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Love after arrange marriage-Ep-21-(Riansh)- Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2

Love after arrange marriage-Ep-22-(Riansh)- Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2

Sorry guys for being late..I will answer comments in the comment section form now ..Enjoy

Episode starts with…,

Its midnight ..Everybody is sleeping and suddenly Riddhima wakes up and runs to washroom ..She vomits there ..After some time, Vansh wakes up and sees her ..He goes there and gives her medicine .He says,”Let me call the doctor.”  Riddhima says,”Now ?? No doctor will be possible to come here.” Vansh says,”When Vansh Rai Singhania is there everything is possible..” He calls to the doctor …The doctor comes. He checks up Riddhima and says,”Congratulations!! Ms.Rai Singhania, specially to you …Your wife is pregnant..” Daadi says,”What ??? Thank god ..Vansh  and Riddhima congratulations  beta ” Everybody congratulates Vansh and Riddhima.. They both get happy .. They smile looking at each other …😊

Daadi says,” Distribute sweets among our relatives …I will keep a pooja…” Vansh says,”Pooja ??? for such a small good news..” Daadi says,”Beta , its a very big good news ..” Siya says,I thought Chanchal bhabi will be pregnant first as they married earlier ..” Daadi says,”Not marriage , love matters which is more in Vansh and Riddhima..” Vansh and Riddhima blush …☺

Next morning..

Vansh says,”soon to be mother..Do you wnat something??” Riddhima says,”Today from where sun has rose ??” Vansh says,”From where it rises..Obviously..But why??” Riddhima says,”Because ..You Mr Vansh Rai Singhania is asking to me for something..How does this miracle happened ??” Vansh and Riddhima  laugh..😂🤣 Daadi says,Tomorrow its pooja so invite everyone.” Ajay nods yes ..

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