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Fate will always bring us together (raglak) (swasan) episode: 1

Hi guys this is my first FF. I hope you guys like it……. so let start the story


Inspector is scolding the constable.

Inspector:(serious mood) how can you all be this careless. you all useless. you all able to any good thing. how can you all let the two criminal to escape from the jail. Now go and search for them.

constables: yes sir


Where two boys were running. They hide behind a wall.

1 boy: how long we have to keep running like this. we need to do something.

2 boy: yea! we need to do something or else the police will catch us laksh.

(Guys it is laksh and sanskar who is running from police)

suddenly sanskar heard police sound.

sanskar: laksh i think police is coming in this way. we need to go from here.

laksh: hmmm , come let,s go.

sanskar and laksh are running. They try to find a safe place for them to escape from police eyes. suddenly laksh get an idea to go back to maheshwari mansion he tell this to sanskar.

laksh: sanskar wait, i think the best place for us to be safe is our house maheshwari mansion.

sanskar: what!!!!!! laksh seriously, when we escape from jail the police will think that we will go to our house. It,s not safe for us to go to maheshwari mansion.

laksh: yeah you are right. I didn,t think about it.

After running for so long laksh and sanskar get tired. ( now they are running inside the jungle). laksh and sanskar saw a hut in the middle of the jungle. It was a night time they decided to take a short nap inside the hut. they slept peacefully.


laksh wake up and look here and there and wake sanskar, who is sleeping peacefully. Both laksh and sanskar get shocked to see the hut. It is beautifully decorated. suddenly laksh and sanskar heard someone opening the door. They both get shocked.

RECAP:  Two girls enter the hut. They get shocked seeing laksh and sanskar.

I hope you guys like it

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