Bigg Boss 12 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 53
Inmates wake up to song happy diwali. All hug each other.

Deepak gives a gift to Sree, Sree thanks him.

Jasleen says to Shiv that dont put egg in dish. Shiv says we won this egg. Jasleen says I dont like it, Shiv says its diwali. Jasleen says thats why I am even talking to you.

KV reads about diwali gifts, they all will get video message from their families. You will come to activity area and hear message. They all take a selfie from phone that Bigg Boss sent.

Dipika is straightening KV’s hear when inmates hear a message that ‘when I ask him to read a book, he becomes sleepy’. KV asks whose family is that? KV says its Shoaib for sure. Another message says that once you had light up all firecrackers.

Its from Shiv’s family member, all hug him. Shiv says I love you Neha didi. Surbhi says value of hearing family’s voice. Surbhi’s mother says that we miss you and you are very pretty. Surbhi cries. Rohit hugs her.

Bigg Boss asks KV, Shiv and Surbhi to come to activity area.
They come in activity area and sit. Bigg Boss says you heard a part of message from your families, only one will get a chance to hear complete message from their family member, you three have to mutually decide who that person will be from you three. All get emotional. Surbhi cries and says Shiv can hear it, you need it. Shiv says my parents didnt send message, its my sister, I am okay. KV says I am also okay with Shiv, Shiv says I am fine, look at Surbhi, she has always been protected by her brothers. Shiv says my choice is Surbhi, KV says my choice is her too. Surbhi says I have to listen to my mom. Bigg Boss thanks them and ask them to leave. Surbhi cries and thank them. KV is in tears and leave from there.
In house, Shiv says we cant tell. KV says we had to make a choice, only one can see the message. All inmates are tensed.
Surbhi’s mother message plays, her mother says we love you Shubu, we are missing you, we dont like to see you cry, wish you diwali, remain happy, we miss you but play well, keep it up, you are lioness. Video message from her mother, sister-in-law and nephew. Surbhi weeps and says I love you and miss you so much.

Surbhi goes to house. She hugs Shivashish and KV, while Karanvir sees his family photos and sheds a tear too.
Surbhi says to Shiv that I saw my mom, she said to not cry, she hugs him and says thank you. KV says its okay.
Romil says this is bad.
Shiv hugs Surbhi and have fist fight with her.

Jasleen hears her father’s singing. Jasleen cries and says we made it in my childhood. They hear Somi’s mother’s message that daughters are precious beings. Somi cries. Surbhi consoles her. Megha hears her daughter’s message that she is the best mother. Megha cries. Sristy hugs her and consoles her.

Bigg Boss summons Jasleen, Somi and Megha to the activity area. They have to decide one person. Somi says I want to take Jasleen’s name because she needs to see her father’s parents. Jasleen thanks her. Somi cries and says Bigg Boss I have to see my mom once, for one time only please. Megha says Somi is nominated so she might get to meet her parents but Jasleen needs it. They decide that Jasleen gets to see the video message. Jasleen cries and keep thanking them. Somi and Megha wipes her tears, Megha asks her to smile while seeing the message. They leave from there. Jasleen sees a video message from her father and other family members and breaks down. Her father says wish you happy diwali, we are missing you a lot, we watch you daily on TV, all relatives call after watching show, take care, bye. Jasleen cries and says I love you mom dad, I am so happy.

Surbhi says to Somi that you are strongest that you gave up for other. Jasleen comes home and thanks Megha, she says I love you. Megha says I love you too Jas. Jasleen hugs Somi and says I am so sorry. Somi says its okay, we knew your condition, we are a family here.

Deepak hears his father singing. Deepak smiles and gets emotional. All gather around him. They hear Sree’s wife telling him to keep up his spark. Then Rohit’s father message plays that he will make him proud.

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