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Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai (VANI)- Chapter 1


Hello friends, I am back with the episode. I wish you all will like my fan fiction.

Episode starts with….

Veer takes his hand back from his mother’s grip. He says “Maa, how can you even ask me this question even after knowing about what happened to me?” His mother makes up her voice in an authoritative tone and says “Veer, it is enough now. I know you are affected by some incidents but that doesn’t mean you will have to stop living your life. You have made your life a misery. Being a mother I can’t see you like this. I have listened a lot to you but today it is you who should listen to my words.” Veer gets agitated and turns his face to the other side. He crumbles his fist and hits it to the wall. His mother is stationary with her feelings seeing him hurting himself. She remains adamant about her decision and says “Veer, I want to tell you something. You have to decide it between me and your past. Either listen to my demand or forget me completely.” Veer gets shocked and turns back only to find his mother leaving his room in rage. Veer falls on his knees helpless. He descends his face down to remember someone’s absence. He looks around his room only to recall the smiles it had three years back. The memories of fun he had with someone whom he loved so dearly come across his mind. Tears roll down his cheek as he accepts the reality that he had already lost his dear one. He makes up his mind to recall the words his mother reminded him. He stood up reluctantly and walked away from his room. As he is walking every step forward his soul is moving back from him, but he can’t hold his body and soul together as his body came from his mother and soul is with someone who is not with him. He reached his mother’s room and found her crying. His eyes were struck to find his mother whom he loves a lot is crying. It became difficult for him to accept that he is making his mother to cry from the past three years. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Someone’s memories are flashed in his mind which made him restless but he had to choose one among that person and his mother.

Veer opened his eyes and gazed at his mother. With much pain in his voice he said “I will get married.” His mother got surprised and looked at him. He falsely smiled at her to make sure that she believes his words. His mother walks to him and holds his head “Are you sure?” Veer hugs her to hide his tears from her. He then says “Yes Maa, anything for you.” His words made his mother very happy that she immediately rushed out of that room to contact about the alliances for him. What to do, she couldn’t understand the pain behind her son’s acceptance. Veer is devastated to believe in the fact that another person is entering his life with the relationship of marriage. He cries and says “Maa, how can I tell you? Even if I marry someone I can’t get rid of my past. No one can take place in my heart after her. Coming person cannot be happy with me.”

At the same time in another place:

A girl who is in her late twenties says “Papa, I can’t be happy with any other person.” Her papa says “Bani, you should move on in your life. Just because some person left you doesn’t mean you will stop living your life. It’s been three years but you are still struck with that incident. You always remain sad thinking about his memories. What will happen if you do this? Will he come back? The person who left once will never come back. If you don’t realize this fact soon then even your closed one’s will leave you.” With his words she suddenly stood up in rage and says “Papa, what are you saying? I know you are angry with me but try to understand once broken things can never be attached. I had a past with someone but he left me. How can you even think that I will trust some other person in my life after what happened to me? Tell me what should I do?”” Just then a voice is heard saying “Bani, you should get married.” Bani who is shocked to hear these words turned  back to find her mother there. As soon as she spotted her mother there her eyes became red indicating she hates her mother to the core. She turns her head and ignores her mother. Her mother notices it and says “Bani, I know you hate me but that doesn’t mean I have a right on you. I am your mother so it is my duty to get you married.” Bani who is still feeling irritated with her mother’s presence says “There is no need for anyone to think about me. I have taken care about myself since childhood. So, I don’t want any false sympathy now.” Her mother’s heart was swollen with Bani’s words and she immediately cupped her face to stop her tears. Bani leaves from there without even noticing her mother. She comes to her room and immediately closes the door. She falls down recalling her parents demand that she should get married. She says “How can I marry? I can’t forget what happened to me. I am still angry on myself for what happened. I know I am hurting many people but I can’t forget my past.” She cries recalling her past memories which she had with someone she loved dearly. She says “Why did you do this with me?” recalling someone. Just then she gets a flash on her phone. She checks her phone and finds an email. Her eyes widen up on looking the name of the sender. Her hands shiver to open the mail as it came from that someone who had left her years ago. Her eyes faded up but she gained her confidence to read the mail which she got. She opens the mail and finds a voice note in it. She taps on that message with her shivering finger and the voice note plays.

“Bani, I know that you are angry on me for leaving

You three years back. But remember we can still be

friends. How are you? Are you still living in my

thoughts? I know you can still not forget me but I have

moved on in my life. I am going to marry someone

whom I love a lot. So I wanted to tell you about that.

If you want to come then I will send an invitation to

You as well. By the way my would be wife is so beautiful.

I love her very much. I am very happy to get her.

If possible you can send me your fiance or husband’s

Photo if you have any. I am sure you have moved

on in your life. If not I am sorry. Bye darling.”

As soon as the message ended Bani threw her phone away. Tears fill Bani’s eyes as the voice she heard was of someone’s with whom she wanted to live her entire life. She is shocked to hear that mail. She says “How can he fall to this level? How can he do this to me? How can he forget our memories and the love we shared? How did I make a mistake in finding his true nature? How did I fell in love with this ruthless person?” She cries her heart out as the words of that person are still audible for her. She falls on the ground and thinks about his words. She suddenly stands up and controls her tears. She says “Why should I waste my tears on someone who knows to only play with feelings? Why should I make my dad upset when the person for whoom I care about left me? I can at least make my dad happy rather than anyone else.” With these thoughts she left her room and went to her father’s room. She knocks on the room. Hatred towards that person who left her was clearly seen in Bani’s eyes. Her mother opens the door and gets surprised to see Bani at their doorstep. Bani’s mother forwards her hand to hold Bani but she moves inside without noticing her. Her mother is hurt with Bani’s behavior. Bani goes to her father and says “Papa, I will get married.” Bani had turned her heart into a stone while telling these words. Bani’s father is surprised with her words and says “Bani, Are you sure?” Bani turns back and says “Yes Papa, I will get married.” By telling these words she left from that room. Bani’s parents are very happy with Bani’s decision.

PRECAP: Veer meets Bani. Bani says “I want to tell something to you.”

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