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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 17: Closeness?

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The episode starts as……

At 01:00pm on the beach,

Riddhima: What are you doing? I am really hungry. Let’s go and have lunch.

Vansh: I am ready to leave but you are arguing.

Riddhima: Then why are you continuing it now? I am leaving. [She walks ahead].

Vansh walks behind her silently. They reach the restaurant. And they find that lunch is already present on the table.

Riddhima: Is it only me and you? Where are others?

Vansh: Who others?

Riddhima: Sejal, Kabir, Angre and Sia.

Vansh: Well, they said that they will have it later like nearly 02:00pm.

Riddhima(sad): Oh God! Again only you and me!

Vansh: Okay! You have it now since you are hungry and I will join the rest later.

Vansh gets up and turns to leave. Riddhima wraps her fingers around his wrist and makes him sit. She serves the food to him on his plate.

Riddhima: Now have food with me. You can join others later maybe next time because I won’t be coming. HAVE FOOD!

Vansh ignores her. Riddhima tries to feed him with the spoon but he turns his face away from her. Riddhima gets up from the chair and leaves from there. After a minute, Vansh turns back but doesn’t find her next to him. He looks on for her and finds her standing near the exit. He walks up to her and stands behind her.

Vansh: Why did you come here?

Riddhima: You aren’t talking to me. What will I do sitting next to you?

Vansh: I am Sorry! Please join in. I am really hungry.

Riddhima(turns to him): Alright! I forgive you😜. Let’s go.

They walk upto the table and sit beside each other.

Riddhima(sad): With so much sweetness I served you and was about to feed, but you ignored.

Vansh: Okay. I am Sorry. Let me serve you.

Vansh serves Riddhima. And they start eating. While eating, Riddhima notices some food next to Vansh’s lips. She takes a tissue and tries to wipe it off. During this, they are close enough and share an eye-lock. Just then Sia, Kabir, Sejal and Angre enter the restaurant and notice Vansh and Riddhima close.

Sia: BHAI!

[Vansh and Riddhima back off].

Sejal: What’s going on between y’all?

Riddhima: What do you mean? There’s nothing going on between us.

Sia: Y’all came for lunch alone, didn’t even wait for us. And neither did y’all inform us that y’all are going. We have been starving since so long.

Riddhima stares at Vansh and recalls him saying that others are not hungry and will not come before 02:00pm.

Riddhima: We thought that y’all aren’t hungry now,(pause) Anyways we are done, y’all continue. Vansh let’s go.

Vansh and Riddhima leave. They come out and Riddhima gives a questioning look to Vansh.

Riddhima: Just one question! Why did you lie?

Vansh: I didn’t lie. I told Ishani to go and ask them what time they would have lunch. Then Ishani told me not before 2. And that’s what I told you. Let’s go and ask her only.

Riddhima and Vansh look on for Aryan and Ishani and find them holding hands and walking on the beach. They go near them.

Vansh: Ishani! Why did you lie to me?

Ishani: What! I lied? When?

Vansh: Didn’t I ask you to find out what time others would have lunch and you told me not before 2 o’clock. But it seems, they were hungry for a long time.

Ishani: Oh that! That I agree I lied.

Riddhima: And may you please tell us the reason for this beautiful lie!

Ishani: I thought you both would be happy that y’all got time to spend with each other without others disturbing.

Riddhima and Vansh recall all what happened and start smiling looking at each other forgetting that Ishani and Aryan are around.

Aryan: By looking at y’all smiling, it’s understood that y’all had a lovely time together but ufff…….. those nuts disturbed.

Vansh: It’s nothing like that, okay?

Riddhima: Exactly! You both think too much.

Aryan: Come on Riddhu! I know you well enough. And y’all just need to tell us once that y’all need time, we both will help y’all and if those crack pots disturb y’all, tell me, I will get them on track.

Riddhima: I hope you are done! You don’t need to do anything. Anyways, whatever y’all did, is forgiven. Excuse me and Vansh.

Ishani: You are so good. We didn’t even ask for forgiveness but still y’all forgive us.

Vansh: Ishani! Stop it.

Ishani: Sorry Riddhu! Just kidding. Now can Aryan and I get our time?

Riddhima: Sure! Enjoy!

Vansh and Riddhima leave from there. They go away from Aryan and Ishani while walking. After sometime, Riddhima sits down on the beach. Vansh sits besides her.

Riddhima: You know, Sejal, Aryan and I have always loved beaches.

Vansh: Oh! And what else do you like?

Riddhima: You.

Vansh: What?

Riddhima: Let me complete. You tell me, do you like beaches?

Vansh: I am not fond of beaches.

Riddhima gets up and makes Vansh also get up. She starts walking holding Vansh’s hand. Then suddenly she bends down, takes water in her hand and splashes it on Vansh. She runs away. Vansh runs behind her. She turns to see him just then he catches her, holds her hand and gets her close. Vansh then pours water on her. She closes her eyes. As he’s pouring water over her, he can’t take his eyes off her. Riddhima opens her eyes. They have an eye-lock. Suddenly they get back and act normal.

Riddhima: Why did you pour water on me?

Vansh: It was you who started it by splashing water on me.

Riddhima: That’s absolutely alright!

And they continue walking.

At 08:00pm on the beach,

Everyone’s sitting on the beach. Ishani and Aryan are sitting together holding hands. Just then Aryan points towards the dark sky. Everybody looks on top.

Aryan: Three, Two, One, Boom!

In the sky the fire-cracker burst which leaves a message behind, ‘I love you’. Aryan holds Ishani’s hand and gets her a few steps ahead. He comes on his knees and gets a ring out from his pocket.

Aryan: I love you. I have always loved you and I will always love you. I will be there by your side until my last breath. I want to be there by your side, during your pain, happiness, everything. You complete me! Will you marry me??

Ishani(with a very big smile on her face): Ofcourse, I will. I always wanted this. I always wanted you. How can I let myself be away from you? I had been longing for this.

Aryan places the ring in Ishani’s finger. Everybody claps around and Riddhima and Vansh give a five to each other.

Riddhima(whispers): Yay! It happened! I am so happy for both of them.

Vansh(whispers): I know! I trust Aryan that he would keep Ishani happy.

Vansh and Riddhima smile looking at each other. Everyone else notices this.

Kabir: I guess there’s one more love story being cooked.

Angre: But I wonder where!

Vansh and Riddhima stop smiling after hearing this and get normal.

Vansh: Where is the story being cooked?

Kabir: Right between us. And it’s been cooked since today morning.

Riddhima: Really?

Sejal: Kabir you are wrong.

Riddhima: Exactly!

Sejal: It’s been cooked since many days, I guess we noticed it well today.

Vansh: I think we should cook dinner at home only. Simple words let’s leave.

Ishani: Bhai y’all leave. Aryan and I will come in later. We’ll have dinner here.

Vansh: Okay then we’ll leave.

Vansh gets up followed by Riddhima. But everyone else is yet sitting.

Riddhima: What! Aren’t y’all coming?

Sia: Who among us told that we are ready to leave? It was only Vansh bhai who agreed to go, followed by you.

Vansh: Fine! Y’all sit, I am leaving. I have to go. Riddhima are you coming or staying back?

Riddhima:(thinks for a minute) I am coming. I have work to do. Drop me home first.

Vansh and Riddhima leave from there and go towards the car.

Riddhima: I don’t think you want to go home. You just said it to avoid those talks, right?

Vansh: Smart! But now where do we go?

Riddhima: Definitely my place. I will cook for both of us.

Vansh: On one condition.

Riddhima: What’s it?

Vansh: I will help you to cook.

Riddhima: Ummm…….. Okay.

Vansh and Riddhima drive back home. They get inside. Vansh sits on the sofa.

Riddhima: Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back in some time.

Vansh: Okay! Be back soon

Riddhima goes to her room. Vansh decides to go to the guest room and freshen up till Riddhima comes back. After 15 minutes, Riddhima comes out of her room but doesn’t find Vansh anywhere.

Riddhima: Vansh! Vansh! Where did you disappear? Vansh!

Vansh silently comes from behind. He comes closer to Riddhima but doesn’t say anything. Riddhima feels strange. She notices the vase kept down the table, she holds it and turns to hit, but doesn’t find anyone. Vansh hid behind the sofa.

Riddhima: Who’s here? Where’s Vansh? I guess he’s gone. Much better.

(She sits on the sofa) So much drama he does. He’s still a kid, he’s not grown up at all. Wonder what will happen. Moreover, he gets angry at every small thing.

Vansh who’s behind the sofa gets upset that Riddhima has this view about him. He gets up and walks towards the door. Riddhima holds his hand and gets him back to the sofa to sit.

Vansh: I didn’t know that you think this about me.

Riddhima: I don’t think that about you. I just wanted to find out who was there behind me. Though I was sure it was you but I wanted to know where you hid yourself.

Vansh: Really?

Riddhima: Yes!

Vansh: Okay, so tell me what you think about me. And this time no jokes.

Riddhima: Alright! You are really an amazing person. You respect everyone. You don’t get attached to someone easily but once you do, you can’t leave them. Your world revolves around your family. But most importantly you are a ‘workaholic’.

Vansh: Hmmm…… but there was no need to say ‘importantly’.

Riddhima: Out of all the praises I said, all you heard was ‘importantly’. Great!

Vansh: Fine, I am sorry. Can we cook now?

Riddhima: Alright! FOLLOW ME!

Vansh and Riddhima walk towards the kitchen.

Riddhima: What would you like to have for dinner?

Vansh: Anything that you make well.

Riddhima: Okay, but I need to think now.

Vansh: Parathas!

Riddhima: What?

Vansh: Yes! That time when Rishi had come; you had made. I loved it. Let’s make it today.

Riddhima: Okayy… if you say so. We’ll make parathas’. Let me mould the dough first.

Vansh: What help do you want from me?

Riddhima: Just stand.

Riddhima takes the flour, adds water in it, adds salt and little oil. She starts to mould it. Vansh is looking at her. Riddhima smears flour over her cheeks. Vansh notices it. He gets a tissue and wipes the flour. While he’s doing this Riddhima looks at him. Vansh wipes the flour and then finds her staring at him. He caresses her face. But then Riddhima backs off and turns. Vansh is stunned. Then again Riddhima turns back to Vansh. She goes closer to him and gently touches his face. Vansh is just looking at her. Riddhima walks out of the kitchen. Vansh wonders what happened to her. Just then he sees his reflection on the glass kept ahead and finds flour over his cheeks. He recalls Riddhima touching his face. He looks at her, she’s laughing. Vansh runs after her, she goes away. He tries to hold her but fails everytime. She runs and comes near the sofa, Vansh comes after her. He holds her hand. When he comes closer to her, he slips and both of them fall on the bed. Vansh brushes his cheek with her cheek. She had closed her eyes. Vansh got up from there and came to the kitchen again.

Vansh: Riddhima come and mould fast. I am hungry.

Riddhima quickly gets up and comes to the kitchen. She continues moulding the dough. At last it’s done.

Vansh: I will wash my face and be back.

Riddhima nods as he leaves. She quickly prepares the parathas’ and sets them on the dining table. She goes back to the kitchen to fill water. She keeps the filter tap on and the water is overflowing. Vansh goes there and offs the tap. He gets Riddhima back to the table. They sit together and eat without uttering a word but just looking at each other and recalling their day.

Precap: Riddhima and Vansh share a blanket. Riddhima starts the film. As the film proceeds, Riddhima moves closer to Vansh and closes her eyes. Vansh watches her and wraps his hand around her shoulder. He looks at her.

Loads of love from me to y’all 💕💕

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