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Are you excited for Colors’ new show Molkki?

Colors’ upcoming show Molkki revolves around a young girl hailing from a small village in UP. She isn’t aware of the fate taking a turn against her. The show brings another evil social practice in picture. Purvi becomes a victim of the custom where the young girls are sold to rich men for marriage. The brides get bought by the rich landlords. Purvi gets bought for the rich man Virender, who is a middle-aged widower. Virender’s manager finds Purvi a suitable girl for him. She is just the kind of girl Virender wants for his family.

Virender is respected as the Sarpanch of the village. Molkki, the show’s title represents Purvi as a flower bud getting plucked by the evil intentioned people. Virender gets to meet Purvi, a girl with a golden heart. Purvi takes a stand for her dignity, leaving Virender more impressed. The story then focusses on the relationship of marriage binding them together and a new bond of love forming. The show’s unusual concept may interest the viewers. Colors has been always ahead in experimenting shows with social causes. Priyal Mahajan and Amar Upadhyay play the leads in the show. What do you think of the upcoming show? Let us know your opinion.

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