Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Khala supports Anarkali

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anarkali talking to Khala. Khala says your life will end if you love Salim. Anarkali says so be it, I can’t let Salim die, he has risked his life and hence I accepted his love, our love has become strong now. She apologizes. Khala says your destiny just has tears. Anarkali says why, maybe we have happiness. Khala says no, he is the King and you are just a maid. Anarkali says I don’t care for the world, I want to know if you are with me. Khala says I m with you, I can see love for Salim in your eyes, nobody should see it, you are safe till this is a secret. Anarkali says I don’t fear anyone. Khala says I m afraid for you, I will protect you. Anarkali comes to Jodha. Jodha talks to her about Khala’s move to get her married. Anarkali says its not Khala’s mistake,

she wanted my betterment. Jodha says I also think for your betterment, I will find a nice groom for you. Salim says I have come.

Jodha asks who called you. He says I came to meet you. Salim teases Anarkali. She gets away. Jodha says I want the palace to glow with diyas. He says you have the most glowing diya. She asks which one. He says the one which is in Anarkali’s hand. Jodha smiles. She says I m glad you kept your friendship with Anarkali, I m going to find a nice groom for her. He says yes, maybe there is someone around. She says I will find a pretty girl for you and get you married. He says yes, maybe she is also somewhere close.

She asks Anarkali what does she think. Anarkali says yes. Jodha asks what type of girl he likes. He says one who is shy, bright, she should be like you, where will I find such a girl. Jodha says I will find a beautiful girl for you. Salim says I can’t refuse to you, I have to marry. Anarkali smiles. Akbar scolds Abul for failing to find the culprit, someone tried to kill Salim, you couldn’t find him, robbers news are coming often, you aren’t doing anything. Abul says our soldiers are trying to find them, they attack at night, they ignite fire and disappear. Akbar says fine, then I will go to catch them.

Salim says you don’t need to go, if you permit, I will manage this work. Everyone smiles. Akbar permits him. He says Salim has stopped Anarkali’s marriage yesterday, since it was happening against her wish, I m proud of Salim and Ammijaan, I want to make this a law, that a girl’s marriage can’t happen without her will. Abul says some poor people want to meet you. Akbar asks him to call them. Some people come to gift this handicrafts and thank Salim, since Salim has helped them. Salim thanks them for paying him respect. He says someone taught me to win hearts to rule. Khanam says Anarkali is in Salim’s heart. Akbar thanks the people. They leave. Akbar and Jodha smile. Salim sees Anarkali and smiles. Ammijaan looks on.

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