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Qayamat Ki Raat 8th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri goes to find Shaligram

Qayamat Ki Raat 8th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Dharam says what are you doing Avni. She says I am with Kalasur. She laughs. Dharam is dazed. Avni says you thought you saved an innocent girl. You fell for me? She shoves Dharam and he faints. She comes towards Savitri but gets a current. Avni screams in anger. She says who is here? Someone gives her current. The masked guy comes there. Avni tries to attack him but he attacks her. He throws current on her. She screams. tHe guy takes her out. She flies as a bird. Savitri is dazed.

Gauri says I cant find it. Uma says I need that Shaligram. Gauri says shaligram. Avni comes there. Uma says who did this? She says that masked man hit me. Uma says couldn’t you use your powers?
Dharam asks the man who are you? He runs out. Savitri says we should go from here.

shuts the map. Uma says why did you shut this? Gauri says you are blinded by your lust and you are bound to lose. You couldn’t even harm SAvitri ma and look at this Avni. Uma throttles her. Gauri shoves her. Gauri says you can never have it. Uma says don’t waste my time and give me shaligram or I will make Raj harm himself.
Nisha comes and says Savitri ran from police station. Gauri goes downstairs. She wonders who is that man. Gauri says if shaligram cam make Kalasur live forever, it can help Raj too. I ave to find it.

Prithvi says she ran. Gauri says maybe she.. Uma says she would never listen. We are already worried Gauri. She can kill me. Prithvi says Gauri she is a bad woman. You shouldn’t help her. Raj says she would never learn. Gauri fights raj and says I will leave this house. Uma says Gauri is going to look for shaligram avni. And I will take it from her.

Scene 2
Gauri says to Dharma I need that Shaligram for myself not Uma. I will help it with Raj. Uma has a stone that controls Raj. Uma shouldn’t get shaligram. If I find it Raj would be safe. Dharma says they might attack you. Gaur says I am not scared of anything.
Raj comes to the haveli. He sneaks to uma’s room.
Dharam looks for the stone everywhere. He finds it in a box. Gauri is in jungle. SHe says i hope I find Shaligram and help Raj. Avni follows her.
Uma comes and says what are you doing in room. He says I know your entire truth. I wont let you harm Raj or this family. He breaks the stone. Uma screams in anger. Gauri feels like someone is following her. She turns back but no one is there. Avni wonders if Gauri is fooling her. Gauri comes to that temple.

Gauri enters the temple but Avni can’t come in. SHe says to Avni now keep following if you can.
Gauri comes to the temple and says why isn’t there an idol in the temple? She sees an inverted om. Gauri fixes it. Some thugs come there. Gauri runs underground. The chains themselves start hitting them.
Uma says to Prithvi this dharam attacked me. raj says how dare you. Dharam says she is lying. Prithvi says are you in senses? Dharam says she is doing a drama. It isn’t like what you are seeing. Prithvi says you are doing what gauri said. Dharam says she is a devil. Raj hits him. Dharma says please trust me and gauri. Gauri has gone to find shaligram. Raj says get out of here. dHaram says don’t you even trust your wife? Uma says you have to go dharam. Raj shves him out. Uma hugs Raj. She says they are accusing me. Raj says I wont let him enter tis house.

Dharam comes to savitri. He says I am really worried for gauri. She has gone to fine shaligram. If uma gets it she will make Kalasur alive. We have to destroy kalasur’s body before uma gets the shaligram.
Uma comes to savitri. She says Gauri is inside and so are the thus we sent after her. Gauri walks in. Uma says Gauri you are near shaligram. It should be here.
Precap-GAuri writes a letter to Raj that she is going to get shaligram. Uma stabs Gauri.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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