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You Are My Life – Part 2

You Are My Life – Part 2

Hey guy’s thanks for your response 🥰🥰

Here’s the second part

“Bhabhi bhabhi” everyone turned and saw siya Riddhima runs to her and makes her sit on the couch. Siya hugs her and cries
Everyone was happy to see siya conscious vansh goes to her but she stops her by showing her hand ✋
Siya : Mr.Raisinghania dare you come near me 😤😡
No one was able to say a word because siya was so close to Vansh next to Uma
Dadi : Beta why are you talking to ur brother like this

Siya : You all want to know the reason behind my behavior right,
Saying so she tells them the truth Everyone was numb to show any reaction they were drowned in guilt for their behavior to riddhima, Ishani was feeling ashamed of herself for hurting riddhima , vansh heart sank on realizing how cruel he was to riddhima, by now few tears started rolling down riddhima’s cheek
Siya: I never expected this especially from u Mr.Raisinghania you always she’s replica of our mom and you believed one who was behind our lives and punished the person who was ready to sacrifice herself for all yours safety

Angre: Siya now there’s no use of saying all this now onwards she’s not your bhabhi (pointing towards ahana) Now she’s is Mrs.Raisinghania

Riddhima : Yes siya now onwards I’m not your bhabhi and (eyeing vansh)I have no right and no relation in this

Siya and Angre (together emotionally) : We are there for you

The trio shared a group hug 🤗. Vansh was happy for them at the same time he was worried 😟 will she forgive him vansh goes near her and falls on his knees and cries
Vansh : Riddhima I am really sorry 😞 I know what I did to you is unforgettable I’m begging you please forgive me 😭😭😭

Riddhima: Even I was in your position and I begged you multiple of times , as I said now there’s no use of saying all this, be happy with your wife
He was about to hold her in his arms but angre comes there removes his hold on her
Angre : Now she’s not your wife you yourself declared it but she’s my sister don’t you dare to force your decision on her

Suddenly ,Siya(shouts) : Riddhima…..

That’s all for today’s part

Stay safe till we meet on next episode

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