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Yeh Teri Galiyan 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Krishi asks Asmtia to wear earrings and lipstick. Asmita says can you live alone? Krishi says don’t worry. I have convinced papa to take you on a date. Asmita says when did you learn this word? She says I just want you two to live happily. Best of luck. Asmita says call me if you have any problem.

Guddan calls Asmita. Guddan says you sound so happy. Asmita says my daughter gives me so much strength. Guddan says I have to invite you to Mamta devas competition. Please come there with Krishi. Asmita says, of course, we will come there. Nandani hears. Shan says Asmita are you ready? Nandani says I will never let you prove you’re the best mother. I will not let you participate in this competition.

Nandani says to Shekhawat Shan and Asmita are going on a date then they would get married. Shekhawat says that won’t ever happen. Nandani says that Krishi is fooling us. She hasn’t lost her memory. But now she will. I will make her suffer so bad.

Scene 2
Asmita and Shan are on their way. Songs play. Shan says why are you smiling? She says you should smile too. Shan says what do you want to eat? She says let’s go to the temple to pray, He says yes. Asmita says you’re agreeing to Asmita? He says I would do anything for Krishi.
Nandani has invited the doctors. She says I will bring the patient. You prepare. Nandai says either you will tell truth or I will actually make you lose memory.

Nandani says to Moni fell. She is bleeding. She is in her room. Nevi runs upstairs. Nandani locks them in a room. Moni says I am fine. Nandani says Krishi your bari ma fell downstairs. Coem. Krishi runs. The doctors grasp her. Nandani says give her shocks and check if she actually lost her memory. Shekhawat comes there. Krishi says uncle please stop them. Shekhawat says we are doing this for your treatment. The doctors tie Krishi. Krishi runs. She hides. Krishi tries calling asmita but her number is off. Shan and Asmita are doing mannat for Krishi. Both of their phones are off. Asmita says in heart, Shan really loves Krishi. I hope he considers her his biological daughter. The dia is blowing. Asmita and Shan save it. Asmita says something isn’t right. Please let’s go home.

The doctors find Krishi. Shekhawat says we shouldn’t do this. Krishi is screaming. Nandani says if you want Asmita we have to do it. The doctors prepare everything for the shock. Krishi is crying. Nandani says do you recall anything? Doctor gives her a shock. the doctor says she is a child, she might die. Nandani says do what I asked you. Shan comes and hits the doctor. He says please don’t hit me. Nandani asked me to do all this. Shan is about to slap Nandani. He says how dare you? Shekhawat says stop. The doctor said this is for her treatment. Shan says I am her father. I decide that. Asmita says Shan Krishi isn’t opening eyes.

Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Atiba

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