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Beauty and the beast (anupre) part 1

Hello anupre fans! I’m here with a fan fiction on our fresh couple! Hope you all enjoy it! My name is aliya by the way! Lets start!

anu: Ever since Madhuri Sharma burned down the basu house as well as anurag’s family, anurag has felt nothing but anger and hatred towards the sharma’s. So imagine anurag saving an Sharma? It’s true, he did. Going into the woods, anurag saved prerna from her abusive boyfriend or so he thought. Because later on he learns that prerna is his mate and she was already scarred emotionally, mentally, and physically by her boyfriend.

pre: Ever since she came out of an abusive relationship, her father (shekar) knew that telling her about werewolves will cause her to go further into depression. Being the youngest child in the family and as well as being naive, prerna knew that someone, or something had saved her from her abusive boyfriend in that night. In the woods.

Now join anurag as he mends his broken beauty and prerna mends her broken beast



She was running. Was running, far away from him.

“Hey come back NOW!” She heard him yell in pure anger.

Prerna had tears falling down from her eyes as she cried silently while running. She was trying to find an exit or at least a place to hide. Anywhere to get away from that monster. She then started to look around the woods which was awfully scary to her, especially at night. The trees looked ominous like the ones shown in many horror movies. Prerna was frightened from even the slightest ‘snap’ of a twig or the drift of the wind petrified that her boyfriend, Navin was right behind her.

Navin was a cruel man. Prerna knew this even before she started to date him. Well, she was forced to date him. Navin terrified Prerna and threatened her that he’ll hurt Shivani. Prerna begged him not to hurt her older sister and ended up dating him. Navin was horribly abusive towards her. He always gave her bruises from slapping or beating her up which Prerna always had to cover up. She wanted to tell her parents about Navin, but he of course threatened her, which she was forced to oblige.

But now, she had enough.

At first Navin was acting weird towards her. Being nice, gentle towards her. Prerna thought Navin was trying to change. But she was wrong. Navin was pretending to be nice to her for an excuse to touch her. And just lately he tried to force himself on her and that’s why Prerna was running. Just then Prerna heard a few twigs snap making her gasp in surprise. She looked around before quickly running towards a tree and hiding behind it. She peeked to see Navin looking around before running the opposite direction.

Prerna sighed and turned back only to see Navin smirking at her. Her eyes widened as she tried to run but Navin held her by the waist and shoved her into the tree making her cry in pain. Navin tsked.

“Prerna, Prerna, Prerna. Do you really think you could get away from me?” Navin sarcastically asked.

Prerna started to cry.

“P-P-Please let me g-go” she pleaded, making Navin laugh before glaring at her and held her neck.

Prerna tried to struggle herself free but couldn’t as Navin took off her jacket. Prerna was full on crying at this point.

“Shut up you little b****, otherwise I will do far worse. Do you understand?” Navin glared.

Prerna furiously nodded in fear of him. Prerna began to quiet down before starting to scream due to the pain Jay was giving her.

“HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!” Prerna yelled.

Navin slapped her across the face as she cried.

“There’s no point crying for help. Because no one is going to save you now” Navin smirks as he evilly laughed.

And Navin was right. Prerna laid there, silently weeping as Navin took full advantage of her. The next thing you know Navin was pushed off of Prerna as Prerna swore she saw blue eyes. Blue eyes that resemble much like a beast. The beast disappeared along with Navin when Prerna heard voices.

“PRERNA!” The voice shouted as she soon recognized to be her dad’s.

“Dad!” Prerna cried, too weak to shout.

Prerna soon felt a jacket surrounding her petite body as she slowly looked up to see her dad looking at her with tears in his eyes.

“Dad” Prerna cried as she hugged her dad.

And that was the last thing she saw before her vision became black.

~Dream Over~

“DAD!” Prerna yells. Shekar Sharma comes rushing out the front door along with his wife Divya and oldest daughter Shivani Sharma.

Shekar ran towards the car where he saw his youngest daughter crying. Shekar hugs her as Prerna was lying her head on her father’s chest and cries.

“Dad, t-the b-bad dream” Prerna stutters out as Shekar understood what she was talking about.

After the horrible incident a few months ago, Shekar decided to move his family back to London. Shekar spent months trying to find Navin, but it was like he vanished into thin air. Shekar was going to continue searching when some sightings of what might possibly be a werewolf on the lose, possibly an alpha appeared. Shekar decided to move his family to London, thinking that it will be a change of scenery for Prerna. While driving he noticed his daughter was asleep and didn’t want to wake her up. His oldest daughter Shivani, his wife, and him carried all the boxes towards their new house, leading up to the situation now.

Feeling his daughter calming down, Shekar decides to get her mind off as he asks “do you want to see our new house?” As he wipes his daughter’s tears.

Prerna looks at the huge house before looking back at her dad. She nods before hopping down the car and coming face to face with her older adoptive sister, Shivani.

“Come on Prerna, I’ll show you your room” Shivani smiles as she gently holds her sister’s arms, being careful not to apply pressure as her arms was still covered with bruises and scars which the Sharma’s thought that Navin created. Navin may have created the bruises, but Prerna was the one cutting her arms and leaving scars, making sure her family never get to know of it.

Getting back on track, Shivani leads Prerna into their new home and brought her upstairs towards the last room on the right.

“And this is your new room!” Shivani says. Prerna couldn’t help but gasp in surprise.

To her, the room was very big. The walls were cream and the floor was fluffy and white. Prerna further walks into the room and looks to see she had a bathroom in the corner of her room and had a double bed in the centre of the room.

“Do you like it?” Prerna hears a voice as she gasps in fright but calms down to see her dad.

“Thank you dad” Prerna says.

Shekar sighs and smiles.

“No problem.” Prerna slowly looks towards her dad and slightly smiles.

“Now me and your mom are going to make some food. Just try to eat some ok?” Shekar asks his daughter.

Ever since that night, Prerna has been having problems eating. She always ended up throwing up her food. Prerna bit her lower lip.

“ok dad, I will try” Prerna says making Shekar smile.

Shekar hugs  Prerna before he leaves and her and Shivani started to unpack.


“Dad, I’m full” Prerna whispers as her father sighs.

Prerna only ate 8 bites of her food (which was a few more bits that usual) before she claimed to be full.

“Ok, why don’t you go upstairs and get yourself ready for bed” Shekar says.

Prerna nods as she hugs her sister and her mom saying goodnight before walking upstairs. Shekar looks at his wife as they both sigh.

“At least she ate 8 bites of her food” Shivani says, trying to think of the positive side.

“But it’s still not enough for her” Divya says.

With that the rest of the family finishes eating before Shekar went upstairs to check up on Prerna. Going upstairs Shekar sees his daughter unpacking.

“Prerna, I thought I told you to go to bed” Shekar slightly scolds as Prerna jumps up in surprise before looking at her dad.

“Sorry dad” Prerna whispers.

Shekar looks at his daughter before walking up to her and hugging her. Prerna hugs him back as Shekar says “no need to apologize Prerna, I was simply just telling you.” Prerna nods as she breaks the hug, grabs her teddy bear and than jumps into bed and goes under the covers.

Shekar walks over to her and kisses her forehead.

“Go to sleep sweetheart tomorrow you and shivani will start your new school” Shekar says.

Prerna begins to grow nervous. Every time she went to school all she worried that Navin would be there and will hurt her. Ever since that night no one had seen Navin. It was like he vanished into thin air. Prerna never told anyone about the blue eye beast she saw, just in case no one believed her. Shekar seems to sense her panicking.

“You don’t have to worry, shivani will be there with you at all times, I promise” Shekar says.

Prerna nods.

“Ok dad. Goodnight” she says as Shekar smiles. Saying goodnight to his daughter he was about to leave when he suddenly remembers.

“Prerna, you forgot to take your pills” making Prerna sigh in disappointment.

She was hoping her dad would forget. She sits up as her dad comes back with her pills and a glass of water. Shekar hands her the pill as Prerna stares at it. She sighs before quickly swallowing the pills and drinking the glass of water.

“That’s great sweetheart” Shekar says and tucks his daughter in one last time before leaving.

Prerna watches her father leave before closing her eyes unaware that someone with brown eyes and black hair is watching her.

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