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Bepannah 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun and Noor silently confess their love

Bepannah 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Zoya brings mystery woman to her place. Rajvir gets concerned. What happened to Nani? Ziya replies that she came to her house stealthily. Thankfully, no one was there at that time or we would have been caught. Rajvir’s Nani mumbles that Aditya was there. Rajvir looks at Zoya.

Aditya is searching for Kalpana online.

Zoya agrees that Aditya was there. You were lucky that he dint see her or your plan would have been foiled. Situation is so tough. Do you realise what could have happened? I am not with you guys if you cannot be careful! Rajvir asks her who she intends to support then. Zoya says I am with truth. Rajvir gives water to his Nani. She drinks it. Zoya asks him if he sent her at her home with a camera to spy of her. I saved her this time but I wont save her next time? I also don’t

trust you guys at all! Rajvir tells his Mami that he is hearing all this only because of her. Who else was there? What did you see? She takes Aditya’s name. Both of them were dancing. Rajvir asks her who she is speaking about. She shrugs. I don’t remember. He tells her to remember. It is very important. She talks about champagne bottle. I drank it. Zoya says your actions don’t show that you intend to expose Hooda’s. I wont let my plan hamper now by associating with you guys anymore! Rajvir tells her not to over react. Nani is my responsibility. I apologize on her behalf. Zoya acts unconcerned. I came here for my own reasons. I only want my motive to be met. You are an absconding criminal. I wont take much time in telling this to the police. I also know how to create pressure upon someone! She leaves. Rajvir looks upset.

Arjun beats the guys and covers Noor with her dupatta. He thrashes them badly. People gather outside the room. Arjun shouts at them to leave or he will call police. The guys ask him why he is getting so serious. She wasn’t giving any attention to you downstairs! Why are you so bothered? Is she your girlfriend? He accepts that she is his girlfriend. I will not spare you guys if you even try to look at her! I love her! Siddiqui’s and Hooda’s gather there as well and are shocked to witness Arjun and Noor thus. Wasim slaps Arjun shocking Noor.

Zoya hurriedly sits in the car. She does not remember anything. He hands over the tab to her. I don’t understand anything. It is written as suicide case. I don’t know who they are. The surname is same but how to find out the truth. He gets an idea. Let’s make aunty drunk again. Zoya tells him that Rajvir is extra careful now. He isn’t letting her go near the bottle.

Wasim asks Arjun how he dare touch his daughter. Anjana questions him back. Your characterless is doing stuff with random guys. When my son tried to save her, you instead slapped her? Wasim says my Noor knows very well how to protect herself. Insult started after meeting your son. Anjana says you have no control over your daughters. They only know how to trap guys. Elder son trapped my son and now Noor is on the same track. Wasim tells her to mind her tongue. Your son was leaving no stone unturned to chase my daughter. I know my daughter very well. She wont look at your son even if I am no more. Anjana insists that Noor is eyeing her son while he is still alive. You might not see it but I can! I know her planning well. I lost last time but I wont lose this time. Come what may this girl wont come to my house! Wasim retorts that no one is interested to come to her house. She has no interest in your son too. He asks Noor to tell everyone that she dislikes Arjun. He is the one who is after you! Noor eyes him tearfully. Anjana mocks Wasim. Her silence said everything. Both daughters have decided to come to my house only! I think it is your planning. He tells her to stay quiet. My daughter Noor will be miles away from your house and your son. Keep your son away from my daughter too. It will be good for him. He takes Noor with him.

Anjana wonders who has cast an evil eye on her both sons. They aren’t paying heed to me. They are bent upon spoiling their lives. Harsh tells her to relax. They aren’t kids anymore. They can take their own decisions. She asks him if he will support their mistakes. He tells her not to repeat the mistake that Wasim has committed. Not everything is finished! Anjana is sure that Siddiqui sisters have vowed to destroy their family. Arjun tells her not to stress. It is festive time. She tells him he wont understand this at this stage. He assures her that he shares nothing with Noor. She asks him to promise her he wont meet Noor ever again. He replies that Noor hates him. She doesn’t even want to see my face. She hugs him. I only want you to be happy. Noor can never keep you happy. I am just concerned for you as you are too innocent. She will trap you. He nods. I understand. He goes to get ready for puja.

Rajvir scolds his Nani. You ruined all the hard work that we did to control Zoya. You don’t understand that we could lose her. You are lucky that Aditya Hooda dint see you or our plan would have been spoiled! I sometimes wonder if you are serious about our plan or not! She tells him to stop but he keeps on scolding her. She apologizes to him. I wont do it again. I am sorry. She drinks lemon water upon his request.

Anjana sternly tells Victor to be alert in the puja this time. You can forget your Diwali Bonus or salary this time. Harsh tells her to relax and sends Victor back to his work. She shares that she wanted Aditya and his wife to do puja this time but Zoya is bent upon destroying our lives. Nothing wont be good till the time Sanjana comes to our house as the DIL. You only should sit in the puja for now. I cannot take any risk this time.

Aditya asks his brother why he dint tell him earlier. Don’t you trust me? I still cant believe that you and Noor love each other. I am blind with eyes. Arjun says I don’t think there is any hope left after the way Wasim Uncle and mom spoke last night. I have promised mom I will stay away from Noor. Aditya tells him to stop crying. I agree I hate Zoya today but we are together today because of you only! I have a favour to repay and I will bring you closer to Noor. Arjun tells him not to do anything to strain the environment of their family any further. Arjun tells him against it. I don’t think Noor wants to stay with me. Aditya wonders what kind of guys they are who are ready to forsake their love for happiness of their families. Arjun begins to go when Zoya enters. Zoya says right now no one may understand me but I consider you my brother. I will always stay with you. He goes. She decides to speak to Noor once.

Anjana asks Arjun to call Aditya. She asks the pundit ji to start the puja. He reminds her of the family tradition. The DIL’s of the house have been doing puja’s since forever. Anjana is stressed over the fact but Aditya tells pundit ji not to talk old school. Pundit ji asks him if he wont call Zoya for the puja. Aditya tells him to decide who he wants in the puja. The son will leave if the DIL comes. He shouts at Anjana to not fall in his words. I am here. Let’s do the puja. Zoya tells them to go ahead. I am not interested to be a part of this puja and don’t want to be insulted anymore. He too refuses to sit in the puja with him. Leave. Zoya tells him not to tell her what to do. You want me to leave right? He nods. She refuses to leave in that case. Anjana tells them to calm down for now. Zoya can sit wherever she wants to. It is a family tradition that husband and wife sit together in the puja irrespective of the kind of DIL we have. Aditya tries to object but pundit ji blesses Aditya. Zoya sits down for the puja. Aditya sits next to her. Zoya and Aditya smile at each other.

Precap: Pundit ji explains the story of Vishnu ji taking an avatar to end the evil. Zoya too decides to erase evil from their lives at any cost. Later, Aditya comes in front of Rajvir’s car in disguise of their landlord and gets hit intentionally. He later enjoys drinks with the mystery woman. She passes out and he goes inside the room to look for some clue.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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