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Twist Of Fate KKB – Episode 8

Previous Episode:

Rhea takes lunch for Sid after didaa asked her to do so. Ranbir plans a surprise candlelight dinner for Prachi. Till Sid completes post-meeting work in the conference room. Pragya and Sushma were having their lunch in the canteen and Rhea almost reached the office. Abhi had to have food from the canteen. Pragya notices that he is having food from the canteen and gets tensed.

Pragya POV:

He knows that he has digestive problems after eating food from outside or junk food, and still doing the same to make me feel guilty. But, this time I won’t get influenced by these tactics and never pity him. Especially, from the betrayal by him. I hate him.

Abhi coughs while eating and Pragya almost gets up from her chain to offer water to him. This is noticed by Abhi and he has a million-dollar lottery ticket winning wali feeling.

Abhi POV:

You still care for me a lot. You are my Fuggi only. But, upset with me and I will surely find the reason for your this kind of behavior soon. Also, I want to know that if you were alive, then why did you not come back to me.


Why did you do this to me? I won’t forgive you for this!!

On the other hand, Rhea reaches the KPR office. She calls Sid and tells him to come out. Sid was surprised and very happy to know that Rhea herself came with food for him. He was on cloud nine and hurriedly goes out. From a distance he sees Rhea.

Sid – Rhea!

Rhea waves her hand looking at him, But he is only looking rather, staring at her. So, rhea walks towards him and jerks him, which brings him out of his state of trance.

Sid – Hii Rhea!

Rhea – What are you looking for? I was waiving to you and you didn’t even respond.

Sid becomes silent as he was only looking at her. So, he lies to her.

Sid – I am sorry Rhea. I was actually thinking about the meeting and the points to keep in mind. So, I didn’t notice.

Rhea – Okay.

Rhea POV:

I don’t understand why didaa sent me here. He is in the office and I hate this typical work atmosphere. But, I have to be here and see to it that Sid finishes his lunch.

Sid – What are you thinking?

Rhea – Nothing.

Sid – Okay. Did you have your lunch?

Rhea – No.

Sid – I think we can go to a restaurant nearby and have lunch.

Rhea – But, I brought your lunch from home and mine will be prepared at home too. I think it is not good to waste food.

Sid – Okay then, we will go there and I will have food you brought and we will order from there too. So, it will be sufficient for both of us. Also,I will inform didaa that you are having lunch with me. So, that food will also be not wasted.

Rhea – Okay.

Sid (happily) – Ok then, I will go and inform the team that I am leaving. Do you want to join?

Rhea – No, Please go ahead. I will wait for you in the car.

Sid leaves towards canteen to inform Pragya and Sushma that he is leaving if there is no further work left.


At canteen:

Pragya tells Sushma that she has to attend another meeting with one of their partners after lunch. But, her car went for servicing. Sushma asks her to take her car and she will call another car from home. She also has to go shopping. She also asks Pragya to take Abhi with her as her driver has taken her car for service. Firstly, Pragya denies and says she will book a cab, but then she had to listen to Sushma.

After completing their lunch, Pragya goes to Abhi and asks him to get ready with the car as they have to leave for a meeting. Just then Sid arrives there having a million-dollar smile on his face. His happiness was visible on his face.

Sid – Hello ma’am. Hii Abhi sir.

Pragya – Why did you come empty-handed here. Where is the food sent by your didaa?

Abhi – let him speak first.

Pragya glares at Abhi as he speaks in between.

Sid – Ma’am I want to ask if I can leave if there is no work left from here?

Pragya – Yes yes, you can leave. But what happened suddenly? I thought we were going to do the paperwork after lunch. After that, I have a meeting lined up.

Sid – I know, but…

Abhi (speaks in between) – Don’t you see the shine and smile on his face. It means he has to go and meet someone special… his wife.

Pragya again gets annoyed at Abhi and he is happy to see her irritated.

Sid(smile) – Yes, actually, my wife brought lunch for me.

Abhigya understands what he wants to say.

Pragya – No worries, just ask your team to get papers ready and we can schedule the remaining work in the next meeting.

Sid gets very happy and nods.

Sid – Thanks a lot ma’am.

Abhi – Arey, no need to say that(again irritating Pragya)

Pragya leaves from there.

Abhi and Sid leave towards parking.


On their way:

Abhi – Where are you planning to take her?

Sid – Actually, I don’t know her choices. So, I am thinking to take her to some nice restaurant nearby. I hope she likes it.

Abhi – Take her to the “Food and Fun” restaurant. It has a nice ambiance and the food is also good.

Sid – I have heard about it. But, did not get a chance to visit. I think it is 5-star restaurant. How did you know that food is good.

Abhi POV:

What to tell this boy. It was my Rhea’s favorite restaurant. How can I forget that?

Seeing Abhi emotional, Sid gets confused and pats on his shoulder.

Abhi – Nothing. I know because it was my daughter’s favorite restaurant.

Sid – Oh okay. Thanks a lot, sir. I will take her there only.

Abhi – By the way, what is her name?

Sid – Rh…

Sid’s phone rings. It was Rhea calling him.

Rhea – Where are you, Sid? I am waiting for you in this car for so long.

Sid – Sorry, sorry. I am on my way only. Please come out of the car in 2 minutes. I have someone to meet you.

Rhea – Who?

Sid – Someone I met recently and he is just like Vikram chacha only for me. He is a very interesting man. I like him.

Rhea – Okay. I am getting out of the car.

Sid puts the phone and turns towards Abhi.

Sid – Sorry, she was angry as I kept her waiting in the parking. Come, let me introduce you to my wife.

Abhi – Angry! Means I also have to face the heat. (in his usual humorous manner)

Sid – No, it is not like that.

Abhi – I know that. I was just joking. You are very innocent. Come, let’s go and meet her.

While they were going towards parking and about to approach Rhea, who was standing with her back towards them, Abhi gets a call from someone in the office to do some urgent work.

Abhi – I think no one wants me to meet your someone special. I need to rush inside, else Pragya would make my life a living hell.

Sid – But,

Abhi – Try to understand. I will come specially to meet her. Promise.

Sid – OK.

Sid goes towards Rhea and Abhi goes in the opposite direction. Sid and Rhea sit in the car where rhea asks sid about the man. Abhi recognizes Rhea’s voice and starts searching for her.

After sid explains everything to Rhea, they leave from there. Abhi sees Rhea’s face in the side mirror of the car and runs behind it. But, was not able to catch them.

Abhi POV (very emotional and happy):

Finally, after 2 years I am seeing my princess. Now I know she is in Delhi, I will soon find her.

Abhi walks towards the office thinking about Rhea.


In Kohli Mansion:

Ranbir is excitedly running through corridors to go out and prepare for a surprise for Prachi. He almost hits Prachi and she was about to fall and he holds her. They were just lost in the eyes of each other when didaa comes there.

Didaa – Puttar!!

Listening to her, they get out of their position and feel somewhat awkward.

Ranbir – I was going somewhere and this Prachi has the habit of falling. She likes it when I hold her.

Prachi looks at him in surprise and widens her eyes.

Prachi – No didaa. He was running in the corridor and bumped into me. Ask him where is he going.

Ranbir – I am not free the whole day. I also have my works to be completed.

Prachi gives a look at his melodramatic dialogues.

Ranbir – No need to see me this way. I am speaking the truth only.

Pranbir continues with their cute argument. Didaa smiles seeing their cute banter.

Didaa POV:

Now, this house has become home after 2 years. Ranbir’s presence only makes everyone around happy. Prachi is also a very nice girl. I think this is the best decision made by my Ranbir in his life. May they live long. May God keep bad omen away from these two always.

Ranbir – Didaa, this girl is scolding your grandson and you are smiling. That is not fair.

Didaa – Arey, why are you teasing her. Just end this argument.

Prachi – Yes you are right didaa. Ranbir only irritates and speaks a lot.

Ranbir – You are no less. Is there any respect for a husband or not?

Prachi – Where did this come in between our argument.

Ranbir – prachiii

Prachi – ranbirr..

Didaa – Stop now you both. You kids can fight anywhere and in any situation. Behave like matures. You are married. Ranbir, go for work you were going and Prachi, continue with your work.

Obeying didaa, they both leave.

Didaa feels very content to see her family together and happy after long.

Precap – Ranbir Sushma meets, Abhigya and SidRhea sequence…

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