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Yeh teri chahat (ShaMita) #FS #shot 7 by Anee

Hii guys sorry for late updating… as you all know I’m Lazyyyy… so here is present shot 7 of this FS.. Hope you guys will enjoy this one also..

And yeah one thing I want to say my dearie lil sis Ganesha please do not praise me that much I’m not deserve this…. Aur Mujhe apnii Taarriff sun’na bilkul bhi acha nahii lagta……….

 And Thank You!!! Guys…

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Shot 7:

At Ridoy’s room

Ridoy: Dada she called me at Blue Ribbon cafe

Shan: Blue Ribbon cafe.

Ridoy: yeah at 5:00 pm sharp.

Shan: Okay… I’ll go with you…

Ridoy: Smiled really Dada??

Shan: Off-course… I want to meet them..

Ridoy: yeah Dada you must have to go….her sis is also coming. There you can meet with her… and can talk about us..

Shan: yeah my chhote that’s reason I want to go.

Ridoy: Thank you dada.

I taped him silently how many times you will say Thank you to me pagley…

He smiled.

Ridoy was ready to go… he waits for me outside the car… he was watching his wrist watch

Ridoy: Dada com’on when u will come??…

Just than he saw I was coming from downstairs by wearing goggles… to see me he smiled… I reached to him…

Ridoy: Dada waise ap larkiun ke jitna tyar hone time late nai hai… so what happened today??… han han tell me tell me.

Shan: Ridoyyyy…aren’t you want to go??

Ridoy: what dada.. Can’t even I tease you?? He makes faces and sits in the car…

I was driving the car..

But he wasn’t sit quite in whole way.. He was continuously speaking..

Ridoy: dada suppose we are going to settle my story but you get your love…. then??

I glares him…

Ridoy: Okay okay I shows his palms.

He remained quiet for few minutes… then again he started..

Ridoy: Dada you have to think about it…

Shan: Ridoy destiny plays many games with our lives… we don’t know what will happened next… so it’s better that some question we need to leave on destiny.

Ridoy: yuppp… Dada baat toh pate kii hai… it’s valid.

I turned car to park at the parking area … we reached blue ribbon cafe…

We stepped out from car… we entered in the cafe…. He was searching them… I feels some awkwardness… he called to her…

R: hello jiya where are you yaarr?? We have reached but aren’t seeing you..

J: ridoy we have sit on the table no. 25 please come here..

R: yeah stay there we are coming..

Call cuts.

R: dada they are on table no. 25.. Let’s go.

S: ridoy I’m not feeling well…. Don’t know what kind of this restlessness??

R: dada I think u r overthinking about all of this…. Take it easy…. U don’t need to be pressurized..

I nodded…

R: okay now dada let’s go.

We reached there I saw jiya was sitting front seat of her… Asmita’s back shown… ridoy smiling seeing jiya … she also sees him and get excited… she said… Dii they came.

I stepped forward and stopped behind asmita… she stands…. ridoy goes to near jiya and hugs her..asmita turns to see me but she collided with me by back. Her dupata came on my face… I hold her from shoulders…. Dupata gradually falls down her face shows I was shocked to see her… just like earth slept from my feet… I didn’t believed that… it seemed she was also shocked like me… we shared an eye lock… few minutes later ridoy and jiya coughs… but apart from each other… ridoy introduced me to them. Ridoy: he is my Dada…

Jiya: nice to meet you.. Ridoy always talks about you..

I nods.. And looked at Asmita.

Jiya: and meet my Dii Asmita…

I wasn’t able to understand mine Puchkii became Asmita when and how??

Asmita was just looking me…. I also.

I saw lots of question and her eyes…

Asmita’s POV:

So he is shan Mazumdaar?? The most eligible bachelor the youngest business tycoon… Mazumdaar family’s chamkata sitara (rising star)… he is mine budo

Shan’s POV:

Puchkii is Asmita… how she became Asmita from puchkii who saved her?? Who made her Asmita.. And how she became jiya’s sister… her mother name was Arpita… so how she became jiya’s sister… I don’t understand what’s happening?? A lots of things have changed in 20 years….

Ridoy: Dada bethiye na…

Jiya: yes dii please sit…

Asmita: no jiya I will have to go… please let me go.. She ran

Jiya and ridoy shocked including me..

Jiya: Diii listen… she goes behind her…

Ridoy: dada what happen to her?? Why she ran like this?? She ran like we are ghost… dada itne bure dikhty hain hum??

S: ridoy let’s go.. I left that place immediately..

Ridoy left alone there… he goes behind Jiya… he stopped her in mid.

It was evening:

She was walking on the road like an unconscious girl….

She was completely broken.

Ridoy: what happened to you sister?? Who is run like this??

Jiya: I don’t know what happens to dii.. She doesn’t do like that…


Ye dil tanha kyun rahe

Kyun hum tukdon mein jiye

Ye dil tanha kyun rahe

Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein

Kyun rooh meri ye sahe

Main adhoora jee raha hoon

Hardum ye keh raha hoon

Mujhe teri zaroorat hai

Mujhe teri zaroorat hai (2 Times)

On the other hand I was driving the car in full speed…. I was frustrated… I couldn’t control my emotions… I was feeling pain… I was hurt… and I wanted be hurt more n more…

Andheron se tha mera rishta bada

Tune hi ujaalon se waaqif kiya

Ab lauta main hoon inn andheron mein phir

Toh paaya hai khud ko begaana yahaan

Tanhaayi bhi mujhse khafaa ho gayi

Banjaron ne bhi thukra diya

Main adhoora jee raha hoon

Khud par hi ik sazaa hoon

Mujhe teri zaroorat hai

Mujhe teri zaroorat hai

She still in walking same state…

I was driving suddenly a child came in my way I saw him I shocked….I try to put break on the car but I didn’t… but I tried and tried luckily car was stopped in his feet. I feel relax….

Then I saw she was going…. She had come far away from the city. … my eyes went on her…. she was not in conscious I felt bad I thought I should have to go near her and then I saw a truck was coming ahead in full speed… that was same scenario which was happened with me few minutes ago…

I shouted Puchkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

She turned towards me in shock…… I waved hand to tell her… go away…. take a side… look at front… truck is coming… look at front…But she just looking at me… peoples were seeing all this…. I shouted again and again while running towards her…

.But she was not the taking name to move away… the truck was coming near her… I ran and ran I hold her arm and pulled her on the right time. Truck passed from there but we saved… we fell down she fell on me we rolls on the grass… we were still rolling but we stopped by a big stone… I was up to her…. We were looking at each other eyes…. It seems we are searching something… might be the answers of our questions… questions lot of questions…


Main tenu samjhawan ki

Na tere bina lagda jee

Main tenu samjhawan ki

Na tere bina lagda jee

Tu ki jaane pyaar mera

Main karoon intezar tera

Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri


Main tenu samjhava ki

Na tere bina lagda jee

Tu ki jaane pyaar mera

Main karoon intezar tera

Tu dil tui yon jaan meri

Main tenu samjhawa ki

Na tere bina lagda jee

Few minutes later:

I tries to stands up.. But my shirt’s button stuck with her pendent….

We pulled towards each other…. Our lips was about to meet…. We looked at each other..

Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne                                                                               

Tere dil diyaan raahan

Tu jo mere naal tu rehta

Turpe meriyaan saaha

Jeena mera.. hoye

Hun hai tera, ki main karaan

Tu kar aitbaar mera

Main karoon intezar tera

Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

Main tenu samjhawan kee

Na tere bina lagda jee..

She freed my button from her pendent.. I got up…

I gave my hand to her she glares me… and got up by herself.. I took back my hand…

She jerks her cloths… I looked at her..

To be continued……………….

So guys this was it…. 

Thank you!! for reading….

Love u all…

Bye tc


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