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Abhigya’s boundless love (epi 3)

Hey guyzz..thnq so much for your support..i m so happy to see your comments and i hope i will get more comments in upcoming episodes..before starting this epi i would like to announce you that i will post my other stories after completion of my exam on saturday..ok lets get into the story…

Epi begins with abhi searches for some books in the library. He thinks i have missed plenty of classes so i need to study hard to keep my grades up. But i dont know where to find them so i should ask someone or librarian. At the same time pragya enters into the library. She submits some books and goes near rack to collect other books. Abhi observes pragya from back side and thinks why i m feeling like i have already known her and she looks someone similar anyway i have to ask her about books. He is about to call her then aakash comes there and informs about football coach calling him. Abhi says ok and leaves from there. Pragya turns back and stares abhi leaving. She thinks he is someone and continues collecting books.

Abhi goes to coach and greets him. Coach says i saw your profile and was impressed that you are striker. Its pretty impressive. Abhi says thank you sir. Coach informs him that there will be a match in few days with other college team. After this match captain of team will be decided. He asks abhi to attend practice session every day. Abhi says ok and leaves from there.

On the day of match, jhanvi gets ready for match. She comes to pragya’s room and watches her reading book. She says hey pragya! Aren’t you not coming? Pragya asks where? Jhanvi says there is a football match tonight and that hot newbie is playing so i m going there. You are coming along with me. Pragya says no i have to study as i have to get good score in tomorrow’s test. Jhanvi says boring test. Who cares? Lets go to match. Pragya says i m not interested you just go by yourself i have to study. Jhanvi gets annoyed and leaves from there.

Abhi confidently shoot ball with either foot. He is so accurate and able to link up with his team mates. He fools opponents at direction of play and even passes ball under pressure. he makes the team win. All girls shout for him and after match jhanvi tries to talk to him but unfortunately she runs into aakash. She apologizes him and introduces herself. Aakash too introduces himself. They both share a small talk and she learns abhi is his friend. She asks him about abhi and collects abhi’s number. She thanks him and gets excited.

Meanwhile coach appreciates abhi and announces him as captain of team. All cheers for him. Jhanvi reaches to home and tries to call abhi but her mobile dont have network. So she picks pragya’s mobile and makes a call to abhi. But he dont pick her call as he is busy. She cuts the call and leaves to take bath. Abhi sees missed call in his mobile and call back to the number.

Pragya lifts the call and asks who is this? Abhi says i should ask that question because you are the one who called me first. Pragya says huh? What? I never made a call to you and is this a new trick to talk? Abhi says oh hello miss! I m not interested in you and you know what you dont have that charm to attract me. Pragya gets anger and says how dare you? I will see your end. Abhi says you are so boring. Pragya burns with rage and says i will deal with you. You have to face consequences and cuts the call. Jhanvi comes out and asks her reason behind anger. She shares everything then jhanvi explains her everything. Pragya gets shocked and confused at the same time. She gets embarrassed for her behaviour and think to meet abhi the next day. She goes to sleep.

In the morning, pragya wakes up and starts screaming.

Epi ends…

I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY THIS EPI..In the upcoming epi this story will be more interesting..so dont miss it..keep reading and plz do comment your opinions..i m waiting..love u guyzz..bye

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