
Tum Mile Toh Maine Paaya Hai Khuda
When I met you, I found God

Din Mere Tujh Se Chalein, Raatein Bhi Tujh Se Dhalein
My days run with you, my nights end with you
Hai Waqt Tere Haath Mein
My time is in your hands [i.e. you control everything]

Tu Hi Sheher Hai Mera, Tujh Mein Hi Ghar Hai Mera
You’re my city, you’re where my home is
Rehta Hai Tere Saath Mein
It (my heart) lives with you
Tum Mile Toh Mil Gaya Humsafar, Tum Mile Toh Khud Ki Hai Khabar
When I met you, I met my soulmate, when I met you, I found myself
[Literally, “I have news about myself”]
Tum Mile Toh Rishta Sa Ban Gaya
When I met you, I had a relationship

Tum Mile Toh Jaadu Chha Gaya, Tum Mile Toh Jeena Aa Gaya
When I met you, there was magic, when I met you I learned how to live
Tum Mile Toh Maine Paaya Hai Khuda
When I met you, I found Go

she is looking at him shocked, because he is drawing her photo. When he stopped the song, he looks at the family. Everyone is looking at him amusingly.. He looks at swasan, they are looking at him with a smile,. Then he looks at uttara she is looking at him in very happy. He slowly walks towards urmila looks at him shocked.. He sat on his knees..
Sanky: Ms. Urmila Tanmay Malhotra, you know that how much my dad loves my mom. I also want to love you like that. I want to care you like that. For that, will you be with me? Will you marry me?
Urmi:(smiles in tears) yes…

Everyone clapped happily.. Most happiest are uttara, sujatha and Anshi… Anshi is about to go to them, but sanskar stopped her and signed her SanUrmi. She looks at them and saw that they r hugging each other..
Sanky whispers in Urmi’s ears: I got to know someone else get my reward for buying this dress.. (Urmi gasped) I want my reward on proper place (he smirks).


Meanwhile SwaSanshi,
San: 1st hug is their right.. (then he left her. She went towards them and hugs them) waise jaan, I didn’t know that my son is more romantic than me…
Sw: of course he is.. Because he is my son…
San: romantic and u..
Sw: why??,(there starts their nokjhoks…)
After sometimes…

Suj:(yelled) STOP… (swasan looks on..) these two are more childish than these four…
Anshi pov continues…
After that I thought me and Toshi also become like them. Because they are best friends we r also best friends.. But….. Hmm.. Leave it, I think like maa said may be it’s my attraction only..
Anshi:(murmurs) I am not upset be he didn’t love me, but he didn’t inform me. So I went to beach, but my maa, Papa and bhai can’t see me like that. They immediately came there.. So to divert them I went buy ice cream.. But that monkey devil 😈 spoiled everything.. Ya it’s true he helped me to forget everything.. But.. 😈😈😈 because of him only I got scolding from ma… Godji plz punish him… But how? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 ya!! Next time if he wish to have ice cream he get that..
She is praying this unaware of that 2 pairs of eyes watching her. Suddenly she startled with a voice… That is none another than her Papa.
San: jaan, we came here worriedly thinking someone is sad, but she is here busy in cursing someone..
Sw: how can you do that Anshi

Anshi: dad…
Sw: what dad? Are u crazy? The whole mistakes is urs, and u r cursing him…
San: ya because she is ur daughter..
Sw: what do u mean I am crazy?
San: of course.. (swara stamps her foot on his foot) ouchh…
Sw: come to our room. I will say who is crazy? (she went from there)
San: pagal woman… (looks at Anshi) are you OK babydoll..
Anshi: double OK..
Meanwhile swara is going to room, Sanskrit stopped her..
Sanky: how is she mom?
Sw: ask ur papa.. Huh.. (went towards her room)

Sanky: what happened to her?
Sujatha who came there: I am sure sanskar did something.. I will see him.. (they wenot towards Anshi’s room) What did u do to my daughter..
San: mom I didn’t do anything.. She is crazy… Because.. (couldn’t complete because sujatha holds his ear) mom….ouch…
Suj: go convince her…
San: OK, I know u her mother naa.. Goodnight dears.. Goodnight mom….
SanShi: good night pa/ dad..
Suj: ha good night.. U go now… (sanskar shakes his head and went. Sujatha then looks at sanshi) u also go and sleep…
Sanky: OK dadi..
Suj: what OK dadi.. I what are you going to do? Don’t dare to disturb my Urmi’s sleep…
Sanky ran from there.. Anshi laughs at him…
Suj: OK u go and sleep..

Anshi: OK dadi.. Goodnight (kissed tightly on her cheeks)
Next morning..
Anshi got ready and went outside, then calls Tushar..
Anshi: hey Toshi come… We r getting late for college.. (he came there but didn’t come outside)
Tush: hey Anshi r u coming with this dress.. Go and change…
Anshi: Oye what’s the problem with my dress..
Tush: Ohh didn’t u see that dress.. Go and change dear it’s not good…
Anshi: no I won’t change… It’s… (interrupted by rain which came suddenly.. She get drenched. She ran towards house)
Tush: 😂😂😂😂see Even water don’t like your dress.. Go and change…
She stomped her foot on floor and went to change. After sometimes she came there after changing..
Anshi: come now… (but when he about to walk forward, his legs twisted and fall on the ground) 😂😂😂😂😂😂 only rain water didn’t like my dress. But ur shirt😂😂😂😂 even dirty water didn’t like ur shirt.. Go and change…
Tushar stomped his foot and about to go inside, but stopped by uttara.

Utt: don’t come inside with this dress. Go and bath outside washroom then change…
After sometimes he came back and went with Anshi…
At college..
Tushar went to meet sanswara, Anshi is walking towards her class, there she met Sanjay..
Sanj: Anshi r u k now?
Anshi: if anyone get a family like my family, nothing happened to them..
Sanjshi laughs
Anshi: even that monkey devil has helped me..
Sanj: monkey devil? Who is that?
Anshi: oh he is the CEO…. (but interrupted by a teacher who came to call him. He said good bye and left. Then she also left to class)
After somedays, Anshi and Tushar is sitting at beach. After sometimes Sanskrit and Sanjay came there..
Anshi: bhai and bhai where were u? We are waiting for long time..
sansanj looks at her smilingly..
Tush: what help you want?
Sanky: ur professor want to propose his student…
Anshi gets happy and Tushar become confused..

Tush: which student?
Anshi: oh God bhai r u going to propose kritu…

Tush: u know that..
Anshi knows everything… Tushar makes faces.. 😏😏😏😏
Anshi: how can we help u then..
Sanj: OK bring her tomorrow at college auditorium…
TushAnshi: OK👍👍👍👍
Next day they brought sweetu and kritu at the auditorium saying that there is some audition is happening. She gave a dress for kritu also.. Sweetu already knew about it.. She makes some drama and send kritu inside alone… After that they followed her.. Sanskriti came inside but wonders that there is no one, but then a spot Light on, she gasped to see that Sanjay is sitting there holding a guitar.. He slowly started to sing..



Sasein meri Sasein nahi
tere liye bani….
baatein meri baatein nahi tere liye bani….
raahat si dedu tujhe dil kahe
aadat si banaa loon tujhe
dil kahe…
tere liye hi toh dhadke dil mera..

tujh se hi toh main khood se hoon mila
Tu Aashiqui Tu Aashiqui
Tu Aashiqui Tu Aashiqui Tu Aashiqui
tujh se hi toh hai meri khudayi
ishq main meri tu paale rihai..
ho har subah meri tujhse hi
meri rooh mein tu basi
raahat si dedu tujhe dil kahe
aadat si banaa loon tujhe

dil kahe…
tere liye hi toh dhadke dil mera..
tujh se hi toh main khood se hoon mila
Tu Aashiqui Tu Aashiqui Tu Aashiqui Tu Aashiqui Tu Aashiqui
tere sapno ko main apna banaao
har pal tujhko main jeena chahoon
tu ashiqui tu hi zindagi safar tu mera
manjil tu…

raahat si dedu tujhe dil kahe
aadat si banaa loon tujhe
dil kahe…
tere liye hi toh dhadke dil mera..
tujh se hi toh main khood se hoon mila
Tu Aashiqui Tu Aashiqui Tu Aashiqui Tu Aashiqui Tu Aashiqui
Sanjay went to Sanskriti.. Sat on knees.. Forward a rose 🌹

Sanj: Sanskriti, I really really love you.. Will you be my girlfriend?
Kritu: yes….(takes the rose.. He stood up and hugs her. Anshi and others became happy and clapped for them…
To be continued…
Scene 1:
B1: I love you.. Will you be my girlfriend..
G1: yes…
Scene 2:

B2: I really love you..
G2: (looks at him worriedly)
Kidnapping… Pakka SanSan meeting…

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