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Aatma Bandhan 8th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti spoils Cheeru’s Shraddh

Aatma Bandhan 8th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ashok was shocked to hear from Aarti that she was the one who wanted to stop the Shraddh. She held his hand and determined not to let him leave. Ashok slaps Aarti. Aarti was lost. Ashok calls Aarti to bring her to consciousness. Aarti senses it was daydreaming. Aarti says a bush stopping your way is an ill omen, they must wait for 10 minutes. Ashok says it is already half hour left for Shraddh timing and get into the car. Aarti swears Ashok on Guru Maharaj.

There, Indraprasad had started the Shraddh with Guru ji.

At home, Chaitra come downstairs. A young girl called her downstairs. Maatangi stops Chaitra from opening the door. Chaitra insists there is here new friend outside and calls her to play. She says her name is Ahilia. Chaitra takes Maatangi upstairs to show Maatangi the girl who stood outside. From the window upstairs, they couldn’t see anyone. Chaitra says she was there, and even called her. She calls Ahilila’s name. Maatangi was suspicious. She asks Chaitra if she called her by name. Chaitra says she wanted to play with her, and when she forbids her Ahilia was angry. Maatangi advises her not to trust strangers. Maatangi spots Ahilila now and says Cheeru wants to trap them in form of a girl, but they won’t be trapped. Ahilila screams like Cheeru and throws the ball at Maatangi. It hits the window but Maatangi was safe inside.

Ashok and Aarti leave the Sangam. Ashok tells Indraprasad that they faced several hurdles on their way. Indraprasad takes the to complete their task. Aarti doesn’t go with Ashok. She sees a man walking towards her who fell in her feet and then vanishes. She hears Cheeru threatening that she must stop the Shraddh. Aarti continues towards the Sangam bank. Guru ji tells Ashok to dive in water thrice and wear a new dress, they have eighteen minutes left.

Maatangi was in the terrace hanging clothes. Her dress slips and falls down, a duplicate Maatangi appears from beneath.

Aarti tries to stop Ashok from diving in water. She was worried that there had been multiple hurdles already. Everyone stops Aarti and tells Ashok to go ahead. Ashok goes down in water, appears back, dives again and pulls himself up. He dives once again but does not appear on the surface for long. The waves flattened. Everyone from the family was concerned. Aarti screams for Ashok and runs towards water.

From the porch downstairs, Maatangi now called Chaitra. Chaitra opens the window. Maatangi calls her downstairs. Chaitra wonders why Maatangi wants her outside. She tells Chaitra that her friend Ahilila has come here. Chaitra was happy to get a new friend. She runs downstairs. Cheeru in Maatangi’s avatar smirked.

Guru ji says this is evil powers overpowering the Shraddh.

Outside, Maatangi stood waiting for Chaitra. Chaitra asks where Ahilila is. Chaitra’s amulet hits the devil. Maatangi laughs aloud and turns to Ahilia. Chaitra was shocked. Maatangi spots Chaitra from the balcony upstairs standing in front of a duplicate Maatangi. She calls Chaitra to run inside the house. Chaitra runs towards the main door and slips halfway. The duplicate Maatangi started moving closer. The door was shut at Maatangi’s face and inspite of all force it did not open. Maatangi calls Cheeru to spare Chaitra.

Aarti cried for Ashok. Indraprasad had called for swimmers to find Ashok.

There, Jaijamba had prepared for capturing Cheeru’s ghost. Jaijamba says there is something wrong as Cheeru’s ghost must have reached here by now. She could see flowing water. She says Shraddh has stopped, and nothing is proceeding.

The swimmers were unable to find Ashok. Chaitra was unable to get up. Maatangi tells Cheeru to leave her, he cannot harm Chaitra as she wears a protective amulet. Cheeru speaks from inside Maatangi demanding her to pull off the amulet. Maatangi curses Cheeru and challenges him to harm her. Cheeru threatens to pull the amulet off, otherwise he won’t spare her.

Indraprasad cried for Ashok. Guru ji uses his powers and spreads energy everywhere in the water. The energy hits Cheeru who loses his balance and falls on the floor. Ashok’s body floats on the surface of water. The swimmers carry Ashok but this time Aarti faints. Jaisima throws water on her face to wake her up. Everyone else tries to wake Ashok. He finally spits water and wakes up coughing. He says his foot was stuck in mud. He notices Aarti was unconscious. Guru ji tells them to prepare for Pooja. He tells them to take Aarti upstairs, and sends his disciple to bring Rangoli.

Chaitra runs towards the opposite direction of garden. Maatangi was worried where Chaitra is going. The ghost moved towards the backdoor of house. Maatangi thinks the amulet will protect Chaitra. Chaitra sat in a corner behind the planter, terrified. She senses something strange appear from behind the planter. Her amulet was left in the thorns of plant. Cheeru laughs victoriously, as nothing can save Chaitra now.

Guru ji prays near the water and spreads Rangoli in the air. He tells Indraprasad to create a protective shield around the place of Shraddh. The Shraddh had begun.

Jaijamba could sense that the fire ignited. Jaijamba says the child’s father was in danger. Only a few seconds a left for Cheeru’s ghost to follow them. Chaitra was running towards the main gate. The duplicate Maatangi controls her movement from behind and holds her stoned in place. Maatangi was terrified that Chaitra is not wearing the amulet. Chaitra flew in the air. Maatangi cries for her from inside the house. Chaitra was terrified up in the air and calls Maatangi for help. Maatangi spots Cheeru as Maatangi and tells him to spare her. She won’t leave him if something happens to this girl. Cheeru says no one ever felt pity for him as a child. They have dragged protective shield against him. His mother lied to her that she won’t let Shraddh take place. Now he will show what he is capable of. He drops Chaitra.

Aarti wakes up startled and runs for Ashok. Vayda tells Aarti that Ashok is fine. She was unconscious so they brought her here. Shraddh must be about to end. Aarti could see a visual of Cheeru and fallen Chaitra in front of her. Vayda could not see what Aarti was capable of. She screams that this Shraddh must not take place. She pushes Vayda whose head hits a wall. Aarti herself runs towards the spot of Shraddh. Pandit tells Ashok to take Astiya and visarjit it in pious lake.

Jaijamba read some verses. The ghost of Cheeru leaves Maatangi’s body and flies in the air. The Pandit tells them to hurry up, they need to finish the tasks within two minutes. Aarti reached there and threw everything in the air. Everyone was shocked to see her. Aarti says she won’t let her son Cheeru go anywhere. She brought him up, and live with his memories. She is not ready to send him away. They can’t do the Shraddh. She doesn’t want to free his ghost. She wants her Chaitra and Cheeru and that is all. She had spread everything belonging to pooja at the spot. Aarti now runs to Ashok and takes the Astiya back. She faints in Ashok’s arms.
Jaijamba tells Rani to spill Aarti’s blood on the doll’s head. She wonders why the ghost did not reach them. Rani asks if Sharddh has ended. Jaijamba says someone stopped the Shraddh. Jaijamba was determined not to fail. She says she was trying to capture Cheeru’s ghost during the Shraddh. The ghost had flown into Jaijamba’s house and burst the floor and the doll. Jaijamba laughs that ghost now looks at Cheeru. Her task was accomplished. Rani and Kriparker were happy.

Maatangi opens the door and runs outside to wake Chaitra up. Jaijamba pulls a bangle from her dupatta. She says it is a bangle she gifts Rani. She will be able to see Cheeru and even converse with him in the house. Otherwise she would not be able to see Cheeru around her. Rani takes the bangles. Jaijamba restricts Rani not to use the bangles other than seeing Cheeru. Kriparker promises.
At home, Maatangi sat in the temple corner with Chaitra in her arms. Chaitra opens her eyes and calls Mummy. Maatangi was elated and cries gratefully. She asks Chaitra if she is fine. Chaitra confirms from Maatangi if it was Cheeru in her avatar, if he wanted to kill her. Maatangi assures Chaitra she won’t be harmed. God has saved her.

At home, Ashok was furious over Aarti for stopping the Shraddh. He is lost because of her mental instability now. Indra tries to calm Ashok, but he says he was not able to. He could not know Aarti will get so low. Indraprasad says there is a connection between the two things, Aarti stopping him from diving and then his drowning. He wonders what the reason can be to stop her Shraddh. Ashok says Aarti is angry because Cheeru did not speak to her well. Indra calms Ashok and promises that doctor will take care of her. He did not want to go to the room, Aarti crossed the limits and has fallen from his eyes.

Cheeru had entered the house and says no one can hold him out of this room, not even Guru ji. He opens the door of Aarti’s room. Aarti wakes up, her head banging with pain. She says she saved Cheeru. She thinks about talking to Ashok.

Maatangi meets Aarti on the staircase. Aarti asks about Ashok. Maatangi suggests Aarti not to meet Ashok, as he is angry with her. He knows the reasons, otherwise she will explain it to him. Maatangi asks if she will tell him she stopped the Shraddh. Aarti says she will explain him in different way. Maatangi warns that Cheeru will return and create other hurdles. Aarti was sure Cheeru will never harm any member. Maatangi knew Cheeru will return, more powerful and this time the real game will start.

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