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Shakti 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman confesses his love to Soumya

Shakti 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi seeing Soumya with Sameer, thinks she was right, Khushi is Soumya. Sameer asks Soumya to bring candles from inside. Raavi gets inside the house while Sameer and his mum are busy. She sees Soumya in kitchen and is about to go near her, when Sameer’s mum comes and stops her. She says so you are wrong number. Raavi says it is you that have kept Soumya here betraying her, and says now I understand why my brother used to come here. Sameer’s mum tells God don’t want them to be together and that’s why Soumya is getting married to my son in 2 days. Raavi says she trust God and nobody can love Soumya more than Harman. Sameer’s mum asks her to wait for destiny’s answer and says Soumya gave promise to Harman not to meet her. Raavi says I will not tell anyone, but promise will

be broken and Harman will get soumya. She says happy Diwali. Sameer’s mum wishes her too and says happy diwali.

Raavi comes home. Harak Singh stops her and asks from where she is coming? He says you shall be at home and asks where did you go? Raavi says I met Soumya, with whom Harman have Diwali daily. He tells that she has promised Sameer’s mum that she will not tell anyone as she wants to test their love and destiny. She says I am telling you as you know this from day 1. Harak Singh asks am I wrong and asks her to tell truly. Raavi says you were never wrong, but your hatred for Soumya is wrong. Harak Singh says you are a woman, a janini and tells that Harman being a man will increase his family. He says I will hate you if you go against me. He says if I lose my son then you will also lose your son and curses her. Raavi is shocked.

Harman asks Mata Rani, why did he tell Khushi in dream that her marriage with Sameer shall broken. He says why will I think wrong being her friend? Preeto says buddhu. Harman asks did you say something? Preeto pats on his face and says it is not friendship. Harman asks then what is it? Preeto asks him to think what is it? Raavi is helpless and thinks Khushi is your Gulabo. Preeto asks him to think what he feels for her. Harman starts thinking about Soumya and the promise which she gave to him.

Soumya is seated for her haldi rasam. Sameer’s mum applies haldi to her. Sameer says today is my marriage and asks the ladies to play dhol. He dances happily. Sameer’s mum applies haldi to Soumya, followed by other ladies. Ladies praise Sameer’s destiny. Sameer thinks she will be my life partner in sometime. Harman disguise of a woman comes and applies haldi to Soumya. Soumya looks at him surprisingly. One of the woman tells that they will take Soumya to see all the house, and Sameer’s mum to sprinkle rice on her. Harman also goes with them. After house tour, lady asks Soumya to take bath and goes. Harman hides in her room and comes out. Soumya asks why did you come and tells about her promise. Harman says I don’t care about it and tells that I love you so much and can’t live without you. He says I love you….Soumya gets emotional, but asks him if he has gone mad? Harman says yes and tells that I can’t live without you.

Soumya says she is going to marry soon. Harman asks her to cancel her marriage and come with him. Soumya says I can’t do this. Harman says you can’t break it or don’t want to break. Soumya asks him to go. Harman takes Soumya out of the room. Sameer is shocked and goes behind them. Harman calls all neighbors and says everyone will me quietly now. He says I was silent that day as I was unaware of my feelings, he says now I know what is my relation with her and says I love Khushi and will marry her only. Sameer and his mum are shocked. Harman tells Sameer…you will get some other girl, but I can’t live without Khushi.

Sameer asks if he is mad and asks him to leave her hand. He says she is my would my wife and says if you don’t understand then I have many ways to teach you. Harman says now you can’t marry Khushi, as I don’t let it happen. He says if Khushi reached with you to mandap then I will kidnap her from there. Sameer picks rod and hits on Harman’s head. Soumya is shocked. She asks Sameer not to beat Harman. His mum says this is the matter of our house respect. She tries to go to Harman, but Sameer holds her hand. Sameer tells Harman that if he can then snatch his Soumya from him, break this marriage and says I will see if your stubbornness is big or my shoulders’ strength. He pushes Harman. Harman is injured. Sameer asks neighbors to take him. Soumya shouts and asks them not to harm Jolly. Sameer takes her inside. Soumya asks why did he hit Harman and says this is wrong.

Sameer says we are getting married day after tomorrow, and I will not back off if I have to take his life. Neighbors push Harman and ask him to go. Harman asks them to let him go to Khushi. They threaten to kill him and leave. Harman gets up and asks them to let him go to Khushi. Sameer’s neighbors beat him badly with their legs. Soumya asks Sameer’s mum to make him understand. Sameer’s mum says this matter is about our respect, and our respect is yours now. Soumya says what shall I do? Sameer’s mum says Harman shall understand, he acts as if he is a kiddish. Neighbors hit him badly and leave. Preeto calls Harman and gets worried. Raavi says Harman will bring Soumya home.

Harman is on road. Soumya comes there and says I am worried for you. Harman asks her to marry him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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