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Gift of love (Ragsan) OS

Hi all,

Actually this is an os I wrote as a birthday gidt for my sweet sis, Addit Ayansh in wattpad.. Just felt like sharing. Hope this would be an ok one.


Sanskar was standing in front of the mirror after a long tiring  day. All he needs was to sleep, he didn’t even want to change.

He was removing his tie when he felt someone hugging him from behind. It was unusual, he smiles widely.

San: In a romantic mood huh wifey ??

Ragini smiles.

Rag: You will not go to office tomorrow.

San:  ( frowns) Why?

Rag: Because I am saying.

San: Oh, can I know why?

Rag: No. Don’t worry, I had a talk with Papa. He is ok with it.

Sanskar smiles.

San: Alright.

The night went peacefully.

Next morning:

Ragini woke up first. She had a glow in her face, she caressed Sanskar’s hair. He was sleeping very peacefully. She kisses his forehead and went to get fresh.

He was sleeping when she came after being fresh, she smiles and went out.

Ragini told others not to disturb Sanskar’s sleep.

Sanskar woke up very late, by around 10.

He sat on the bed shocked, how did he sleep this late, why didn’t anyone call him?Then he remembers that Ragini asked him to take leave. But then, why didn’t she call him? Did she asked him to take leave for sleeping?? He was confused.

Ragini came in.

Rag: You woke up, good what do you want to have for breakfast??

Sanskar was still confused.

San: What??

Rag: didn’t understand? Ok, for eating (she acted like eating) what ( she acted what) you (she pointed him) ,want (again acted what).

Sanskar frowns.

San: you!!!

She smiles and sits besides him.

Rag: Today I want everything to be done as you wish. Today is yours. That’s why I let you sleep as much as you want. So now tell me what you want to have for breakfast?

San: (sighs) by no means you are going to say me why you are doing all these??

Rag: No.

San: (mocking) Ok then, I want to eat puttu.

Rag: Huh, what is that?

San: A South Indian dish, it is best with chana and I love it.

He licks his lips.

Rag: Ok, get ready.

She was tensed, but leaves. He was confused, but went to get ready.

He was shocked seeing the food ready.

San: You, you really made it??

Rag: You like it, so,

San: But how,

Rag: YouTube.

She winks at him. He smiles.

They had breakfast together by feeding each other.

San: So what now??

Rag: You say, do you want to go anywhere with me?

San: What about visiting your parents?

Rag: (frowns) We went two days back only, and it is not your wish but mine, so no. You say where you want to go.

San: Ok, our college.

Ragini grins widely.

They left.

They reached the college they both studied. He was her senior in college and they  fell for each other. After both their studies, he approached her parents officially and they got married.

College was heaven for them, there was no place in the college which didn’t have their memory.

As it was a working day, they were not allowed in. After requesting so much, they were allowed in, but only to the surroundings. They were allowed to sit on the bench near a tree and was asked to go when the recess begins.

They agreed and where so happy. Because it was their favorite bench. Where they used to spent most of their time, when they were students.

They sat down. They were taken back to their college life, the beautiful days of their life. It was nostalgic. They shared the memories and sat there.

He proposed her at this place only. It was her favorite place and she always sits there alone. One day he came there and confessed his love on her face. She was so shocked to react.

She haven’t even seen him before.  From then she started to observe him, she had a record of all his activities and it took her a month to accept his proposal. That too was here, in this place only.

From then, they used to sit there and talk, he helps her in studies, they shared their miseries. She was his strength from then only. Whatever trouble he is in, he gets relived seeing her smiling face. Even if the problem is above her head, she was with him. So was he.

They smile remembering those beautiful days.

By recess they had to leave.

Rag: What do want to have now?

He said what he wants and they had that food.

Rag: Now?

San: I regret taking car, I want to go for a long drive with you, like earlier days.

Rag: Well, we can’t leave the car here right, so we will go by car only. For  long drive.

Sanskar nodes and then they went for long drive. They visited all the places they went to, when they were studying. It was nostalgic, each place had different stories about them.

It was on the top of a cliff they hugged each other first. It was on her birthday and she was overwhelmed by the surprise he gave.

They stood there remembering it.

San: Hug me like you did.

She smiles and hugs him dearly. Breeze was touching them, the atmosphere was so sweet. She kept her head on his chest was listening to his calm heartbeat. He kisses her head. It was blissful.

They went to other places, whereever they roamed. After marriage they couldn’t go out like earlier. Because they were husband and wife not lovers, they know they have responsibilities and performed their duties without fail and where happy with their present life. But they missed their lover life and today they are living it again.

Sanskar was very happy. At dawn they went to beach. The place where they kissed first. It was her dream, to be kissed under the moonlight, and he know her liking towards the beach.

It was on new year. At night he came to her home, parked his bike at distance and called her. She came to balcony, and he made her come down through the ladder.

He then took her to beach. They celebrated new year   there and also shared their first kiss.

Now they are standing in the same beach, but it was dawn, still there was no one. He smiles, she without any delay, placed her lips on his.

After spending quality time there they came back home.

The whole day food was according to his wish.

In their room:

San: Now say, what is all these?

Rag: (grinning) it wasn’t two of us who went out, but three.

San: Three, how was your ghost too with us.

Ragini frowns, she hits his forehead.

Rag: Not my ghost, but a part of me, and also you.

Sanskar still didn’t understand.

San: Stop beating around the bush, say clearly.

She sighs, but took his hand and kept on her belly.

Sanskar looked at her surprised, words were failing him.

San: Ar, are you su, sure, we, we are becoming parents???

She nodes happily, both had tears in their eyes, he lifted and twirled her around. He was shouting.

Ragini laughs seeing his excitment.

Then suddenly put her down.

San: So, sorry, I was very much excited, that’s why, it won’t affect our baby na?

She smiles widely and nodes no.

He breathes normally.

Rag: I am going to have too many hormone changes and you will have to bear all my mood swings, so before starting all those, I wanted you to enjoy a day as you I want and to follow you. Because from now, it would be reverse.

Sanskar didn’t know how to react to this, it so true that he will have to bear all her tantrums, but then she is has to bear much, and the delivery pain, well his sufferings at the of her pregnancy is nothing compared to what she is going to have. Still she is worried for him, and not her. This quality of hers was the one which pulled him towards her.

He hugs emher tightly.

San: I am blessed to have you. And very much excited to meet the gift of our love.


How was it, ignore mistakes please☺️

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