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Next day vish was busy in watering plants when bela sighed seeing her working ,” why do you keep working always ? “

“Its my work anyways nagarani ….”

“Sssh! I am your friend bela not Nagarani! I am telling you this thing thousand times but you aren’t listening idiot!” She smacked vish ‘s head .

“You smacked me is it! I won’t leave you bela!” She splashed water from the tube and both were playing with water when mahir was admiring their cute bond,’ They should never leave the other! They bith are like soul sisters! Now a days after a long time vish is smiling! Please God let her smile always! Don’t bombard her with many problems!’

Hey what the crap…..” mahir shouted as bela splashed water on him ,” don’t tell me you were staring me mahir as I am beautiful!” She kept her palm on her cheek while vish chuckled at her antics .

“Never in my dreams!” Mahir rolled his eyes and bela chased him while he was running from one end to the other end to save himself from bela .


“Mamma now bhaiya is able to walk know why don’t we go back to Mumbai?”

“It’s a nice idea but how do we settle there! We neither knew anyone nor didn’t study to earn a penny! “

“Why do you worry when ajitabh is here?” She smiled as he backhugged his mom .

“Beta now only you have recovered from your accident and again I can’t risk your life! I ‘ll stay here without anything rather than risking your life!”

“Amma there is nothing to worry! I am here and surendher is also here, we both will work. I know you miss papa and you don’t want to lose me but trust me I won’t land myself in trouble.”

“Fine. Anything you wish!”

“Amma I have spoken with Ganesh uncle and he said that there is a vacant in his office and I ‘ll join there by this Saturday!”

“How will….” her voice was interrupted by surendher,” mama bhaiya knows to study hena! Then what now don’t ask silly questions ” he eyed her cautiously and she understood and left from there followed by surendher,” maa why do you keep forgetting This! Bhaiya just have retrograde amnesia! So he can remember fully! Anyways because you I am damn sure one day we are going to get caught! Then he will arrest us and we can’t get our papa bailed out from the police station! We have to just act for few more days! Once if we go to Mumbai and if papa is bailed out then we can finish off his story! Who cares about him! Because of this ACP only today my papa is in jail! I ‘ll make sure he will suffer!” Surendher smirked .

So something is fishy here! They don’t really care for me! What I thought was correct! How come suddenly some random people popped up from now where and claimed to be my parents! I have retrograde amnesia doesn’t mean that I will forget everything fully! Let me play their game so that I can stop their filthy plan ‘ Ajitabh smirked seeing his so called mother and brother smiling like anything .

“Amma when are we leaving to Mumbai?” He asked innocently while entering inside their room .

“Your wish beta! Anytime we can leave even today too!”

“Why not tomorrow ? We shouldn’t delay in doing good things mumma! Okay fine let me go and pack my bags and surendher too! After All he loves to come to Mumbai right!” He spit each word carefully seeing his brother ‘s face while the latter gulped in state of consciousness and continued ,” okay fine let me leave now!”

After ajitabh went from there excusing himself his mother went and closed the door tightly ,” why is he behaving strangely ? Did he hear us talking ? I don’t know! God just save us for few more days till the drama gets over! Then we ‘ll throw him out of our house! “

Here ajitabh was watching the star sparkling in the sky ,’Stop for a moment and listen to your heart beat and with each beat know this, that feeling, that beating heart is a loving heart just waiting to give to someone else that love building up inside of you ‘ he was trying hard to remember who said these lines to him before but couldn’t get it . All he could remember was a quite wheat skin complexion girl singing out loudly ,’ why do I feel it’s related to me ? Today my heart beat is abnormal! Something weird feeling I have when I hear the name Mumbai! For last 5 years I wasn’t there in Mumbai! I was there in Delhi but how come I am related to Mumbai and this girl! Who is she ? Why is she haunting me in my dreams ? What is my relation with her ?’ .

The next day those three of them reached Mumbai railway station . As ajitabh said he made arrangements for their stay,” this house is really big and nice ” ajitabh ‘s mother was admiring the hall .

“Okay maa! Let me go and get some groceries for cooking!”

“How would you go alone ? I ‘ll send surendher!”

“Its okay I ‘ll manage!”

“No means no! Take him with you! Surendher accompany your bhaiya to the market a d get the necessary things!”

He nodded his head affirmatively and both went for market . Ajitabh had this strange feeling but he brushed off his thoughts and purchased the vegetables and necessary kitchen stuffs and while returning he dashed with a lady and all their things fell on the floor .

She was about to fall when he held her waist protectively . She closed her eyes fearfully and he was lost in her angelic face until a masculine voice disturbed them ,” vish are you alright!” Mahir asked her concerned .

“Yes I am!” She answered and opened her eyes only to see her love standing in front of her! Her worst nightmare as well as sweet feeling which she never felt in her life . Her Ajitabh standing in front of her that too ALIVE!

Vish stood there rooted while here he was busy picking up the things that were scattered down ,” Ma’am here are your things! I am sorry! Because of my carelessness this happened! I apologize!” He handed over the things to her but she wasn’t in a situation to take it .

“Here give it to me!” Mahir who was also in a shock state got the bag sensing her emotions .

“Thank you and once again Sorry!” He turned to leave when he felt someone holding his wrist.  He turned to see vish holding his hand .

“What happened miss? I apologized a lot and now what happened again? Don’t ask me a compensation because as of now I don’t have money!”

” I don’t want compensation! ” she stuttered to which he eyed her strangely , she composed herself and blurted ,” I WANT YOU!”


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