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First of all I would like to say Jazzy “A VERY BIG THANK YOU” for the support!!….And now a very warm “WELCOME” to everyone, before we start further….


Now let’s start S-3….


Below is the CHARACTER SKETCH for the New Season ~

SHAGUN BHANUSHALI – A very sweet, lovely and kind lady….Owns a NGO, which works for the betterment of the poor people, equality and human rights….TanAm’s Bhabhi….Loves her family the most, and her decision is respected and followed by all….Her temperament is very cool!!….null


RAGHAV BHANUSHALI – A sweet, kind and sorted person….No one can mess with him….Owner of RUHI INDUSTRIES….His family means the world to him….Raman’s big bro….When it comes to romance, no one can beat him in that!!….Ruhi is everything to him….Both, he and Shagun have tied the family with their unconditional love!!….



ARJUN BHANUSHALI – Shagun & Raghav’s cute son….A mamma’s boy!…Loves his little sis Ruhi, the most and can do anything for her happiness….




ROMI BHALLA – Tanya’s younger bro, lives with his family with them….A very sweet and fun loving person….Loves his wife, but is unaware of her dubious nature….Shagun & Raghav treats him like their younger bro….ArjRu are freely with him!!…


MIHIKA BHALLA – Beautiful wife of Romi….A completely grey shaded character….Though she loves the children’s, but wants the property to be named after her and Romi….Her only reason behind marrying Romi, is her greed for money….She holds grudges against Shagun, Tanya, but acts to be sweet to them….She holds a secret, which only she & Param are aware of; can make her oust from the house….Bit possessive of her beauty products….



SIMMI KHURANA – A distant cousin of Tanya, stays with her family with them….A sweet, lovely and kind lady….Loves Ruhi and Arjun like she loves her only daughter Ananya…..Bonds very well with Shagun….Blindly loves and believes her husband Param….A life coach by profession….


PARAM KHURANA – A bit grey shade character…..Loves Simmi & Ananya a lot….Was a owner of KHURANA INDUSTRIES, but now his company is a part of RUHI INDUSTRIES, following the merger pact made between him & Raghav…..Shares a secret of Mihika, due to her blackmailing tactics….


ANANYA KHURANA – A very cute and bubbly girl….Princess of her parents….Loves Arjun and Ruhi like her own siblings….Her parents are everything to her….She is 1 yr younger to Arjun & 3 yrs elder to Ruhi….Everyone loves her in the family…..ShaGav considers her as their daughter….




So we came to the end of CS -1….See you very soon in CS -2….Till then let me know what you thought of CS -1 and also you like it or not in the comment section!!….




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