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True Relations ~ Sweet & Salty – Promo

Hi, friends….
Here i come with our first collaboration work..
Me and my twinie angelshiva….
Hope you liked it and support us…


Promo –

Scene 1

‘bhabhi (sister in law) …’

‘haan kya Hua ragini (Yes, what happened, Ragini) ? ‘

‘ Bhabhi vo washroom kahan Hai (where is washroom, sister in law) ? ‘

‘ hain (what) ? ‘

‘ Bhabhi Washroom.. Jldi btao na..(Washroom, sister in law… Please tell quickly) ‘says ragini hurriedly

‘ ab ye konsa room hota Hai..(Now, which room is this) ‘swara mutters under her breath

‘ Bhabhi Washroom (Washroom, sister in law) …’ ragini says somewhat loudly unable to control

‘Haan ragini room toh koi sa bhi use kr lo baaki wash toh toilet mein hota Hai na.. (Yes, Ragini, there is room you con use anyone but wash only happen in toilet) ‘ listening it ragini get shocked but ignoring all says’ Bhabhi hum baad mein baat krte filhaal biee.. ‘Seeing her behaving weirdly swara gets confused and left thinking to share with laksh.

Scene 2

‘Shona’ Sanskar says while back hugging swara and nuzzling his nose in her neck.

‘Sanskar ji ‘ swara moans

Listening it Sanskar stiffens and says frustratedly’ not again yar’

Scene 3

swara Bhabhi.. Please na you should try it.. At least.. What is the problem in it?.. Mera Matlab.. Kyun nhi karna chahti aap.. Try krne mein kya dikkat Hai… Jeth ji bhi ko bhi koi problem ni Hai.. Frr kyun (Swara, Please you should try it.. At least what is problem in it??? I mean why don’t you want  do it… What is problem in trying….. Brother in law also don’t have problem… Then why) ‘ ragini says while roaming behind swara like a child complaining being frustrated.

‘ kyun nhi smjh rhi ragini…yeh Sab kya krun Mai sikh ke.. Ab Umar Hai meri… Aur agr sikh bhi liya toh kya krungi.. Ye ghr hi zindagi Hai meri..(What don’t you understand, Ragini…. What should i do by learning… Is this my age??? If i also learned then what will i do… This house is my life) ‘
Swara retorts back


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Navi ❤❤❤

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