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Naagin Season 3 8th December 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 8th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vyom asking Bela to keep the crown on Juhi’s head. Bela is shocked to see Juhi running to Vyom. Juhi asks if she can’t hear and asks her to make her wear crown. Vish says they betrayed us. Bela says you…Juhi says betrayed you and says it is written in your destiny. She asks her to make her wear the crown. Bela shouts and says never. Bela and Vish become half snake. Mahir comes to the place where his car punctured and asks a villager if he saw his wife. He says Bela didn’t come to village today. Mahir thinks where to search her. Bela calls her betrayal girl and says you are betraying your sister. Juhi says I learnt this from you and says you betrayed me and I am returning betrayal to you. Vish says I thought and that’s why told you. Vish becomes full snake. Vyom

attacks her. Vish falls down in pain and gets tied by the chain. Bela shouts. Vyom asks her to see the vultures outside. Juhi says they will not take time to kill you all. Vish asks Vikrant if he is fine. Vikrant nods yes. Juhi sits on the singhasan and asks Bela to make her wear the crown. Bela asks what happened to you and says you are my sister. Juhi says you don’t deserve to be called as my sister. Bela says you came in vulture talk. Juhi says Vyom saved me when you tried to kill me. Bela asks what did I do? Vyom tells Juhi that bela is wasting our time and says she will agree if we kill one of her partner. Bela says how can you kill anyone.

Juhi says you have killed many people. Bela says I killed them for revenge, as they tried to kill Vikrant. She asks what wrong did I do with you? Juhi blames her for trying to kill her and getting the crown of naagrani. Bela says if I don’t want to make you naagrani then I would have refused. Juhi says you don’t want me to doubt on you. Vyom asks her to shut up. Bela asks him to be quiet. Juhi says he is right. Vyom says I will kill one of them. Vyom signs vultures to come inside. Vish hugs Vikrant and tries to save him. Vikrant looks at her. Vultures attack them. Bela says she is ready to give the crown. Vish asks her not to do this. Juhi asks her to make her wear the crown and make her Naagrani. Bela says thank god Maa is not here. Juhi says she shall hate herself. Vish cries. Bela says I…. Naagrani Bela on behalf of Naag kul announces Juhi as the Naagrani of the Naag kul with my happiness. She makes Juhi wear the crown. Juhi tells Vyom that they have achieved what they wanted. Bela asks Vyom to free Vish and Vikrant. Vyom frees them. Vyom and Juhi are leaving. Bela calls her. Juhi says she is now Naagrani.

Bela apologizes to Vikrant and Vish for not believing them. Vikrant apologizes to her and says I have done very much wrong with you for 100 years and betrayed you and this all is happening because of me. Why you will believe me if I tell truth? You made her Naagrani to save us. You have taken a big decision. Vish tells Bela that they can reach Naagmani and asks her to go there before Vyom and Juhi reach there. Bela says I will not go leaving you both. Vikrant asks her to go. Bela becomes snake and crawls out. Vish asks Vikrant to try and get up. Vikrant gets up. Mahir comes there calling Bela and sees Vish and Vikrant. He asks where is Bela? Vish says she came for some work. Mahir asks her not to lie. Bela follows Juhi and Vyom and calls her. Juhi asks if she wants crown and throws it in air. Bela runs to catch it, but stops due to the glass on the door. Vyom catches it and asks Juhi to come. Bela breaks the glass door and runs behind them. She comes to the cave room and sees the naagmani. She is about to go to naagmani, but collides with the magical wall. Juhi and Vyom come and take the naagmani. Juhi says everything is magical. Vyom congratulates her on her defeat. Bela breaks the glass wall.

Bela comes to the place where Naagmani was kept and sees many naag and naagin lying dead. She cries and says I couldn’t save Naagmani and the snakes. She comes home and tells her mum that how can she let Naagmani go in wrong hands. Naagrani Maa tells that this is not the first time that I was stolen and reminds her that she brought the naagin back when it was stolen. She says I don’t why Juhi is doing this. Bela says don’t know what happened to her. Naagrani Maa tells that Vyom must have done magic on her to control her. She asks bela not to cry and defeat them thinking from their clever mind. Bela says they will have jashn to celebrate the victory and I have to go there. Naagrani Maa asks her to bring Naagmani back. Bela promises her and tells that she will bring Naagmani and Juhi back.

She comes to a ground and sees vultures flying around the fire. She sees sparkling Naagmani kept there and asks Shiv ji to give her strength to protect Naagmani.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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