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ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM Doon: twinj Episode 24



Episode starts first scene..🏝🏝🏝

Kunj sitting near beach he throws stones in water with full force that ripple sound echoed so beautiful kunj keep throwing stones.He lay down near shore water waves coming and making him changed into night kunj still sitting here he feel the cool breeze. Yuvi call kunj he open his eyes and take out his phone from his pant pocket and see Yuvi name put the call on speaker.

Yuvi:abey where are you kunj..

Kunj: why what happened.

Yuvi: what do you mean Daee jaa calling you.

Kunj:wait I’ll come in 10 minutes. Kunj get up and left he reached and went inside see Yuvi or Aditi and Daee jaa was sitting he went towards them and sit beside Daee jaa rest his head on her shoulder she caresses his hairs.

Daee jaa: what happened?

Kunj:nothing just get tired..

Aditi: why you do that..

Yuvi:yes kunj you got the best opportunity to take ammar custody itself you Deny. Kunj look at them.

Kunj:what you both wanted haa I’ll take his custody make twinkle alone I’m not selfish this much yeah this is right I want ammar but not like this to separate him from his mother.I just did this all to stop her she take ammar from India.I know she’ll talk to about divorce when I didn’t give her divorce how will she get it.I want both twinkle and ammar.Judge give me his custody but it’s not good it will effect ammar as well.His parents fighting whatever happened between us it’s our matter we can’t take ammar in this all things I’m just happy I get permission now that siyappa queen can’t stop go anywhere she has to asked me before..

Anyhow I win 😎.

Aditi:very smart man..

Yuvi:you wanted twinkle right did you think she’ll come..

Kunj:wait na I’ll do something she wanted divorce and I don’t want so soon court will send letter that she want divorce we have to stay together in one roof for sometimes after this if I get ready to give her divorce, and she changed her decision after staying with me this two options.

Yuvi:where is the letter.

Kunj:don’t worry second copy I’ll send to you 😂😂..

Daee jaa:kunj you did right for a mother her baby is very important she kept him in her womb till ninth months it’s not small things.

Aditi:yes when your baby goes away from you it feels like someone took out your soul and your heart beat has stopped.Yuvi and Kunj look at her.

Kunj:aditi this sentimental talks didn’t suit from your mouth 😂😂..

Daee jaa:come let’s have dinner.

They all sit for dinner having their dinner happily.Aditi and yuvi holding each other hand under the table.Kunj see and rolled his eyes, and they understand immediately leave the hands.

Kunj:Yuvi when will mahi come back.

Yuvi:she come back she didn’t go out of the India in Amritsar only she is..

Kunj:acha I thought she went for lifetime 😂.

Yuvi:Meri kismat isn’t good this much 😂.

Kunj:that’s true..

At Taneja Mansion ammar watching tv he doesn’t know what happening to him he felt so heat. Removed his shirt. Twinkle come.

Twinkle:oyye pidhi what is this you’ll catch cold wear your shirt.

Ammar:mamma I feel so heat.

Twinkle:acha but AC is on.

Ammar:hmm you give me something na I feel so hungry.

Twinkle:when I asked you that time toh you didn’t want to have anything.Wait I’ll bring you go in your room.Twinkle went in kitchen filled the plate and went to her room she went near ammar who sitting.

Come I’ll feed you.Ammar see the food make annoying faces.

Ammar:I don’t want to have this brings something good.

Twinkle:ammar this is very tasty paneer have this see yourself you become thin day by day.. Come to me.

Ammar: no I don’t want this mamma get waffles for me please.

Twinkle:no whole day you just wanted to eat sugary foods. Even at this time no shop will open it my baby come have this.

Ammar:no I wanted waffle only feeling like have this only.

Twinkle: you become so zidhi I’ll not get.

He lay down and turned his face while twinkle get busy in her work.

Yuvi and Kunj both left they walking on roads.

Yuvi:kunj lets have ice cream.

Kunj: chal. They both went in ice cream shop Yuvi give oder, and they both take the ice cream and having Kunj eyes falls ok waffles stop near to ice cream shop only. Yuvi you wait I’ll come.

Yuvi: where.

Kunj: Arey ammar love waffles, so I’ll bring for him.

Yuvi:bas papaji😂.

Kunj:shut up.. he went to waffles shop and get waffles for ammar and Romir as well after they left for Sarna Mansion they come out of the car Kunj see Fuzail who about to go inside Taneja Mansion.Kunj went towards him.. Fuzail. He stops and look at Kunj.


Kunj:please give this to ammar.Kunj forward waffles packed.Fuzail take. Didn’t say anything just left from there while kunj and yuvi went inside.Kunj went in his room and changed his night dress quickly.

Yuvi too and come to in kunj room both

Lay down on the bed.Fuzail went in twinkle room.

Fuzail:where is ammar..

Twinkle: why.. she slept she knows he didn’t.

Fuzail:acha arey yeh jiju give me this for ammar. He gets up.

Ammar: what 😛. Fuzu went towards him and give him waffles packed..

Fuzail: this for you.

Ammar: whom give you.

Fuzail:your papa give me..

Ammar:ale mere papa ne diya 😘..

Fuzail:okay good night di and rock star. He went from there ammar open the packed and see waffles started jumping in happiness twinkle went to him.

Ammar:my papa is the best see mamma he knows about me everything.I want waffles he sends for me 🥳.. twinkle make faces.

Twinkle:this sadu knows everything without telling him he gets to know what he wanted.. ammar having waffles like very small baby making his clothes dirty 😛..

Twinkle about to take the waffles Ammar didn’t let her take hit on her hand.

Ammar: mamma 🥵.Don’t take my papa send for me only.

Twinkle:so what I’m your mamma na give me one.

Ammar:nope.She makes cry faces Ammar smile give her feed with his hands.mamma my papa is the best.

Twinkle:murmured papa ka chamcha..

Yuvi:kunj still your one and only brother-in-law didn’t talk to you.

Kunj:nope how he’ll what I have done with his sister it’s not easy.

Yuvi:by the way your Jodi is awesome. Kunj checking his phone whom call you waiting.

Kunj:mere bête ka he gets waffles or not this siyappa queen will throw can’t say anything.

Ammar:mamma I’ll call my papa.

Twinkle:he must be sleep.

Ammar:let me try.ammar call him as soon as kunj heard his phone ring he quickly received the call. In one go.. Hello.

Kunj:haa hello ammar.

Ammar:ale papa you still wake up.

Kunj:yes I’m waiting for your call only.

Ammar:acha thanks for waffles you know I was demanding to papa for waffles, and she didn’t get for me you send for me so awesome 😍you are the better than mamma. Kunj and yuvi giggling.

Kunj:acha.Glad my baby get happy.

Ammar:now mamma too eat huhu.

Kunj:Haa.She is siyappa queen.


Twinkle:don’t Sadu Sarna.

Ammar:Papa why you not come and stay with us.

Kunj:I’m staying near you only.

Twinkle:ammar now come and sleep. You have school at morning.

Kunj:go and sleep my baby good night.

Ammar:goodnight papa he ends the call and twinkle make him sleep she caress his hairs Kunj kiss on ammar photo which was in his phone.

Yuvi: kya hua,

Kunj:when that day will come when my baby with me here. I too live my life with ammar and twinkle.

Yuvi:soon just trust at god.Now let’s sleep.

They both sleep.Usha come out of her room she quietly went somewhere…

Next day in [email protected]

Twinkle wake up, and she went to

washroom she gets ready than get ready ammar all things she wakes up him he take so much to wake up.At last, he wakes up twinkle give him bath get him ready for school he gets ready they both went downstairs.Everyone was waiting for them only.They all sit for breakfast. Shekhar teasing ammar.

Kunj wake up and get ready Yuvi still sleep he throws water on his face he wakes up with jerk.

Yuvi:what the f**k..

Kunj:wake up Yuvi ji go and get ready we had meeting today.

Yuvi: this is the way to wake up someone.

Kunj:now I’ll wake up you with kiss 😂😛 .

Yuvi:don’t his with twinkle not with me.He went from there.Kunj call Shekhar he calls him at Taneja Mansion.He had his coffee and went to Taneja Mansion. He went inside see everyone having their breakfast he went towards them.

Shekhar:good you come he gives file to Shekhar.

Ammar:pumpkin 😛.

Shekhar:whose devil blood you are 😛. Everyone looks at Kunj.Twinkle press her laugh.

Ammar:acha papa come sit with me.


Shekhar: Papa.

Kunj: yes he is my blood 😎🤗.. Shekhar mouth got open.

Shekhar: what your son😱.

Ammar:yes he Is my papa in his one and only son.stand up on chair and lock his arms around kunj neck.

Leela:yes bhaiya he is twinkle husband.

Shekhar: wow kunj is twinkle husband you didn’t tell me kunj. 🤩.

Kunj: now you get to know na..

Ammar:yes pumpkin nanu..

Shekhar:what a father and son father calling me pumpkin pie uncle and son pumpkin nanu 😝😝.

Kunj:it’s suits on you na.. more. Now do fast.

Shekhar:mere baap give sometimes.

Ammar:Papa where are you going.


Ammar:acha so leave me today my school.

Kunj:sure.Ammar take his bag about to jump from chair Kunj lift him he bid bye, and they both left.

Shekhar:both father and son is carbon copy of each other’s. Kunj make ammar sit in car he to sit.

Kunj: let’s go.

Ammar:yes.Kunj starts the car they both left for school Twinkle see this from her room balcony she gives smile even tears too in her eyes.

Twinkle:I know you want papa but ammar I don’t I’ll give you your papa fully.Me and kunj can’t come together again.I know your papa is best but my husband not. She went inside and get ready for office she too left for office..

Kunj reached ammar school he come out of the car and take out ammar.


Ammar: haa bye papa he sit on his knees and kissed on ammar cheeks he too.

Kunj: bye take care.Ammar put his hand in kunj pocket and finding he knows what he finds out.

Ammar:you didn’t bring 🥺.He takes out from another pocket and give ammar chocolates bar.thanks papa.

Kunj:don’t eat all your mamma scold me and you okay.Romir called ammar they both went inside the school.Kunj left for office.Everyone come they all went to

Conference room.Twinkle give the presentation everyone like her idea.After conference, they all went in their respective cabins abeer get new project he wanted to work with kunj and yuvi. Even they both too get ready.Abeer didn’t ask twinkle they officially sign the project.Abeer tell twinkle about this she didn’t say anything just simply okay..

Vikram:Twinkle Abeer is right this project is beneficial for our company, and we all know kunj style.

Twinkle:you both see.You know him if any mistakes is happened he’ll not leave.

Abeer:we’ll use ammar like a trump card 😂.

Twinkle:very funny he is his chamcha.

Abeer:ho ho papa and son is one team. Twinkle why not you give your marriage one more chance. Kunj is not bad he did mistake in the past.

Twinkle:abeer to forgive him its impossible for me.She went out of the cabin twinkle busy in herself kunj coming from opposite direction her sandal heel stuck she about to falls down kunj rushed towards her held her nick of the time.twinkle hands around his neck while kunj around her waist.both look at each other eyes without blink.Kunj adorning her face.All employees of office stare them and giggles they come in sense and composed themselves.twinkle Tucked her hairs.

Twinkle:thanks.. she went from there while kunj went in his Cabin mahi come to office to meet with Yuvi.She went in cabin Kunj sit there she entered in cabin.

Yuvi:mahi you are here.

Mahi:yes me.

Kunj:you both sit I’ll come he went out of the cabin.Abeer give file to kunj to give twinkle he takes and went to twinkle cabin.

He entered in cabin she looked at him.he went near her keep the file on desk.


Kunj:abeer send for you.

Twinkle:okay.. kunjj woh thanks for..

Kunj: don’t be thanks I did what is right.

Twinkle:if you want you can take the ammar custody.

Kunj: due to custody I get my son what about my wife. He looks at her with painful eyes.

Twinkle:Kunj leave this I’m yelling numbers of time we can’t now.

Kunj:why we can’t now twinkle give me one and last chance.. I’ll not prove you wrong.

Twinkle:you get na ammar all responsibility now I’ll allow you.Do all his necessary work drop him school every day and take him back help him in his school work.First do this small father responsibility later we’ll think.You can’t get back your wife you get your son.She about to go kunj held her hand pulled her.

Kunj:you want this I’ll do everything what you wanted.

Twinkle:good. He pulled her in hugged twinkle get confused he hugged her tightly.

Kunj:I know I didn’t become good husband

I’ll become best after it’s my Promise to you. He leaves twinkle and went from there.

Yuvi:mahi don’t eat my head..

Mahi:haa I’ll toh eat your head only don’t know what Magic that Aditi has done on you and Kunj you both just behind her.

Yuvi:it’s none of your business please go from here I don’t want any drama here in office.He went out of the cabin leave mahi in shocked.She went from there.

At school ammar feeling uneasy he went to teacher and tell her.

Ammar:teacher I didn’t feel good.

Teacher:okay I’ll call your mother.

Ammar:you call me my papa I’ll give you his numbers. He gives kunj number teacher call kunj.He picks the call and get confused to see unknown number.

Kunj: hello.

Teacher: are you ammar father.

Kunj: yes.

Teacher:I’m ammar teacher calling you please come take ammar from school.

Kunj: why everything is fine..

Teacher: yes he didn’t feel good that’s only.

Kunj:I’m coming.. Kunj immediately left for school soon he reached and went inside he meet with teacher ammar come and waving to kunj. Kunj fill the process to take ammar. He takes the ammar both went outside. What happened to my baby.

Ammar:nothing just normally feeing uneasy Kunj check his face. Arey papa I’m fine,

Kunj:okay.lets go I’ll drop you.

Ammar:no I wanted to spend time with you.

Kunj:for this you take leave.He nodded his head in yes kunj smile and both sit in car

Kunj take him office only he had someone work there so.They went in kunj cabin. Ammar sit on side couch. Kunj doing his work twinkle see ammar she gets surprised to see him here she went to him.

Twinkle:ammar you are here.

Ammar:yes i didn’t feel good, so I come.

Twinkle: are you okay.

Ammar:yes I m fine.

Twinkle:who brings you here.

Ammar:I call papa he brings me.Kunj

Pa get juice for ammar. She gave juice to ammar he drinks happily twinkle sit beside him caress his hairs.

Twinkle:you sweat.

Ammar:your office is hell😖.my papa office is so cool cool..

Twinkle:go in your papa cabin only don’t come in my office.

Ammar:acha Than change your company name.. Kunj leave the work and went to him sit beside ammar.

Kunj:you leave this drink your juice you feel good.

Ammar:when my food will come.

Twinkle:don’t eat outside food ammar and you too kunj. Yuvi and Romir come there Romir show ammar angry faces.

Romir: you are so bad after your papa you

Changed😛. Yuvi and Kunj hold Their heads.

Ammar: acha I told you come with me but you wanted to dance..Papa even I take part in dance 😂😂.you know na😝😜


Yuvi:who is your partner.

Romir:that b*t*h hiya.

Ammar:hell petty on ourself.soon food come twinkle feeding ammar and Romir with her hands Yuvi and Kunj too them.

Where is pink panther today.

Aditi:here you little rat😛.Yuvi get happy to see her.What’s going on here..

Romir:we have lunch.See twinkle chachi is so good twinkle get surprised to hear this.Yuvi and Kunj busy in their nonsense.

Ammar:why you call my mamma your chachi.

Romir:idiot my papa told me to call her chachi because kunj Chachu is my Chachu and your mamma is chachi automatically.

Ammar:Aisa bhi hai kya 🙄.Even I can to call my mamma chachi Yuvi laugh out..

Yuvi:kunj twinkle ko ammar kesh ki biwi bana raha hai😂.. lol..

Kunj:shut up.Ammar you can’t call her.

Romir:yes idiot only I can call her you can’t.

Ammar:what are you doing here pink panther.

Aditi:Kyu office Tere baap ki hai kya..

Ammar:yes office ka toh Pata nahi but cabin toh mere baap ki hi hai.. 😎😎you pinky teasing her.

Aditi:kunjj see your son..

Ammar:pinki pinki😂😂.

Twinkle:ammar don’t.Yuvi gesture to Aditi he went from cabin while Aditi as well.

Ammar:papa see dadi give me this. Chocolates.

Kunj:okay don’t eat. He takes from ammar.

Ammar:why papa.

Kunj:aise hi.don’t take anything from her if she gives you take but don’t eat.twinkle see this.

Romir:aaja ammar lets play down.they both went from there.

Twinkle:you didn’t let have ammar.She is your mother.

Kunj:I know she is my mother and I know my mother very well.

Twinkle:acha when she loved her son think how much she loved her grand son. She said in taunt tone.!

Kunj:pata hai how much she loved me and grand son.Kunj went from there he went down see ammar and Romir playing games he to play with them Yuvi too joint them Aditi making their video.Kunj pa get shocked to see kunj whom he knows from many years never seen him like this who always carry sadu face.

Ammar:Papa this is cheating this Romir and his papa.

Yuvi:what papa now don’t call me Romir Papa.

Ammar:should I call you Chipmunk😂 Kunj

Laugh out like anything even Aditi as well.

Yuvi running behind ammar.Papaaaa..he

Yuvi caught ammar carry him in his both hands arms and throw him in air ammar screaming loudly..

Ammar:Papa 😭😭😭.

Kunj:Yuvi leave.He throws him in air fully twinkle closed her eyes kunj catch him in his arms she open her eyes get relief.. ammar cuddles kunj tightly. Romir and ammar both together pulling Yuvi hairs.

Yuvi:kunj this isn’t good..

Kunj:this is😛😎.. ammar and Romir running here and there Kunj get call he went in side twinkle went from there Yuvi pulled Aditi in side..

Aditi: Yuvi what are you doing if anyone will see us.i love you Yuvi

Yuvi:even I too nobody tonight get ready Okay he winked at her she pushes him and run from there.After sometimes later twinkle take ammar she left for Taneja Mansion..

Kunj went in collage to give lecture on business.He takes Yuvi as well with him.

They went to Auditorium where all students were sitting principal take kunj and yuvi on stage kunj and yuvi give speech on business world Fuzail see them even you too as well.

Boy:Arey Fuzail he is your brother-in-law na.

Fuzail:yes.after speech get end they meet with all students. Fuzail about to go kunj stop him.

Kunj:fuzu stop…

Fuzail: yes..

Kunj:I know you are angry with me still I’m really sorry my sorry is very small word. Please forgive me he rests his hand on his shoulder. Fuzail look at him..

Yuvi:yes Fuzail we all know he did mistake. Now he is guilty.

Fuzail:I can’t forgive you jiju what my twinkle bear in these years only she knows you don’t know anything today for which ammar you live my di struggle lot. If she gets ready to forgive me even I’ll too I don’t have any issues you are di culprit..

Kunj:I know you are right now you are only the one who help me.. fuzu.I want twinkle back.

Fuzail:what can I do in this.

Kunj:I’ll tell you.Kunj hug him.. Both recalled their old bonding Kunj understand him lot kunj was favorite of Fuzail he shares his all things with him only.. after this kunj and yuvi went to police-station they meet with Purushottam who laughing at them.

Purushottam: you both can’t do anything of me.

Kunj: don’t laugh too much once you get

Bail than see what I’ll done with you.

Purushottam: Till now I didn’t understand what problem you both have with me.

Yuvi:when you get punishment of your sins you’ll get to know automatically what problem we have with you. Purushottam laughing still kunj garb his collar but DGP.

Shekhar:kunj leave him it’s against our law. Kunj leave him with jerk..

Kunj:enjoy your happy days in this jail soon your life page I’ll write it down. Kunj and yuvi give him tashan look both went from there..

Ammar: nani and nanu or maamu when you will come back..

Leela:ammar we will comeback tomorrow.

Twinkle:MAA take care of you and papa. And fuzu you too Leela and Rt or fuzu left for Chandigarh. Now twinkle and Ammar is alone they both sitting in hall. Watching dailysoap..

Ammar:mamma why not we too go for dinner out..

Twinkle: you and me..

Ammar:not you and me or papa see in this show they went today we too..

Twinkle: what is this ammar.

Ammar:” please mamma for my happiness he said in very cute and puppy way. Twinkle meltdown.

Twinkle:okay where is your sadu papa.

Ammar:wait you call papa twinkle call kunj. First he didn’t pick up the call after 2 and 3 rings he received the call. Papa where are you.

Kunj: I’m in meeting baby.

Ammar: leave your meeting go and get ready we all going for dinner,

Kunj: who all??

Ammar: your family only me mamma and you. Good idea na.

Kunj:awesome idea.Kunj get happy your tantrums queen mamma is ready..

Ammar: giggles out yes she too.

Kunj: okay papa is coming..

Ammar:mamma lets go and get ready they went in room twinkle take out her and ammar clothes. Mamma this not wait today I’ll select dress for you ammar take out the dress and give to twinkle.She went in washroom ammar head spin he holds the table and stand and lay down on bed straightly.Twinkle come out of the washroom after get ready she sees ammar.

Twinkle: what happened ammar.

Ammar:nothing mamma now get me too ready twinkle get ready to ammar than did her makeup,, ammar whistled at her. Uff mamma looking killer papa will lost after see you 😛😝. Twinkle get shocked.

Twinkle:O. Shameless. Kunj too get ready he gets so happy he went down usha stop him.

Usha: where are you going kunj.

Kunj:kahi nahi MAA. Just with friends he went out..

Usha:this kunj thinking I’m idiot I know which friends.Twinkle and ammar get ready they went downstairs.And lock the mansion and went outside kunj come with his car his eyes went on ammar and twinkle he gets freeze to see twinkle she look breathtaking.Ammar and twinkle come they both sit in car ammar in back


Ammar:Papa where we going,

Kunj:wait my boy,You’ll get to know.,

Ammar:first time family dinner date 😍,, kunj starts the car and drove off.Soon they reached the hotel.Kunj booked the place for them specially they come out of the car ammar hold kunj and twinkle hand.Where you talking us..

Kunj:you both come with me.Kunj take them near beach everywhere is darkness as soon as they put the step lights get started whole beach light up with candles and lamb.twinkle get mesmerising to see the view she always wants this type of.. Kunj know that’s why he did everything like her wishes..

Twinkle and Kunj or ammar outfits

Ammar:Papa it’s so beautiful you did this for mamma hmm😛😛.

Kunj:how you know and so sure..

Ammar:I see in movies this type of set up😛..

Kunj:Twinkle don’t let him see tv.. ammar run come.

Twinkle:hmm they went to table kunj take out the chair for twinkle they sit.

Ammar:I’m impressed papa.

Kunj:thanks.they talking for sometime waiter come with food Kunj served them.

Ammar: I’ll have .. twinkle and Kunj sharing eye locks.having the food they went in flashback..

Normal day.Yuvi and Mahi doing for date

So Yuvi send kunj and twinkle too.Twinkle and Kunj went for candle light dinner out.

Twinkle:Kunj this is so beautiful I’m loving it.


Twinkle:Yuvi is better than you.. they both sit down on matrix near beach..

twinkle resting her head on kunj chest while he caressing her hairs.Both enjoying cool sea breeze.Twinkle wearing sleeves saree. Kunj moving his cold hands on her bare hands twinkle clutch the bedsheet.Kunj see his effect on her.He smiled.He takes her hand in his hand kiss on her bare shoulder twinkle gaped at him.Kunj side her hairs and kissing on her side neck area twinkle taking hot deep breath.. the beach was private nobody was there except than them.Kunj slowly bend down while twinkle too on matrix she looks at him only he too her.Kunj side her hairs strand

Kiss on her forehead caress twinkle cheeks she closed her eyes.Kunj lay down beside her his hand bend on her back finding her blouse dori he open her dori she looks at Kunj and clutch his shirt tightly.Kunj one hand traveling on her bare stomach it giving immense pleasure to twinkle.That Kunj can see on her face. Kunj come over all on her he playing with her nose with his.each other’s breath hitting.Kunj caress her juicy lips twinkle hands went on his back.Twinkle side turned her face she blushed with crimson. Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck. Placing his lips on her neck skin twinkle grab his nape hairs Kunj started kissing her slowly twinkle ruffled his hairs with same desire.

Kunj leave her neck he looked at her face place kiss on her face. Knead his lips on her lips.Twinkle slightly apart her lips Kunj immediately grab her lips.both nibbling each other’s lips twinkle turned to her other side she lay down on her stomach her back facing to kunj he raises slightly and kissed on her back.he about to her blouse twinkle held his hand and hugged him tightly..

Twinkle:kunjjj.he breaks the hug..

Kunj:sorry.. flash back end..

While having dinner twinkle and Kunj stare each other’s ammar keep blabbing..

Ammar:papa how my mamma looking.

Kunj:he looked at twinkle beautiful.

Ammar:you get lost in my mamma 😛. Kunj pulled his cheeks.

Kunj:acha very funny. After dinner ammar see in side little far a couple dancing and singing..

Ammar:mamma and papa you too Dance what’s say.Both didn’t told him no, kunj forward his hand to twinkle she gives him he pulled her high dancing slowly ammar admiring them.

Think In heart god Please even my mamma and papa to stay happy together it’s my last Wish.ammar can’t see anything properly he rubbed his eyes he falls down sit on his knees twinkle and kunj see him both run to him..


Kunj:ammarr take him on his lap.kya hua.

Ammar:wohhh breathtaking heavily.tears escaping from his eyes kunj cuddles him.

I’m fine in low voice.

Twinkle Kunj: let’s go..

Ammar:ale why..

Twinkle:yes kunj let’s go..

Ammar:let me have ice cream toh.

Kunj:I’ll bring at home let’s go..

Ammar:I’m all okay Papa look at me he gets up.. Don’t spoil please.

Twinkle:okay baba come.they sit near shore enjoying cool breeze ammar sitting kunj lap twinkle holding his hands he rest his head on her chest..

Ammar: Papa you and mamma come here before it.They look at each other’s.Both nodded Their heads in yes together.

Twinkle:yes we come here.

Ammar:when..didn’t take me here.

Twinkle:you didn’t born that time.

Ammar:why I didn’t born you should give me birth. So I can too enjoy.

Kunj:now you can enjoy you can’t enjoy that time you are too small.

Ammar:kitna small Itna showing with his hands.

Kunj: it’s too big. You are this much haina twinkle.

Twinkle:hmm when you born that time like a rabbit😛😛.my doll she kissed on his cheeks.

Ammar:doll toh girl hoti hai na I’m super boy yours.You know papa many times’ mamma get me ready like girl huhu.Kunj laugh out.ammar controlling on himself having pain in his stomach.

Kunj:chalo lets have ammar favourite ice cream he feel chilled.he cuddles kunj.

Kunj lift him.they went in side kunj Make him sit on table he went and get ice cream for twinkle and ammar. He gives to twinkle. And feeding ammar ice cream with his hands. Kya hua.

Ammar:feeling cold 🙂.Kunj take out his coat and make him wear.after this they left from there.They reached Taneja Mansion ammar didn’t leave kunj.They went inside.

Kunj:where everyone??

Ammar:everyone went Chandigarh.

Kunj:hoo now I’m going okay ammar.

Ammar:papa don’t go na.please stay with me and mamma. Please today..

Twinkle:you both go I’ll come she went from there.Kunj take ammar in room.

Ammar feeling so low his face dropped down.Kunj take out his clothes make him wear his night dress which twinkle already take out she entered in room she went in washroom changed her clothes.Kunj and ammar playing cards twinkle come and joint them. This is wrong..

Kunj:let’s see.Ammar and twinkle lose while kunj winning very time😎.you both mother and son don’t know how to play..

First learn than play.Ammar went Behind kunj back and cuddles him from back.

Ammar:this mamma does’t know anything.

Twinkle:now sleep it’s already too late. They lay down ammar who get tired he feel hell Cool cuddles himself under duvet.Kunj hugged him.Both father and son fast sleep twinkle caress ammar hairs she sees kunj to sleep she raised slightly take out his watch and keep it in side and covered him too. She too slept..

Otherside Yuvi and Aditi laying down in each other’s embrace.Yuvi kissing on her hands.

Aditi:Yuvi let me go now.

Yuvi:no.They both share lip-lock mahi keep calling Yuvi he didn’t pick up her

calls.He come top of Aditi slide her dress and bite her shoulder.Both get lost in each other love

💗 screen blurry.

In [email protected]………..🌇🌇🌇🌇

Little Sarna Family sleeping peacefully in each other embrace ammar sleeping on kunj chest while twinkle resting her head on his forearm Kunj hand Around her waist

Sunlight coming on twinkle face which

disturb her sleep she wakes up and open her eyes and see herself.She moved slightly get up and look at Kunj and ammar both looking like kangaroo and his baby😛.She kissed on kunj and ammar forehead she takes her clothes and get freshen up bring clothes for kunj and place on side table even ammar’s too. She went downstairs goes in kitchen and see the breakfast kunj wake up due to calls he open his eyes see ammar give smile and cuddles him place him carefully on bed he gets up ammar wake up..

Ammar: Papa 😩…

Kunj: haa Papa is here only wake up my baby you have school na.. ammar wake up and sit in kunj lap..

Ammar:Papa good morning..

Kunj: come lets get ready before your Hitler mother come. Kunj and ammar went in washroom Kunj giving him bath his eyes went on his body and see red spots on his body everywhere. Ammar what is this all.

Ammar:don’t know papa.Kunj take him in room first he wears his clothes than him his uniform he gets ready they both went downstairs twinkle see them rolled her eyes to see ammar fully ready.they went towards dinning table. Don’t give us that boring breakfast..

Twinkle:chup chap have your breakfast twinkle forceful feed him breakfast..

Ammar:mamma you both know na today is my annual day so please you both come on time..

Twinkle:haa I’ll come okay.kya hua tumhe itne low Kyu sound kar rahe ho..

Ammar:nothing..I’m lazy head na..

Kunj:acha I don’t think so.they have breakfast Romir come there.

Romir:ammar lets go my papa is waiting for us.

Ammar:haa Okay bye Maa and papa.

He run.Kunj get call he too left twinkle get busy in her work.Leela and Rt or Fuzail come back from Chandigarh.Whole day

Kunj and yuvi behind Purushottam bail.In school all kids get busy in their rehearsal.

Ammar didn’t give up

🌃🌃later at [email protected]

Yuvi:Kunj lets go we have to go in school as well..

Kunj:yeah.They get ready and left for school.Other side everyone got ready and went for annul function they all settle

down.Ammar gestured twinkle and asked her about kunj.she gestured him back she’ll call him.Yuvi and Kunj come and take their seats.

Aditi:you both took so much time kunj wavy to ammar he gets happy to see him.. soon the function starts kids doing their best comedy drama singing ammar and Romir duet dance performance with hiya.

Mehar:my hiya looking so good.lights went off spotlight is one hiya standing in central while ammar and Romir in side their face not revealed Leela waiting for to see her get starts Yuvi and Kunj fully rest.!!!!! Thug le song play in bg

Ladkon ki ungli pe.Naache hai zamaana

Oh..Ladkon ki ungli pe.Naache hai zamana.Simple yeh funda hai.Kudiyon ko batana.Lute nahi lut jaaye.Jeete nahi pat jaaye.Kudiyaan hai jebon mein rakh le

Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le.Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le.Thug le thug le thug le

They dance beautifully each and everyone laughed out to see their expression hiya is too not less.Yuvi and Kunj laughing.

Twinkle held her head to see ammar.

Ammar: Jitni ghaas daalo,Taarife nikaalo

Utne hai inke.Bhaav badhte hain!

(He pulled hiya cheeks and push her in side Romir hold and both roaming around her.

Hiya:O..oMauka taadte hain Chauka maarte hain Haath pakdaa do Sur pe chdhte hain..

(Hold their hands and twist it pushes them they fall down and looking at hiya she gave them tashan look..)

Mundeyaan nu thug le, thug le Thug le, thug le, thug le Ho Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le.They end the dance performance very beautifully.each and everyone got up and clapping for them.

Host:what a performance.they went in backstage..

Leela:Tere beta bhi na..

Twinkle:fully mad he is.everyone sits.again this was last performance the function get end nicely.ammar and Romir went to their parents.

Mahi:my baby… Aditi looked at her..

Leela: you all looking so cute..

Yuvi:dance come seemed like they taking their revenge 😂😂😂😂..

Twinkle:who did this song selection Kunj looking here and there.

Ammar:Papa only 😛😛.Twinkle look at him I asked him he suggested me this awesome song Na..he pulled hiya hairs..

Hiya:mamma.. 🥵..

Ammar:me toh Dar gaya.he run from there..

Twinkle:ammar.both Usha and Anita or Noor giving tashan to twinkle.Kunj bring ammar and give to twinkle..

Ammar: now holiday 🤩🥳🥳..

Twinkle:bas happy.Kunj got call from Shekhar.

Ammar:Papa lets celebrate na..

Kunj:haa ammar we’ll now I have to go..

He gestured Yuvi both went from there..

Romir:we both will celebrate together come ammar. They all left..

Yuvi and Kunj reached police station they get to know someone come to meet with Purushottam.

Kunj: who she is??

Yuvi: you don’t know uncle..

Shekhar:see kunj if you didn’t get success in his bail police released Purushottam than he can free like a bird no charges at him.

Kunj:I know your law is like this only you people give punishment to innocent peoples and leave criminals.give me some more days I’ll use my all money behind him.This Kamina didn’t open his mouth once he confessed itself whatever

happened to us he was responsible.

Ammar was so happy he just dancing everywhere.Kunj come at Taneja Mansion Romir was there only..

Ammar:lo Kunj Sarna is come back..

Twinkle:ammar no..

Ammar:haha papa.

Kunj:now tell me.. Shekhar too come.Kunj sit with ammar and Romir:. After Romir sleep there only.Okay ammar now you sleep. He lifts Romir.

Ammar: why you lift him haa😩🥵..

Kunj:why.. what happened??

Ammar:no don’t lift him it’s my right only call his papa and pink panther.. all giggles.

Kunj:so what ammar..he is your friend still.


Shekhar:your son is jealous chilly 😛😛..

Ammar: 😩😩😩ahah..

Kunj:okay baba see he place Yuvi.he come there. Ammar sit in kunj lap.

Yuvi:for this you call me kunj..

Ammar:Haa take your luggage..

Yuvi: acha pidhi… Yuvi take Romir.

Kunj: now happy can I go..

Ammar: hmm.. Kunj and yuvi went.

Twinkle:what is this ammar come.Ammar went and sleep with Leela and Rt.While twinkle thinking about kunj.. Kunj message her. She too reply him back. What a song selection haa.

Kunj:awesome my son looking so good.

Twinkle:jisa baap wesha beta.

Kunj:any doubt Mrs Kunj Sarna. 😛.

Twinkle:shut up making him too like you.

Kunj:so what he’ll went on his father only. Small size of Kunj Sarna 😂.goodnight sleep..

Twinkle: goodnight.. they sleep..

At office.

Twinkle sitting alone ammar who come at office.sitting in twinkle cabin only he look low..Kunj entered in cabin and went to ammar..


Kunj:what happened to you..

Ammar:nothing kunj check him,.

Kunj:ammar are you sure you are fine I don’t think so and you siyappa queen can’t see him.. just than ammar started doing vomiting Kunj take him in washroom He pats on his back..

Twinkle:calm down. Kunj wash his face take him in cabin..

Kunj; lets go to doctor.

Ammar; no 😩😩he give me injection,.

Twinkle:no ammar Kunj he eats nonsense things..

Kunj:now don’t eat anything get it. He nodded his head in yes.Kunj bring juice for him he drank sleep in heart I’m getting bad vibes hope my baby is okay.. he kissed on ammar forehead. Leave this work female bill gates. Take him..

Twinkle:I know my duty don’t teach me..

Kunj went from there.twinkle take ammar and went home.she takes him in room and place him on bed ammar sleep for sometime he wakes up have his food playing with his toy.blood oozing from his nose he run in washroom immediately clean before twinkle see this.

Ammar:what happened to me this blood.

He went to bed again lay down cuddles bedsheet.twinkle in room find ammar inside the blanket she sits beside him.,

Twinkle:ammar what happened to you..

Ammar: I’m fine mamma leave me alone na..twinkle went out of the room.whole day passed like this,,twinkle didn’t disturb ammar at night went in room and check ammar who sweating like anything.


Ammar:ma..’mma he shiver as well.

Twinkle:kya hua.Ammar started crying loudly..😭😭😭.. twinkle get shocked to see him Like this Leela and Rt was not at home they went in wedding..what I’ll do now if something happened to him kunj will not leave me.

Ammar: mammaa 😭😭😭..

Twinkle:wait. She immediately dials Kunj

Number.. Kunj please pick up the call.. Kunj pick up her call.. kunjjj.

Kunj:haa bolo twinkle kunj heard ammar screaming voice what is this twinkle.

Twinkle:kunjjj ammar

Kunj:kya hua ammar ko.

Twinkle:you please come na here..

Kunj:I’m coming.twinkle handling ammar.

Ammar:mamma feeling not good:

Twinkle:kya ho raha hai actually.tell me. She wiped his sweat.soon kunj reached he went in twinkle room and see ammar.

Kunj:ammarrrr kunj see his face become white all.. his lips shivering.kya hua iss ko.

twinkle: I don’t know kunj see na he sweats like anything at the same time shivering too..

Kunj:I told you take him to hospital.

Twinkle:let’s take him now..

Kunj:see the time ammar don’t cry you are my strong boy naa.ammar cuddles kunj and crying lot.

Ammar:papa😭😭😭acha nahi lag rahe hai.

Kunj:acha you look at me. Kunj eyes went on ammar hands see bruising on ammar hands.Kunj removed his clothes and see his whole body.. everywhere red spots and bruises everywhere.Kunj get shocked twinkle look at him she too in shocked. What is this..😡. Twinkle

Twinkle:how I know kunj..

Kunj:what you mean by this.How this bruises come on his body.don’t know what you do it..

Ammar:please leave na this..

Twinkle:ammar have something

Ammar:no I don’t want anything you just with me he cuddles them hold their hands tightly Kunj and twinkle looking at him patting on his head they sleep with ammar in sitting position.Later in midnight ammar feeling hell heat he wakes up didn’t wake up twinkle and Kunj went in washroom sit in bathtub feeling fine in old water twinkle wake up didn’t find ammar she wakes up kunj.

Twinkle:kunjj ammar.

Kunj:haa.they both heard water sound from washroom went inside the room and see ammar.

Twinkle:ammar what are you doing here.

Ammar:woh I feel heat so.Twinkle take him out of the washroom wear him his clothes.

Kunj:before only you feel cold..

Twinkle:he did this only one minute cold another minute hot.sleep now he lay down twinkle and Kunj didn’t sleep they just checking ammar kunjj fever..

Kunj:hmm twinkle what happened to him.

Twinkle:Kunj how I know about this..

Kunj:tomorrow get ready to take him to stern voice.tears falls down from kunj eyes twinkle can see this.if something happened to him I’ll not leave you…

Twinkle:kunjjj you don’t worry about him she cupped his face he is weak since birth he gets ill easily and you want na we’ll take him to doctor tomorrow paka.she wiped his tears..

Kunj:did you think he is fine I mean look at his condition day by day he gets thin why.He cuddles ammar tightly.Episode end there only.!!!!

Pre-cap:ammar get unconscious in school..


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