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Hi Amaya here ❤️ Thank you so much for appreciating my work & story 🙏🏻 I am so happy & excited to write the next part of this story with twists so plz continue to support me 💗

Kunj in love dilemma ?

Tara  holds the knife 🔪🔪..

Tara :Why I am being so stupid , Kunj  will never leaves me because he loves me ❤ I am his love not Twinkle  …i don’t let anyone come between us , no one✖✖….

Kunj  was thinking about what is happening to him 💖Why he is thinking about Twinkle so much ❤️

Kunj: Twinkle & Tara both are very different , both are unique ….. Tara is a role model of every girl but Twinkle is bindass who lives her life with her own rules 😍

Then he remembers his marriage & first night with Twinkle💕💕💕


Kunj after listening Tara’s words trows the sindoor in Twinkle’s forhead leaving her speachless 😲😲 & makes her wear the mangalsutra angrily 😐…

Tara  goes from there crying 😢😢 Twinkle & Kunj look at eachother angrily 😡..

Kunj: I hate you for this Mrs.Twinkle Sarna …in this relation there will be only hate because you snatch my love from me 💔💔 (he holds her titly )..

Twinkle: Same here Mr.chipku …mujhe bhi koi shonk nahi he tumare sath apni puri life spend karne ki ….😥😥 .

They look at eachother & Kunj holds her more title 😍😍

After the marriage they arrive at home & comes to Kunj’s room which was decorated with 🌹🌹 & he closes the door surprising Twinkle 🙈💕..

Twinkle :Oh hello why you closed the door, open it ..kahi tum ye to nahi sochre ki tum mujhe force karoge aur mere sath kuch galat karoge 🙈🙈!..ooh don’t dare to touch me …I know karate ..ah 😮

Kunj starts open his wedding-dress & comes close to her & holds her titly meanwhile she looks on 💕 he comes close to her lips meanwhile she closes her eyes 💋…

Kunj :Oh so you wanna give me a punch …ye karogi tum tumare husband ke sath 😻? Agar mene tume kiss karliya to 😳…kya karogi ? (He comes more close to her lips)💋..

Twinkle pushes him away but he holds her again 💕…meanwhile she was feeling uncomfortable 😦..

Twinkle :Listen Mr. Sarna tum itne sanskari to nahi ho ,me iss shadi ko nahi manti & recently I broke up with someone so I promise to myself to not kiss a guy 😐.. 

Kunj laughs 😂 she looks on ..👀

Kunj :Oh god tum itni bhi stupid nahi ho …but tum maha stupid ho 😅 because you separate me from my Tara , kya zaroorat thi apni shadi se baghne  ki…😦

Twinkle  holds her mobile & looks at him 👀…

Twinkle : You are right ..I am maha stupid but I choose  whatever is right for my life …don’t worry after some time we will get our divorce & you will unite with Tara & plz chill ,take the breakup like a light think & be free 💕 hmm let’s dance 🙈..for some minuits forget about our hate 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Kunj was completely suprised with he talk 😯 she plays the breakup song & dances like a crazy with her heavy lehnga 😅 Kunj  firstly stares her but she pushes him …& he let himself go with the song & they both dance & laugh because the lyrics were really funny 😂😂😂 meanwhile they were dancing Twinkle lis s her balance & Kunj holds her 😍😍


Twinkle was in her room & was very sad 😭😭 it was raining outside 👀👀

Twinkle: I hate you Kunj nooo I love you but I hate that I want you ❤ I don’t want to think about you but why my heart beats for you ah?Why😭😭????

She wipes her tears & goes out in the rain 😭😭😭 she close her eyes & thinks about her marriage with Kunj & all ❤❤❤ ….

She can’t control her emotions as she scream “I love you Kunj “❤❤

Then someone pulls her 😍😍 he was Kunj 😍😍 he holds her belly titly meanwhile she was shocked 😍😍

Twinkle :What are you doing here ? Plz leave me 💔..

Kunj holds her more titly ❤❤ she gets lost in him 💋💋….

Kunj : I will not leave you ❤

They share an eyelock 👀👀👀

Twinkle :Plz leave me ?❤(she said in a soft voice)💖💖💖..

Kunj gets lost in her & come very close to her 😍😍😍..

Kunj :Because…..❤❤❤

They were so close & the rains continue 😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖…

Kunj  & Twinkle  were lost in eachother eyes 👀👀❤❤…

Twinkle :Bolo nah….why you don’t wanna leave me ?😍

Kunj holds her very very titly 😍😍 He cares her face meanwhile she feels his touch 😍😍 he was completely lost in her ❤❤ he comes close to her lips , she close her eyes in because she was shy 👀👀 & Kunj kiss her 💋💋 meanwhile the rains continue 💋💋💋❤❤❤

Twinkle interrupts the kiss💋 & gets shy 💋 meanwhile he was looking confused 😩

Twinkle :Ab bol bhi do😮…we kissed each other 👀👀 why ???

Kunj : Because….i…….😶I….I don’t know😔

Twinkle pushes Kunj meanwhile he was surprised 😩

Twinkle :Again you are taking advantage of my emotions?I was thinking that you love…..but again you proved it that I am nothing for you 💔💔 nothing …

She walks away 💔💔💔 

Kunj : Shitty!!! Why I am not able to tell her what I feel for her , I don’t know why I kissed her but I was so attract to her that I was not able to stop myself ….Tara how I will tell you  that I kissed Twinkle 💔💔💔 omg my life is a mess, I don’t know what I want 😩 I love Tara or Twinkle ?????

Twinkle  goes to her room & cries & wipes her tears 😭

Just then Yuvj  arrives & holds her & pulls her close 😍 Twinkle  was feeling uncomfortable😩…

Yuvi:I can’t stay away from you now so our marriage will happen in 4 days 😁are you happy?

Twinkle was 😱😱😱…

Twinkle’s p.o.v:”What ?? My marriage in 4 days !!! Kunj  doesn’t  want me in his life so it’s better to move on with Yuvi at least he loves me 💔 ”

Twinkle :Yes ,I am happy (she made a fake smile 😔)

Yuvi  hugs her in happiness meanwhile she doesn’t hug him back 💔

On the other  hand Kunj was also emotional😢….

Then Tara  comes & hugs Kunj  from behind 😍😍 leaving him surprised 😩

Tara :Kunj you know nah how much I love you ❤❤❤ after Twinkle’s  marriage we will also get married 😍

Kunj looks at her & he was about to say something but Tara puts her finger on his lips 😯

Tara : Shhhhh , kitna romantic atmosphere hai , you,me & bearish 💗💗💗 I love you so much , more than the air I breath & I know you love me so much, if you leave me nah ….. I will die because I can’t imsgine a second without you 💕

Kunj was feeling quite emotional & Tara comes close to him , cares his face & gives him a dog kiss 💋 leaving him speachless 😱 she goes from there meanwhile Kunj looks on 😱😭

Next day , Kunj didn’t sleep all night because he was in big dilemma ….

Next day Twinkle  gets ready for haldi faction ….her eyes was full of tears 😭 she doesn’t want to marry Yuvi because she loves Kunj  ❤❤💔…

She wipes her tears 😢 , she was struggling to tie her blouse’s dori , then Kunj comes & see her in yellow & gets mesmerized😍😍😍 & he see her dori was still opens….

Kunj :Wait I will help you❤

Before Twinkle  could say anythink  he goes to her & holds her dori & ties it ❤ meanwhile Twinkle was 😍😍😍..

Twinkle : Thank you ❤

Kunj :You are looking very beautiful 😍

He goes leaving her surprised 😩

He was in corridor & thinks about Nandini , Tara & all💔💔

Kunj :I cant continue like this , I have to choose between Tara & Twinkle so I will listen my heart ❤️ because heart never lie 😍

He closes his eyes & remembers all his moments with Twinkle & Tara & then open his eyes 😱

Thats mean I LOVE ………


So Kunj will choose Twinkle or Tara ?? Or there will be a twist because the story it’s called TERE ISHQ MEIN MARJAWA so plz comment & continue to support me ❤️



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