Jiji Maa 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Piyali falls in Uttara’s plan

Jiji Maa 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Uttara angering Piyali. Piyali spikes a drink for Suyash. She sends the drink by servant. Falguni comes in the way. Suyash says I asked for mango juice. He takes the juice. Falguni worries. Suyash drinks the juice. He feels uneasy and goes. Uttara signs Piyali. Falguni goes after Suyash. She sees Suyash unwell. Piyali says I can handle my husband, why did you come, you have lost Suyash forever by marrying Karma. She makes Falguni out. Suyash falls asleep. Falguni stays worried. Someone records Suyash and Piyali.

Suyash gets conscious. He sees Falguni in Piyali. Uttara stops Falguni and asks her to click her pics. She says its no use to go there now, whatever had to happen would have happened, you told me that you have accepted Suyash and Piyali’s relation so you married

Karma, now Suyash is taking his married life ahead with Piyali, you don’t need to worry. Falguni gets shocked and scolds her. Uttara says you do care, don’t show this to anyone, else everyone will know that your marriage is a drama. Falguni says so you did this so that I tell truth to everyone and leave this house, this won’t happen. She runs upstairs. She gets inside the room and gets shocked seeing Suyash with Piyali.

Piyali scolds her for coming between them. Falguni asks what did you do to Suyash, he isn’t waking up. Piyali says why will I feed him anything, you don’t give any peace to him, go from here. She makes Falguni out. Falguni goes and tells everything to Vidhaan and Niyati. They get shocked. Falguni worries for Suyash. Vidhaan says we just have to get Suyash out. They see Suyash coming. Falguni asks are you fine. He asks why are you worried. I was dizzy and maybe I fell asleep.

Falguni asks don’t you remember, I will tell you. Uttara drinks. She says you didn’t take advantage of Suyash as you love Karma. Piyali says I can’t ruin my happiness this way. Uttara says we are just giving a big shock to Falguni and Karma, fine don’t keep any relation with Suyash, but make him sure of this. Piyali says I m not so cheap, you are also a woman, will you tolerate such a thing with you. Uttara angrily throws wine on her face.

She asks Piyali to come to senses and know her status. She says don’t equate yourself with me, you are my slave, get out of here. Suyash says I m saying truth, I don’t remember anything, maybe Piyali spiked my drink. Falguni thinks your mum has done this, I can’t tell her truth to you. She says I trust you more than myself, now Piyali will say truth to everyone. He says you are hoping from her. Karma says you look happy, why are you scared as if I caught your mistake, I m happy that you got your love finally. Piyali cries and says no. Karma gets angry and threatens to hurt himself. She hugs him and says I have done this drama, I just love you. He says then go and tell truth to everyone, I don’t trust you, maybe you are using Suyash or saying truth, else forget me.

Uttara says you want to go with Karma. Piyali says I m not scared of you. She goes to tell everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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