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Choti Sardarni 8th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher takes Karan back from Manav

Choti Sardarni 8th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
The door is locked. Manav is worried. He says please open the door. My son is inside. Aditi hears his voice. Servant says take master key from reception. Karan rolls on the bed. Vikram gets the key. Aditi walks upstairs. She doesn’t see Vikram’s face. Her friends call her. Aditi says I was imagining. Vikram opens the door. Karan is about to fall. Manav holds him. He says sorry son.

Sarab calls back Param. Param says papa karan.. Sarab says ouch.. Param says what happened? Sarab says nothing. tell me what happened? Param says nothing. We miss you a lot. Meher asks Semea to try again. Manav picks. He says yes mom? Meher says it’s me. He says what happened? Meher says where are you? Vikram says in Jhalandar. What happened? Karan cries in the background. He says what happened? Meher says don’t know you what happened? He says I have to go for a meeting. Meher leaves. Seema says stop Meher. Meher rushes to her car. Meher calls Sarab. She says Vikram took Karan. Sarab says what? He can’t do that. Meher says he can’t do this. She says I heard Karan on the call and golden temple’s bell. Sarab says that means he’s around in a hotel. You go there. I am coming as well. Sarab tries to walk out. Doctor says where are you going? We can’t let you go in this condition. Sarab signs the paper that he’s leaving the hotel on his own terms. No one is responsible for it. He runs out but faints. Doctors pick him.

Scene 2
Vikram makes milk for Karan. Karan cries. Sarab calls Meher. Meher says are you okay? He says yes Tarkash found out. Vikram is in step inn hotel Room 308. Meher runs upstairs. Aditi sees her. SHe runs after Meher. Meher goes upstairs. Meher goes inside the room. She looks at Karan and cries. Vikram locks the door before Aditi could go in. She rings the bell but no one opens. Meher cries and says AKran.. My son.. Nothing will happen to you.

Sarab says you made a mistake Vikram by kidnapping my son. Aditi calls Sarab. Sarab picks the phone. Aditi says actually I went to hotel with my friends. I saw Meher entering a room. Sarab says what? What are you doing there? She says I came with my friends for lunch. Sarab recalls Manav said he will take Karan. Aditi said if Vikram goes rude to her she will do herself some harm.

Meher hugs Karan. She calls Sarab and says I found Karan. Sarab says is he okay? Meher says I want to.. He says relax. Tarkash is coming there. Meher says don’t touch him. Manav says who are you to stop me? She says his mom. He says I am Karan’s dad. Meher how dare you steal my son. He says you hid from me that Karan is my child. You made him Sarab’s and now you’re accusing me? Meher says you only hurt people. You will put everything on stake for yourself? Manav says he’s happy with me. Meher says look at him. He hasn’t eaten anything. Meher says don’t touch him now. Meher makes milk for Karan. Meher says mama is here. Meher makes him drink the milk. Meher says how did you pick Karan? You never came there. He says I have my ways. SHe says your way’s name is Kulwant. Meher says you shook hands with mummy ji? She killed you. Manav says I am CBI officer. I was trained. And I have right on Karan. I am his father. I have all the right.

Manav says Karan is your and my child. We have equal rights on him. Meher says it’s easy to claim your right but difficult to take responsibility. Meher says I have the first right on him. He says we can be responsible together. If I am unable to handle her better than his mother, I will return him to you. Meher is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap-Param comes to meet Sarab. He hugs him. Meher comes in with Karan. Sarab hugs Karan. Meher says I told Vikram I will ask Sarab and let me know. But what will we do now? How will we handle all this?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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