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INTEQAAM •° A Fire Of Revenge °• (Twinj) SHOT : 2

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So here I come back with the second shot 😋

Sorry for the little delay but I had one mock schedule in between so could not update 😅 So here we go with the second shot !!


” What happened Mr Kunj Sarna. “ twinkle teased kunj who was in a grumpy mood cause he had to attend a sudden meeting of directors of board on Saturday leaving his pretty hot wife who was dressed in just his white shirt after their passionate intimate encounter.

Kunj glared at her and was trying to button up his shirt though miserably failing to button them while muttering curses under his breath. Twinkle could not stop herself from giggling seeing her husband acting all cute like a baby.

Kunj huffed angrily and turned his face to other side. Twinkle smiled at the childishness of her husband and stood up from bed removing the comfort from her bare legs. She felt a little sore from last night encounter.

He was gentle and careful with her but it was natural. All twinkle could do was blush remembering how sweetly her husband made love to her. Twinkle stood infront of Kunj who was busy in his own world trying his hand on buttoning up his shirt.

She held his colour finally gaining his attention. Kunj looked at her suprise. Twinkle ignored his gaze and started buttoning up his shirt and spoke ” Stop releasing your anger on your poor shirt Mr Sarna and instead go office and finish your meeting as soon as possible. ”

” But I don’t want to go jaan. I want to spend my day with you “ Kunj spoke pulling her dangerously close by holding onto her waist to him not even leaving an inch gap between them.

Twinkle gasped and moaned at the proximity as her hands rested on his chest ” Kunjjjj “.

Kunj leaned a bit and nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck kissing the expanse of her bare shoulder as his shirt was alot bigger for her than her actual size and slumped down her left shoulder.

” Let’s cancel the meeting jaan and go on for a long drive “ kunj spoke while kissing expanse of her bare neck and shoulder while twinkle caressed her hairs. His closed and sweet torchers playing havoc on her senses. But soon twinkle came back in her senses and stopped kunj by pulling at his hairs.

” What ? “ kunj said and was about to capture her lips in his when twinkle kept her hand on his mouth and giggled at his sulking expression. ” You are getting late Mr Sarna. ”

Twinkle said fixing his collar when her gaze fell on his neck that was red from love bites from her. Twinkle blushed a hue of red and caressed the marks. Kunj looked confused seeing her lost but groan a bit when she rubbed a particular part of his neck.

He looked at the mirror that was just behind them and saw red marks on his neck , His Eyes widened in suprise and spoke ” I have sure given you the right name twinkle ” Wild Cat “. He said with the stretch at last two word’s teasing her.

Twinkle hit him on the chest and pushed him a little with frown and spoke without realising what she said ” As if you haven’t given me marks Sadu Sarna.

” Really Mrs Sarna then let me treat them “ kunj said with a wink while twinkle’s mouth was a big ” 0 ” in suprise. She pushed him away fixing his collar to hide the marks and said ” Now go Mr Sarna “.

Kunj made a sulking face and turned to leave while twinkle but kunj turned back once again confusing twinkle and walked toward’s her. He kissed her on forehead , His lips lingered for a little longer than usual twinkle felt his touch , her eye’s closed and a pretty smile broke on to her Lips. Twinkle opened her Eye’s and smiled at Kunj.

” Do take hot water bath and relax yourself. You must be sore and in pain. Take rest and dare you do work servants can do that okay ” kunj said and left pecking her cheek.

Twinkle smiled at his care..She felt herself as the luckiest women on earth.


Kunj reached his office and walked toward’s the conference room where meeting started as soon as he entered. It was nothing but a normal discussion meeting over upcoming projects. While the meeting was proceeding peon came in and served everyone tea and coffee’s.

He kept a cup of coffee infront of Kunj as usually and left after giving a look to Kunj’s p.a assistant who barely nodded her head and flashed an evil smirk.

As soon as peon left the room he called someone and said ” Work done sir ” the person on the other side let out an evil laugh as a mysterious smile adorned his face. Someone said from behind him.

” It can turn out really dangerous for him. The amount of dose at which we had started can cost his life. He can eventually loose his life. “ said the man behind him in a worried tone.

” I just don’t care about that. All I know is I want to control him. Not even a single dose should be missed else you will be the one to suffer. I just hate him. I want all the thing’s back he had taken from me. I HATE HIM. I will destroy him. “ said the person in a venomous tone. His eye’s turning few shades darker as his eye’s turned red.

Hatred was visible in his eye’s. All he wanted was his EVERYTHING back from THEM. He wanted to make them pay for what they had done once to him. He want to see them die each moment as they left him to die that day.

Each time he remembered that incident he wants to rip them apart. That day death was all infront of him yet they left him to die alone. He want to see them burning in the same fire he did.

He burned in the fire of hatred of revenge , hurt and betrayal now he want to see them hating eachother with each passing moment. He want to see them suffer and that could only satisfy his anger.

Day’s passed with a blink of eye. Everything was going well. Twinj were happy with eachother enjoying each moment of their togetherness.

I love you like you’re the last of my kind. It is as if you speak the same language as I, yet no other is able. To be around you is like finally not being alone – as if all my life I’ve been isolated, in a windowless room, in a doorless room… and then suddenly you walk in as if strolling over a summer meadow. How is that you are so much more than sunshine? How is it you breathe life when no other can? Why is it you are my medicine? Who could love me more than you? So, my love, know this – while I breathe I am yours in mind, body and soul.

” I will love you,

Like the sky,
Loves the birds,
With open hands,
And infinite freedom. “

But unknown to them a storm was brewing up in their lives. Worst was yet to come. Something that would break them apart. Something that would leave unattended wounds on their souls forever.

Unknown to Kunj his coffee was spiked daily by the peon and his p.a (personal assistant) but he failed to realised this but soon their was a change of behaviour within Kunj. He felt himself weak yet could not realise the reason.

He started facing vulnerable headaches and sometimes would experience a flash of dizziness but he kept this all hidden from twinkle. But his behaviour turned weird. The kunj who was once toughest person to influence was getting influenced easily. He started having weird dreams that he could not comprehend.

” Kunj… Kunj… Stop where are you going? That to on Sunday, leaving your wife…” spoke twinkle whining like a child wrapping her arms around kunj’s neck.

” What is this twinkle? Are you a kid? Don’t you know where I am going?! “ replied kunj irritatedly removing twinkle’s hands from his shoulder, surprising twinkle at his changed behaviour.

He never called her by her name ” twinkle ” since their marriage. He would always calls her “Princess” , “Jaan” or would address her as ” Mrs Kunj Sarna ” and neither did he ever spoke to her in irritated or angry tone.

She was utterly surprised with his behaviour but shrugged it thinking to be office work stress and kissed his forehead mumbling him a ” good bye ” and come back soon.

But what shocked her more was he just left without hugging or kissing her forehead which was like an important ritual for him. He never stepped a foot outside home until he would hug her and kiss her forehead.

“What happened to him?” Twinkle mumbled to herself confused at his behaviour.

” Uffo twinkle he might be tensed due to office work stress. You are just overthinking. You know na how he is. Completely careless. “ twinkle mocked herself in mind. “But twinkle you should do something for your hubby when he is so much tensed ” twinkle smiled to herself thinking what she had to do for her hubby.

She was gonna plan a romantic dinner for her irritated stressed husband.

It was night and kunj was back. He was in a foul mood which twinkle failed to notice. She saw him standing in lounge taking of his coat and hugged him from behind but soon she was pushed by him.

” What is this twinkle ? Can’t you see I just came back home and you have to cling on to me. For God sake, stop irritating me” shouted kunj angrily at her.

Her eye’s turned teary at his shouting. It never happened. How much ever he was frustrated or tensed he won’t ever shout at her like this or push her like this away from him.

Since morning, this was the second time, he had shouted at her like this. She was utterly shocked by his behaviour. Kunj left from their angrily while twinkle sobbed silently.

He ignored her tears ? The one who would panic seeing her sad face had ignored her tears. The one who can lay his life for her one smile was being angry at her. What happened to him so suddenly.

Unknown to them, this all was witnessed by someone who smirked seeing all this and spoke with a smirk, “This is just the start twinkle kunj sarna. There is alot you need to pay for. There is much more coming over to cry for baby. Just wait and watch.”

Twinkle wiped her tears and decided to take their dinner in their room but upon reaching there, she found him already slept. Without even changing his office clothes but to her surprise he didn’t even took off his tie or socks and just layed down on bed and slept facing his back to the ceiling.

She felt bad knowing all her efforts went in vain. She had specially made his favourite dishes for him. She just kept the dinner back in fridge untouched and came back.

After coming back she helped him remove his tie and socks. Twinkle caressed his hair slightly who groaned at her touch as if in pain. She covered him by duvet and layed beside him after changing into set of her night suit.

She failed to notice the presence of uncalled storm. Their was someone watching over them all the time. At that moment clouds thundered like a howling angry wolves.

Storms brewed on the cold horizon promising nothing but winds to level even the mightiest of trees to the soil. The noon darkness and damp-smelling air threatened to render them helpless beneath whatever pitiful shelter they sought.

The person standing in their balcony cast his eyes to the charcoal sky, his attention held by a golden streak, a crack in the cloud layer where the sun streamed through as fast as water through a cracked dam.

The rain was promised, the wind already unleashed, but there would be sunshine and warmth by morning, time to rebuild and repair. The thunder seamed to crack the air, as if the very heavens might split apart. It rolled like the ash could of a volcano, becoming a rolling booming rumble.

It declared to all the raw power of nature and gave fair warning of the wrath that was to come just like the fire of his revenge that was about to burn them. Nonetheless that person for now left them alone but the storm he ignited was about to embrace them soon.

But she could not sleep as today she wasn’t in his embrace. In last four months it had became her habit to sleep in his embrace where she got her warmth from his body and solace from his heartbeat provided her with world’s best peace.

Finally after a while sleep embraced her. But there were tear strains visible on her face. Her eye’s were red. She had become habitual of his pampering and love. She felt incomplete today. A part of her was not at rest. She could sense danger yet to could not comprehend.

Sunlight filled the sky. Purely scattered light with its hue ambitiously illuminating each crevice of the land. Sparrows chirped an explicit background melody. With breath paused in my lungs, one would wish time would halt.

The trees shone as if they were wearing golden crowns and the vast sea was not able to absorb the bright sparks of the sun.The tides on the sea were racing among each other to reach the horizon from where the mighty godlike sun appeared. And though time continued, the emotions that flowed would still a soul.

Kunj woke up with a heavy headache. He could not remember anything that happened last night. He emphasized on his brain to make out the happenings only to wince in pain making twinkle awake.

” Kunj what happened?” asked twinkle worriedly.

“It’s paining princess… My head aches badly” spoke kunj with pain visible on his face holding his head between his hands.

“Wait I will bring lime water and asprins for you. You might feel good” spoke twinkle baffled at the sudden headache and got off bed to bring him lime water while kunj sat on bed resting his head on headboard trying to remember all what happened but failed miserably.

Twinkle came with a lemonade and made him drink. After a while twinkle spoke.

“How are you feeling alright now? Is every thing okay ? ” asked twinkle in concerned today seeing him rubbing his temples to ease the pain.

“Yeah I am feeling much better Jaan. ”

” Kunj.. is their something that is irritating you? Last night also…. ”

Twinkle was interrupted by Kunj “What happened last night? I can’t remember anything princess. My head aches when i try to remember anything. Was I drunk ? I cant remember why i am suffering from this headache. ” spoke Kunj shocking twinkle

” Umm nothing… you just came and slept without eating food… ” twinkle diverted the topic, though she herself was shocked. How is it possible that he doesn’t remember anything.

Twinkle decided to kept num and this matter to herself for time being seeing him vulnerable. But she was shocked at the fact he forgot everything that happened last day. On top of that his changed behaviour left her baffled.


So how was the shot ?

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So yes ! This is just the start much more is coming ahead. Those who are weak hearted should not read the Shot’s ahead and those who are gonna read should keep tissues along them.

I hope twinj scenes satisfy you ! As per readers request I have added as much twinj scenes I can but don’t hope same to come ahead cause now the story has started.

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