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Karn Sangini 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun Wants To Marry Uruvi

Karn Sangini 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Uruvi’s maid brings food for Karn on Uruvi’s order in an iron plate. Uruvi scolds her to bring it in golden plate and says she is with her since years and does not know that she does not believe in inequality. She writes letter for Karn and hides in food plate. Servant delivers food to Karn. Fellow charioteers dicuss they knew Karn eats special food, so he is so fit. Karn invites them to share his food. Uruvi watching from balcony thinks why he did not read his message yet. Karn finds letter and reads that she needs gift from him and not via servant, she wants him to meet where sky and earth meet. Servant returns. Uruvi asks her to bring plate. Servant says Karn will not steal it, she will bring in the morning. Uruvi insists to bring it. Servant brings it. Uruvi checks plate.

Servant says everything is in order. Uruvi asks her to keep plate and go. Servant leaves. Uruvi sees Karn asking fellow charioteers where sky and earth meet. They say near lake, today is full moon night and he can wish whatever he wants. Karn picks diamond pouch and says he wants to give instead. Uruvi notices it from balcony and gets ready to leave. Servant enters and asks where is she going. Uruvi says to sleep and sends her. She eagerly opens door to leave when she sees Arjun standing who says he came to play a game with her. She agrees and says even she was thinking same, thinking when he will go. He says they think same.

Uruvi and Arjun’s game starts. Arjun says why Uruvi is determined to lose today. Uruvi thinks when she can go and meet Karn, what if he leaves. Arjun continuing his talk proposes to marry her. Uruvi says he cannot propose her so suddenly, what if she rejects his proposal. He says she should find a better match than him and there is no one better than him.

Uruvi’s mother asks father to find Uruvi and Arjun’s wedding muhurath. Once Arjun leaves, Uruvi leaves palace towards lake. Karn also walks towards lake. A few women return from lake after pooja and suggests Uruvi to drink water after finishing pooja, her wish will be fulfilled. Uruvi reaches lake and waits for Karn. In palace, father looks at holy scriptures to find wedding muhurath and gets tensed. Mother asks if there is any problem. Father says Uruvi and Arjun should marry within 1-2 months, else there is a chance of someone else entering in their lives. Karn meets Uruvi.

Precap: Uruvi tells Karn that moon has set and he could not fulfill his promise. Karn says moon is hidden between clouds and will return. She says let us see. Her mother notices them and in the morning informs Uruvi about Uruvi and Arjun’s wedding plan.

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