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50 shades of Kaanchi -part 4

Hey guys 🙂

Because of exams I couldn`t write earlier… Hope you aren`t to fed up with me…

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But here comes the 4th part..

Last time Saanchi was drunk and both Kabir and Saanchi fell asleep in his bed.

Kabir got up earlier and did some excercise.

When Saanchi opened her eyes, she first was not able to remember.

Saanchi: Where am I? This bed is huge …  What did I do last night?

Then Kabir enters the room… shirtless.

Kabir: Oh you are up! Here I got you breakfast .. drink this and on the desk next to you there are tablets for you.

Saanchi: I am sorry… for last night…

She drank her juice with the tablets.. then she realized that she was wearing kabirs shirt..

Saanchi: How , I mean … Where did you sleep last night?

Kabir: Next to you… (smiling seeing her face)

Saanchi: And nothing happened?

Kabir: No..

Saanchi: And how did I get into these clothes..?

Kabir: Obviously I changed your clothes

Saanchi: That wasn`t necessary

Kabir: Oh it was believe me… Your clothes were full of vomit

Saanchi couldn`t say anything..

Kabir: But I also wonder that nothing happened last night… I am not used to sleep next to a girl; But be happy.. If something had happened last night..

(he came closer to her and put her hairs back and whispered): Then you wouldn`t be able to sit for a week…

Saanchi (looks at him with her big eyes but cluelessly asks): What?

Kabir: Come now.. I will get you home on the way. my chauffeur bought clothes for you… You can`t wear the old ones

Saanchi: Oke..

She got up and changed her clothes… Now she was wearing a formal blouse and pants… She looks great….

Kabir brought her home…

Saanchi: Don`t you think we should define this relationship we have? You can`t save me and kiss me to say in the next second that I should go away..

Kabir: Are you sure that you want a realtionship with me?

Saanchi: Yes I am

Kabir: Then I will give you some documents to read through

Saanchi: I don`t want to buy something Kabir! I want to have a normal relationship

Kabir: If you want a normal one… Then I`m sorry.. I can`t give it to you… But you will understand if you read the papers anyway… Read them carefully and let me know if you are willing to or not.

Saanchi: You sound so formal..

Kabir: I am sorry but I am going now. and here the papers

So saanchi stood infront of the appartement complex with a bunch of papers…

She went into the flat where she found Pragya and Veer making out…

Pragya: Sorry Sorry Saanchi…. But I think I can introduce to you my new boyfriend … Veer Kapoor…. I know now you will say but he is your senior doctor, and so on but,

Saanchi: Calm Pragya! First wear some clothes guys!  I can`t  bear this view. And secondly Pragya: I am happy for you dear! But we need to talk

Pragya thinks: What happened to this girl? Earlier she was so concerned when I even thought of just kissing someone….And now she doesn`t say anything… Something is fishy

Later after getting veer out of the flat pragya isha and saanchi sit on the bed… They have half an hour to go before they have to get to their unis

Saanchi told pragya and isha about everything and nobody  was able to say anything..

Isha: And you really think you love him?

Saanchi: I know it to be honest….I never felt this way… But for him it is not love… It`s something else…

Pragya: So you are going to read those papers?

Saanchi: Yes.. But I am not allowed to tell you guys about the content after reading it.. I had to promise him that whatever happens from now on in our relationship stay between us…

Pragya: Oke then today evening you can read it …. Isha and me we are going to an art festival….

Isha: Yes exactly.. my college mates organized it so you could go through the papers in everyone´s absence

saanchi: great 🙂 but now lets go…. otherwise we will miss the bus again

so all went to their unis and in the evening saanchi made herself a coffee and she sat on her bed with her phone on one side and laptop  on the other side.

She started reading through the papers:

1.Page: In relationship one is dominant… the other has to be obedient in every matter…..

And so on.. (there were descriptions that it was just a s*xual relationship, and both don`t sleep in same room after making out…Moreover she has to state what she like and dislikes about having s*x and so on…)

After reading everything there was a signature line…

Saanchi was shocked and called kabir up

Kabir: Saanchi, before you say anything.. I am not a sadist, i am dominant…. and this is the only relationship I can offer.

Saanchi (took a deep breath): When can we meet up? I want to discuss some points..

Kabir: I can send my chauffeur right now..

Saanchi: Oke

So later in the evening saanchi and kabir met.

Both were sitting on the stair in his living room.

Saanchi: I wanted to ask… There were many women before me who had the same contract with you….Isn`t it?

Kabir: Yes… But they all wanted it. I never forced anyone.

Saanchi: And what are these so called punishments..

Kabir: If you are not obedient i will punish you in my own way…

Saanchi: And this is all just for your pleasure?

Kabir: Yes. You don`t have to sign the papers if you don`t want.

Saanchi: And what about likes and dislikes?

Kabir: Isn`t there anything while having s*x where you didn`t like it?

Saanchi: I…I don`t know..I mean how can I ?

Kabir: You? No Thats not possible… (he looks at her intensely) Are you a virgin?

Saanchi: yes

Kabir: But what.. I mean guys must have been crazy about you

Saanchi: Ya.. But I guess I wanted to wait…. for the right guy

Kabir: Oh dear… Then let`s make the circumstances right…

Saanchi: What do you mean?

Instead of  a response he kissed her… almost bit her… and brought he into his bedroom.

The made out… and saanchi felt beautiful…

In the morning:

Kabir thinks: What I am doing is not right.. How could I? She doesn`t deserve me.. I can`t love her.. It will hurt her in the end… But I can`t let go of her either… Those eyes.. Those lips…

Saanchi thinks: It was the most beautiful night in my life… But I will be just one of his numerous women…. I am probably just a number …. But I can`t let go of him.. My heart says that he is much more than a cold-hearted man…

Saanchi: I didn`t sign the papers yet…

Kabir: You can do that later…

and he brought her to a mysterious red room..

Kabir: This is my playroom.. I make out with women here only…

Saanchi: But we… I mean we were in your room last night…

Kabir: I know.. (thinks: i have never done that till now…)

Kabir: After everything  I will bring you to a seperate bedroom.. There you can sleep… You will come on friday evening and on sunday evening I will bring you back.

Saanchi: Oke…

Kabir: Oke then… I will bring you home…And don`t forget tomorrow is friday.. (he gave her a wink)

Meanwhile in the flat:

Isha: I can`t believe it…

Pragya: Me neither…. O god…

Isha: But he really asked me…

Flashback: last evening:

Both were at the art festival and many prominent guests were also there.

Karan Oberoi, the owner of a big news magazine company was also present.

After Isha met him, they both got to know about each other and karan liked her a lot…He finally asked her to be his new assistant… and now isha still can`t believe it. end of flashback

Just while isha and pragya were discussing about this  saanchi entered the flat and after seeing isha so excited she first heard what isha had to say…

When pragya and isha asked saanchi how her night was… she couldn`t say anything…. She wasn`t allowed to..

Pragya: It`s oke… We know that you aren`t allowed. Come on .. we have to get to college

So everyone started their day…

Precap: Saanchi and Kabir in playroom…..  Karan insists Isha to find out about saanchis and kabirs relationship… Who is Karan really? Veer to tell pragya some family secrets… 

As the ff is getting longer… i will only be able to update on weekends…Sry guys..

But hope you enjoyed this part… Don`t forget to like and to comment.


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