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Let’s peep into today’s episode..


It’s morning. Ritika opens her eyes as sun’s rays fall on her.. She wakes Abhi up..

Abhi : Ritika.. Let me sleep for some more time..

He says still leaning on her shoulder..

Ritika : Stupid Abhi. We have to open the lock before Shruti di and Arnav bhai gets up..

Abhi gets up with a jerk.. By then Sid and Swadhu came that side..

Sid : Hey.. Abhi.. What are u both doing here??

Abhi : Don’t say me that both of u are my friends.. Shame on u.. Did u check whether we came to ur home last night??

Swadhu : What?? U did not come home last night??

Ritika makes pout and nods..

Abhi : Swadhu.. Open ur eyes and see the world around u.. U might be romancing with ur fiance..But remember that u brought ur friends too here..

Sid : So sorry yaar.. Where did u sleep last night?

Abhi : Here only..

Swadhu : In this open space?? But why did u come here??

Ritika : Di.. That’s a big story..

Ritika tells whatever happened last night..

Sid : So.. Arnav bhai and Shruti are in this store room??

They nod..

Sid : Hey Abhi. Go and open the lock.. If she wakes up and knows that’s u,she will eat u alive..

Abhi goes there to open the lock.. He opens it and opens the door too.. He was shocked that he could not find Shruti and Arnav there.. He steps inside.. By then,Arnav and Shruti covered him with an old blanket as they were hiding behind the door.. Arnav held him tight while Shruti began punching him hard.. Abhi screamed..

Sid,Swadhu and Ritika came there.. On seeing Arnav and Shruti charging at Abhi they burst out laughing.

Abhi : Someone save me.. They are trying to kill me..

By then,Sid ran to Shruti and stopped her from hitting Abhi.. She was furious and did not stop.. Sid tried hard and stopped her..

Arnav released him and Abhi falls down..Shruti was panting heavily..

Abhi : Thank God.. Somebody saved me..

Swadhu ran to him and take the blanket off him.. He began moaning like a puppy.. Ritika laughed on seeing him..

Abhi : Are u my wife?? Don’t u feel pity for ur husband?? What kind of a wife u are??

Ritika : U deserve this Abhi.. U made me sleep in mosquitoes and cold nah??

Shruti : What? U too slept in cold and mosquitoes??

Ritika told her whatever happened..

Arnav : Wah!! How can anyone escape Shruti Singh Raizada ‘s curse??

Shruti : Correction.. It’s Shruti Srinivasan.. I am still angry at u..

Abhi : Wait.. What??Shruti.. U cursed me??

Shruti : ya.. I cursed the one who locked me inside.. Now only I came to know that it was u.. If I had known it before,I would have curse some more..

Abhi fakes crying.. While all others laugh..


They do rituals for Sid and Swadhu.. It’s afternoon.. They go for lunch.. By then,Sid’s Aunty tells about a competition..

Aunty : So.. Now we are gonna conduct a competition..

Abhi : Ritu. What this competition and all?? I am really hungry.. I am going to eat..

Aunty : The competition is in eating only..

Abhi : Wah!! Aunty.. U are a genius.. Surely I am gonna win..

Shruti,Arnav,Sid,Swadhu and Ritu gave a whatever look..

Aunty : Here.. The twist is.. All wives have to feed their husbands.. And the one who eats more will be the winner..

Shruti : What is this yaar? I am sure I will be out even in the first round.. Arnav Singh Raizada and eating?? No way.. I am sure he will not even participate.. (To Swadhu) Dear.. U are going to win.. I know.. Nobody can beat Sid in eating..

Abhi : Hello.. Mrs. Shruti Srinivasan..Have u forgotten me?? I am going to win..

Shruti : Abhi.. Don’t u have timing sense?? I am talking seriously and u are joking?

Abhi : What?? Do u think I am joking??

Shruti did not answer and turn away.

Abhi : Ritu.. U don’t worry.. We are the winners..

Ritu : Let’s see..

Swadhu : Hello.. Mr. Abhijeet.. Let me see how u win when my Sid is here..

Sid smiles proudly..

Abhi : Let’s see.. 2000 Rs bet,ok??

Swadhu : Ok..

Arnav : (thinks) What is this weird competition? I haven’t participated in such competitions.. I and eating?? Sounds odd.. But I have to do it now.. Shruti is still angry at me.. I have to impress her by winning this competition.. (To Shruti) Shruti.. I will participate..

Shruti : What?? I can’t believe my ears..

Arnav : I will participate.. I don’t eat oily foods.. But no problem as it is a competition.. I will adjust..

Shruti : If u don’t want,that is OK..

Arnav : No.. I will do it..

Shruti nods..

Ten couples participate in the competition.. The plate had snacks like sweets,samosas,pakodas etc.. Shruti,Swadhu and Ritika began feeding Arnav,Sid and Abhi respectively.. The husband’s began eating them fast..

After 5 minutes,5 couples gave up..
Ritika pushed jalebi into Abhi’s mouth.. He struggled to eat it..

Swadhu was giving samosa to Sid.. He had no difficulty in eating as he is very good at it..
Arnav had mouthful of pakodas.. Shruti cheered him up and gave him water in between..

After 2 more minutes,Abhi gave up..

Swadhu shouted : Abhi,the loser.. Get ready with 2000 rupees..

2 more couples too gave up.. Arnav and Sid were eating whichever Shruti and Swadhu gave them..

Swadhu : Sweetheart.. Do it.. U can do it..

She fed him with laddoos..

Arnav was struggling to eat.. He had mouthful of food.. Shruti felt pity for him..

Shruti : No need to trouble urself.. U can give up..

But Arnav did not listen.. He wanted to impress Shruti whatever happens..

Abhi : (thinks) Let me make Sid lose this competition.. (Shouts) Sid.. Don’t eat much.. It’s ur marriage tomorrow.. If u eat so much,then u have to be in the washroom the whole day tomorrow..

Ritika looks at him while Abhi winks at her.. Sid hears it but Swadhu does not as she was busy in feeding Sid..

Sid : (thinks) Oh God.. He is saying right.. What if I get some indigestion problen?? I have to be in washroom the whole day.. I already had enough of it.. Let’s give up..(to Swadhu) Dear.. I can’t.. I feel like vomiting..

He pretends to run to the washroom..

Shruti looks at him.. She smiles widely.. She raises her hands and shouts “ We are the winner”.. She hugs Arnav.. Arnav had mouthful of food and he could not even talk.. He struggled to swallow it.. Shruti looks at him..

Shruti : ( Pulling his cheeks) u look so cute..

She gave water to Arnav and he is ok after that..

Arnav is happy to see her happy.. She goes to Abhi and Sid and began irritating him..

Abhi : Hello.. I and Sid gave up so that u should not feel bad..

Shruti :is it?? Don’t lie u liar.. I know how u struggled.. And Sid ran to vomit.

She laughs..

Swadhu and Ritu : U are waste fellows..(to Sid and Abhi)

Abhi makes pout face..

Sid : Shruti.. U began celebrating my defeat,isn’t it??

Shruti : Ya.. Kind of.. I remember how many times u have left me and supported Swadhu as she is ur love.. Now it’s my turn.. I am supporting by hubby now..

Sid gives a look.. Arnav comes there..

Sid : Bhai.. I did not expect that u will win..

Shruti : Its all my training..

Abhi : That’s what I wonder.. U trained him and even then he has won.. How is that possible??

Shruti hits Abhi.. Arnav excuses and goes..


Shruti searches for Arnav as she did not see him for long.. Finally she catches him..

Shruti : Hello.. Mr.Husband.. Where have u been?? I was searching for u for long..

Arnav : I was in the room.. Not feeling well.. I think it’s indigestion.. I hear some sounds from my stomach.. I was going to washroom every now and then..

Shruti laughs.. Arnav stares at her..

Shruti : Who asked u to participate in that competition?? U should not have taken part..

Arnav : I did it for u only. To see u happy..

Shruti sees him with love.. Arnav too sees her.. They have an eye lock..

Ishq bulaava, jaane kab aave Ishq bulaava, aave jab aave Main ta kol tere rehna Main ta kol tere rehna Main ta baitha kol tere plays..

Un vizhigalil vizhunda naatkalil nan tholaindhadhu adhuve podhume veredhuvum vendame anbe plays..

Abhi comes to the place and they get distracted..

Abhi : Bhai.. Sid asked me to call u..

Shruti : He will come.. He is not feeling well..

Abhi : What? U got indigestion?

Arnav nods.. Abhi too laughs.. Shruti joins him.. Arnav stares at him angrily..

Shruti : Abhi.. Don’t laugh at him.. He is ur boss.. Remember that..

Abhi : Ok ok.. Bhai.. sorry.. I will get medicine..

Abhi gets medicine and Shruti gives it to Arnav.. Arnav feels good then.


It’s night.. Sid and Swadhu’s reception happens.. After that, they go to sleep as the next day is their marriage.. Abhi and Arnav go with Sid and Shruti and Ritika go with Swadhu for sleeping..

Arnav was thinking something seriously biting his nails..

Sid : Arnav bhai..? Where are u lost??

Arnav : What else?? I am thinking about ur friend only..

Sid : What did she say??

Arnav: She told in the morning nah?? She is angry at me.. I know I did a lot.. I don’t know how to convince her..

Abhi : Bhai.. It’s so easy.. If u get anything for her to eat,she will get convinced..

Arnav : I don’t think so.. She is talking nicely.. But she says that she is still angry..

Sid : Bhai.. Get her ice cream.. She will be cooled..

Arnav : Is it so?? Where can I get ice cream in this village??

Abhi : That’s impossible bhai.. No shops in this village.. And this idiot Sid has brought us here and that too he tells that it’s our honeymoon.. How stupid!!

Sid : Don’t act like u came from America.. I know how ur native will be..

Abhi keeps quiet..

Sid : Arnav bhai.. I think Shruti is trying to irritate u.. She is convinced already.. But she acts I think.

Abhi : Ya.. She can be given award for her acting.. I too think that she is acting..These girls!! Ritika too is acting well these days.. Seems like she has learnt it from Shruti and Swadhu..

Sid : U are right.. Swadhu is very good at acting like a deaf.. Whenever I say,I love u,she acts like she has not heard anything.. But then,she will start her “ u are so unromantic “ drama..

Abhi : People write jokes about wife’s.. I think that’s so true. She is getting on my nerves nowadays..

Arnav and Sid too nods.

On the other side, Swadhu gets choked..

Ritika : Swadhu di.. Seems like Sid bhai is thinking about u..

Swadhu : He might be complaining about me..

Ritika : Abhi would be surely complaining about me..

Shruti : Arrogant Singh Raizada would be scolding Me by now..

Ritika : Swadhu di.. How nice ur love story is!! U are marrying the one u loved for nearly six years..

Shruti : Ur story is no less than hers.. U have a filmy wedding nah?? I thought things like this happen only in movies.. But it happened in ur life.. How nice!

Swadhu : Darlo.. What about urs?? A dreamy wedding nah?? In both north Indian and south Indian style.. And ur love story.. We thought both of u are angry birds.. But u were love birds..

Shruti thinks of Arnav.. Swadhu and Ritika also think of Sid and Abhi respectively..
The boys they too think about their love birds..

Tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai plays..

Unnale en naalum en jeevan vazhude plays..

PRECAP : Sid- Swadhu wedding..

Really sorry for posting late.. Happy weekend guys.. Next episode will be on Monday.. Take care.. Love u loads..


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