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Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode 15

Hello friends so sorry for not updating for the past few days. Was so busy so I was able to manage only one article a day. Please keep supporting me through the comments. Let’s go to episode now.

Neil and Natasha are travelling in the bike. Natasha sees that there is speed breaker on the way. She fears that Neil may race upon it like rogues to make her collide on him but Neil slows down his bike and crosses it without making Natasha collide on him. Natasha likes his behaviour.
In sometime they reach the Gujral office. Natasha gets off the bike and hands over the helmet to him. Neil gives his broadest smile as he takes her leave.

Natasha: Neil

Neil who was turning his bike turns to look at her. He raises his eyebrows questioning her “What”

Natasha: Go safe…and lets meet later. Bye

Neil smiles again and : Bye Natasha.
The scene freezes on their smiles.

Scene shifts to Sona’s cabin in hospital. Dev hasn’t picked up her call since morning.Sona is Angry, her colleague Kajal comes in

Kajal: Yeh doctor bhi na sadu kahika

She notices that Sona is not paying attention to her. Kajal shakes Sona and brings her to senses

Kajal: Sona…what happened ?

Sona: Men always take women for granted as soon as their relationship gets sure

Kajal: What are you saying Sona

Sona: It’s hardly a day since we got engaged. He has started to ignore my calls

Kajal: Arrey Sona..when was your last convo with Mr.Dixit

Sona: Today morning

Kajal bursts into laughter. Sona stares at her.

Kajal: Sona….I thought he didn’t talk from yesterday. But now you said he spoke to you morning maybe he is busy with some work. He will call you soon. Don’t worry.

Kajal walks away. Sona packs her handbag and comes out.
She goes to her scooty. Just then she hears a horn and turns to see Dev’s car there. Driver Nelson gets out and goes to her

Nelson: Mam I’ll take this scooty home you please go with sir

Sona: No thanks Nelson I’ll go myself.
She starts her scooty, Dev realises the situation and runs to her.
Dev: Sonakshi I’m sorry..I. Couldn’t attend the calls as I was in a meeting

Sona: You could have sent a message atleast

Dev: I know I was wrong..I’m sorry…please come with me….

Sona smiles at Dev’s cute face. Considering this as yes Nelson takes her scooty with him while Dev escorts her to the car.
Sona: Where are we going?

Dev: A coffee date with my fiancée

Sona: Oh wow…by the way my fiancée will join us if we call him

Dev: Sure mam please call him too…I will be pleased to meet Mr.Kargosh

Sona: Huh?

Dev: Fiancée of Ms.Kargosh will be Mr.Kargosh

Sona laughs and: Like Fiancée of Mr.Obodro is Ms.Obodro

Dev and Sonakshi reach the coffee shop.
Dev gets them coffee and they start sipping it and talking a lot.

meri duniya mein tha
main apney hi dhyan mein
kuch toh badal gaya
hai mere aasmaan mein
aisa ye kaisey kyun kya ho gaya
kuch khoobsoorat sa dil ko ho gaya
pehli dafa hai ki mujhmey tu chalka hai
mere rangon mein kuch
dhang hai terey jaise bhi

kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi Plays in the background and scene freezes.


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