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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 8th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti gets upset with Prema’s teaching

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 8th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratibha telling Kanhaiya that she will drive and stop the car at the sugar shop. Kanhaiya asks her not to drive with more than 20 speed. Pratibha asks him not to worry. Panjiri and Prarthana ask Kunti to go. Panjiri says she will make food of Maa ji’s choice. Kunti asks are you done and tells that car drives with hands and not with folded hands. Panjiri says temple came, so what Didi would have done. Kunti asks her to drive aeroplane then. Prarthana says she will feel the God close to her even there. Kunti asks her to just ring the temple bell and scolds Panjiri. Panjiri says if Didi can’t learn then even I can’t. Kunti says I want to tease Rajindri and Sarla saying my bahus knows car driving. She asks her to make tinde and gobi. Pratibha is driving the car

and tells Kanhaiya that car is in control. Kanhaiya is worried and asks her to keep the speed less. Pratibha says Prarthana and Panjiri couldn’t learn because of your anger. She says she is driving nicely and says sorry. Kanhaiya is tensed.

Chanchal asks Buddhi to give the ball. Dhairya also asks her. Prema comes and asks what is happening. Dhairya says Buddhi is not giving us ball. Prema asks them to play together. Chanchal says Buddhi starts learning Maths tables. Buddhi says this is mine. Prema asks them to share and play. She says whatever is yours, is of others. She explains to her and cuts the apple and gives it to them. Pari says I will cut this ball into five. The girls shout no and take the ball from her hand.

Kanhaiya asks Pratibha to be careful. Pratibha asks why are you sweating. Kanhaiya says I am sweating as you are driving car as a rocket. She says you are not letting me drive the car on 3rd gear. She asks him to trust her. Kanhaiya asks her to see the cow infront of car and asks her to put on the brakes. Pratibha asks where is the brakes. Kanhaiya puts the brakes and the car stops.

Kunti meets Sarla at the sweets shop and tells her that the girls’ mummies give them costly teaching. She tells that she wants to offer Prasad to the bhole so that they don’t do anything wrong. She buys kaju barfi for Rs 1200. Kanhaiya and Pratibha get worried and get out of the car keeping hand on their eyes. They see cow standing on road still and gets relieved. Surili comes to Shakti and reminds of Prema’s teaching that they shall share everything with others. Kunti is talking to Rupa and tells that her earring is good. Shakti and Surili decide to give the barfi to everyone on the road. Kanhaiya tells Pratibha that he will drive the car now. Pratibha says she will drive. Kanhaiya says he will teach her how to take car reverse. Pratibha gets happy. Shakti and Surili distribute barfi to everyone on road. Kunti and Sarla are shocked. Kunti asks them why are they distributing sweets to people. Surili tells about Prema’s teaching. Shakti tells that they get happy with sharing things. Surili says French mummy told that they shall share the things. Kunti says my kaju katli…Surili says one is left. Sarla shares half piece with Kunti. Kunti makes a sad face. Shakti says real enjoyment is sharing. Kunti comes home and scolds Prema for giving half teaching to kids. Prema tries to explain. Kunti says she is scared of her teaching now. Prema says ok, I will..Kunti asks her to apply lipstick and shake the peacock feather. She says I told them not to share things. Pari comes and shouts mummy ji.

Pratibha tells Kanhaiya that Kunti will scold her badly today. Kanhaiya says I was trying to stop you, but you wanted to learn fully today. He says you hit on the shop, but it is good that the shop didn’t have any loss. He says car’s light is broken just. Pratibha says all periods was good, except last period and now Principal will take my class. Kunti asks Pari to keep the knife far. Pari says kids want to have all apples. She tells that they want all apples and told that Dadi asked them not to share. Prema says Maa ji. Kunti thinks how to explain them. She comes out and scolds Pratibha for hitting the car. Pratibha says she drove smoothly, but at the last, the car hit with the shop when she took it reverse. Kunti is upset that no bahu could learn car driving. Pratibha says shall I say, and tells that she was thinking to try again. Kanhaiya says let it be, why are you forcing her. He says bhole is there for emergency and asks her not to worry. He tells that they will sell this house and buy a house near the hospital.

A man comes to Kunti and tells that Kanhaiya’s wife hit his cow and asks for money. Later shop keeper comes and asks for 20 lakhs saying his shop shutter broke and the stuff is stolen worth 20 lakhs. Pratibha is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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