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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 55

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Episode begins with… 

Riddhima comes to meet sejal. She asks sejal to call angre and enquire him about the timing when his phone was lost. 

Meanwhile vansh comes there and looks at them. He couldn’t hear them because he was far.. 

VANSH:Did she come here to meet sejal? No.. I think something is fishy.. Why did she leave the office as if she got an information regarding a bomb blast? Let me wait..

Meanwhile, Sejal calls angre.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, what happened to your mobile? When did you lost you mobile? 

ANGRE: How do you know? 

SEJAL: Actually, vansh bhai told me. 

ANGRE: Okay.. Actually, I lost my mobile yesterday morning. 

SEJAL: Where did you lost it? 

ANGRE: I went shopping with ishani. I must have lost it there. When I came home, I didn’t find my mobile. 

SEJAL: Okay bhai… I’ll call you later. 

Sejal cuts the call and informs riddhima about it.. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, just answer me? What’s happening here? I couldn’t understand anything. But, I’m sure that you are hiding something. What’s it? When everyone doubted you, I trusted you. If you have the same faith on me then, tell me the truth. Or else, don’t.. 

Saying so, she was about to go. 

Riddima stops her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, I trust you. I’ll tell you. But, don’t tell this to anyone. Not even to bhai.. 

Riddhima tells her about that diary and about that village incident.. Sejal gets shocked hearing everything.. 

RIDDHIMA: This is the reason why I threatened bhai that day. Because, I don’t want him to know the truth. Now, tell me how will I tell him that his our own dad has cheated all of us. How will I tell that the life which we lived actually belong to someone else? I don’t have that guts.. 

SEJAL: But, riddhima how are you bearing all this? 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, I got angry the moment I came to know about all this. But, I couldn’t show my anger to anyone. I cried a lot. I prayed a lot that this must be fake. But, all my prayers were of no use. Now, I have no tears left in my eyes. It all drained because of all the incidents that happened in these few days. Now, I have to find that pappu.. Only then, I’ll get answers for all my questions. When I went to that village I received a call from bhai’s number. But, bhai is telling that he lost his mobile yesterday morning. But, I received his call around 2.00. It means someone has took it and called from his number. They wanted me to tell my name in front of that village lady. The person who did all this knew that once that lady comes to know of me, she won’t tell anything. They don’t want me to know the truth. Who did all this? Who is the reason behind all this? 

SEJAL: Riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: Okay.. I’ll handle this.. Don’t tell anyone about anything.. 

She leaves immediately.. 

Vansh again follows riddhima. Riddhima goes to the police station. Vansh sees her and gets shocked.. 

VANSH: Did she come here to complain about me? No chance. Let me wait.. 

Riddhima meets her friend aayesha and asks her to get the best detectives of this city by tomorrow. 

AAYESHA: Fine, I’ll call you myself after getting the names.. 

Riddhima thanks her and comes out.. 

Vansh sees her coming out.. 

Riddhima again sits in her car and drives.. 

VANSH: Now, where is she going? I have become her personal assistant now. My God!! This girl is still now a puzzle for me.. 

Vansh bangs his head and follows her.. 

Riddhima comes to her office. Vansh follows her and comes to the office.. 

VANSH: Finally, she came.. 

Riddhima goes in. Vansh gets a call. He picks it… 

Meanwhile, riddhima reaches her cabin. She gets a photo from her drawer.. 

RIDDHIMA: Now, vansh is in this room. I can’t keep his photo here. I must keep it somewhere where none could see it.. 

Just then, riddhima’s office gets short circuit.. 

RIDDHIMA: What’s this.. How did this happen? 

She keeps the photo on the table and comes out. She asks all the staffs go out immediately. Everyone runs. She was about to go out, just then she remembers of keeping that photo on the table.. 

RIDDHIMA: That’s the only evidence I have with me. I need that. 

She goes in again. Shwetha sees her going to her cabin. She calls her. Riddhima comes to her cabin. She couldn’t see anything properly due to the smoke. But still, she managed to take the photo. She was about to run, but the photo from her hand falls under the table. 

Just then, vansh comes there.. 

VANSH: What happened? 

SHWETHA: Short circuit sir.. 

VANSH: Thank God!  Everyone is safe.. Call the fire engine immediately.. 

SHWETHA: I have called.. But.. 

VANSH: What.. 

SHWETHA: Riddhima is inside.. 

VANSH:What!! Has she gone mad? 

SHWETHA: She came out. In fact, she was the one who asked all of us to go out. But, she went inside again. I don’t know why? I called her but she didn’t even listen to me.. 

Vansh rushes in.. 


Meanwhile, riddhima tries to get the photo. But, she couldn’t find it due to the smoke. She feels dizzy. She finally gets the photo. She tries to take it out. She faints.. Vansh comes there and looks at her lying unconscious. He gets shocked.. 

VANSH: Riddhima..  Riddhima.. Open your eyes.. Riddhima.. 

She is still unconscious. He tries to lift her, but something stops him. Just then, he finds riddhima’s hand was stuck under the table. He takes her hand and finds her holding a photo. He takes the photo and keeps it in his pocket. He lifts her and comes out. 

SHWETHA: What happened to riddhima?

VANSH: Don’t worry..I’ll take her to the hospital. You be here and take care. Inform me once the fire engine comes..

He takes her to the hospital. 

The doctor checks her.. 

VANSH: Doctor, is she alright?

DOCTOR: Nothing serious.. She’ll be fine.. 

VANSH: Can I see her? 

DOCTOR: Yes.. 

The doctor goes. Vansh comes to see riddhima. Just then, riddhima gains conscious. She opens her eyes and sees vansh. She ignores him.. 

VANSH: Are you alright? 

Riddhima remembers of the photo.. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Where is that photo? I remember I was holding it. But, where is it? Is it in the office? I have to check. No one should see that. 

Vansh notices her.. Just then, the doctor comes in.. 

RIDDHIMA: Doctor, am I fine? 

DOCTOR: Of course.. 

Riddhima gets up.. 

VANSH: What are you doing? 

RIDDHIMA: I need to go.. 

DOCTOR: No mam, you have to take rest. 

RIDDHIMA: Just now you said that I’m fine. I don’t need any rest. I need to go.. 

Doctor tries to stop her but she goes out. Vansh follows her.. 

Vansh settles the bill and comes out and finds that riddhima has already left.. 

VANSH: Why is she so adamant? She is not having her car too.. How will she go now? Where is she going urgently? If I’m not wrong, she must be going to the office.. Let me check.. 

He goes.. 

Vansh comes to the office. 

VANSH: Shwetha, did riddhima come here? 


Vansh goes in. Meanwhile, riddhima comes to the office. She rushes to her cabin. She searches under the table. She finds the photo. She takes it and keeps it in a file. Just then, vansh comes there.. 

VANSH: What are you doing here? 

RIDDHIMA: Shwetha… 

Shwetha comes in.. 

RIDDHIMA: Shwetha, I’m tired. You take care of the office. Call me if you need anything.. 

Saying so, she takes a file in which she hid the photo.. 

SHWETHA: Riddhima, already you are tired. Why are you carrying it? 

RIDDHIMA: Actually, this file is very important.. 

Riddhima goes. Vansh looks at her leaving. Shwetha goes.. 

Vansh remembers taking the picture of the photo in his mobile and leaving it under the table. He remembers looking at riddhima who was trying to take the photo. 

VANSH: So, I’m Right.. This photo has some connection with the truth which you are trying to hide. 

He takes his mobile and looks at the photo. 

VANSH: Who is this lady with the uncle? What is her relationship with him? Why is riddhima hiding this photo? 

It is the photo of rudra with pappu’s mother.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, try as much as you can. I won’t leave his.. I’ll find the truth behind this photo.. 

PRECAP: Riddhima while driving accidentally hits an old lady with her car. She sees the lady and gets shocked.. 

Once again sorry for the episode delay. Do comment your views and suggestions if any to be made.. 

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